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Sun Odyssey 440


Sun Odyssey 440, an invitation to fly and experience the pleasures of life in comfort and style.

Sun Odyssey’s latest generation represents peace on board, and this well-being stems from an innovative ergonomic design. The new Sun Odyssey 440 benefits from a radically new, revolutionary layout.

To make the boat more comfortable to pass. At once seaworthy and friendly, cozy and sporty, masculine and feminine, the Sun Odyssey 440 is as attractive outside as it is from the inside.

The atmosphere is warm and polished, gentle, and warm.

The interior features clean lines and a spacious open layout. Sun Odysseys offer a harmonious design for easy handling and enjoyment of life on board.


Length:13.39 m / 43.93 ft
Beam:4.29 m / 14.07 ft
Draft:2.20 m / 7.22 ft
Guests sleeping:10
Displacement:8561 kg
Engine:45hp/D Yanmar
Fuel tank:200 l
Water tank:330-530 l

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