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Rent a boat anywhere in the world and enjoy the water.

Ready to go out on the water, are you? Rent or charter everything from a tiny motorboat to a yacht or a sailboat. Renting a cruise is a perfect way to take in the scenery and spend time with family and friends, whether you’re planning a trip abroad or looking for a relaxing experience locally. For your pleasure, hire or charter a boat with or without a captain.

To hire your next boat, use Yachtco.

It has never been easier to experience the sea, thanks to Yachtco. The Yachtco team will check quickly, compare rates, and give you all the charter boats available. For each rental transaction, we connect millions of renters to their boats and provide protection and security controls.

Stuff to remember for the rental or charter of your ships:

  • Ask the captain to help you prepare an itinerary and the time required to get there, including places to visit.
  • Ask the captain if gas is included in your trip’s price. Some owners, and some don’t, include gas in the price, so be sure to inquire.
  • It makes a big difference to choose the correct size and type of boat for your trip and guest count. Ensure that what you want to do and group size can be accommodated by the boat you want.
  • When in doubt, send a message, and ask the captain.

FAQs on Boat Rental

Can you rent a boat for a day?

Usually not. We deal with professional owners of boats and boat operators, and they have a fixed standard for boat rental from Saturday to Saturday.

How much does a boat rental cost?

The price depends on the type of boat you choose to hire and the length of the charter. Renting a catamaran is typically more costly than renting a sailboat. The rental of a catamaran starts at 2.500 EUR per week. The cost will increase to EUR 5,000 per day for something more expensive, such as a motor yacht rental.

Do you need a charter rental license for a charter?

No, in order to rent a cruise, you do not need a license. You can hire a boat with Yachtco that includes a licensed captain to encourage you to enjoy your time on the water. If you want to operate the boat yourself, you may need to at least get a Boating Safety Certificate, depending on the particular venue.

What kind of boats are available to rent?

Depending on availability, anything from a pontoon boat to a motor yacht can be rented. For any type of boater, Yachtco has rental options. We’ve got sailboats, catamarans, motorboats, steam yachts, gulls, party boats. For rent all.

How do I rent a ship?

Thanks to Yachtco, renting a boat has never been easier. It is easy to give us your boat rental inquiry by the place you want to visit, along with some other filters, such as boat type and party size. We’ll find you a boat you like once you make a rental inquiry.

How is Yachtco going to work for renters?

With Yachtco, renting a boat is easy and convenient. We’re standing the whole way behind you and helping you pick the right boat. First of all, you make a rental request about the boat you want to hire. You decide the dates, the size of the party and the rental period. We search all available boats after you send the inquiry and reply with a personalized rental offer for you to review. You pay for the rental to protect your rental reservation until you settle on the rental terms.

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