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The MY37 was designed to give you the ultimate experience of speed, along with the utmost comfort. In its 37-foot-long hull, the modern and dynamic line is an invitation to explore the seas and discover the most beautiful anchorages around the world while feeling at home wherever you go.

We have mastered power and speed with the MY37, so you can thoroughly enjoy the fun of navigating with complete confidence and peace of mind. The MY37 will impress you, propelled by its two 150- or 220-horsepower engines.


Main features

Length: 36.2 ft – 40.02 ft / with aft platform

Beam over all: 16.9 ft

Draft: 2.7 ft

Displacement unloaded: 9.3 T (approx.)

Full load displacement: 15.1 T (approx.)

Standard power: VOLVO 2 x 150 HP – 2 x 110 KW

Option power: VOLVO 2 x 220 HP – 2 x 162 KW

Autonomy: Up to 1000 NM

Reservoir capacity:

Freshwater: 92 US Gallons – 350 l (approx.)

Fuel: 2 x 158 US Gallons – 2 x 600 l (approx.)


Maestro version: 1 owner’s suite + 1 bathroom / 2 double cabins + 1 bathroom

Maestro version: 4 double cabins + 2 bathrooms

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