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Elan Impression 50.1


The yacht’s comfort level is made possible by its vast volume, made even more friendly by its unusual, gally-forward style. The U-shaped cockpit, the forward galley, and the expansive sundeck are the hallmarks of the yacht. The Impression 50.1 twin wheel and steering mechanism provide better stability and handling, even in the most extreme conditions.


The Elan Impression 50.1 provides plenty of room down below with plenty of natural light thanks to both the hull and deck windows. The unique feature of Impression 50.1 in the cruiser class of this size is the revolutionary inverted deck saloon, which makes optimum use of the yacht’s entire width without sacrificing the cabin and galley areas.


LENGTH OVERALL15,18 m | 49,10 ft
HULL LENGTH14,83 m | 48,8 ft
LENGTH AT WATERLINE13,76 m | 45,2 ft
BEAM4,68 m | 15,4 ft
DRAFT (standard)
DRAFT (option)
2,23 m | 7,4 ft
1,85 m | 6,1 ft 
AIR DRAFT (Incl Antenna)21,9 m | 71,9 feet
LIGHT DISPLACEMENT (mLCC)12,867 kg | 28,367 lbs
BALLAST4,500 kg | 9,92 lbs
4,500 kg | 10,58 lbs
WATER CAPACITY (STANDARD)605 l | 160 US gallons
FUEL CAPACITY255 l | 67 US gallons
ENGINE VOLVO (standard)
55 kW | 75 HP
60 kW | 80 HP
MAINSAIL furling (option)
67,06 m2 | 721,8 sq ft
55,94 m2​ | 602,2 sq ft
GENOA59,55 m2​ | 641,0 sq ft
GENNAKER55,94 m2​ | 1368,1 sq ft
I19,00 m | 62,4 ft
J5,61 m | 18,5 ft
P17,9 m | 58,9 ft
E6,25 m | 20,6 ft

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