Best Boat Holidays​

Boat Rental and Yacht Charter​

Skippered yacht charter

Boat rental with skipper. You have the choice of the skippered charter yacht if you don't know how to sail. The demand for charter yacht with skipper is strong. With skipper and cook you can rent sailing boats, catamarans and motor boats. You can select a boat and employ any skipper that is responsible for maneuvering the yacht from our yacht charter deal.

Bareboat yacht charter

Bareboat Boat rental. If you have a license and experience, you can charter a boat yourself. The charter bareboat is the most appealing and popular of all our charter choices. It's a great choice for people with some sailing experience who want to plan their route to their own needs.

Crewed yacht charter

Boat rental with a crew. Encourage your sailing holiday by a professionally fitted yacht charter. The most individual yacht charter includes crewed charters, which refers to rentals for large catamarans, sailboats, charter gullets and luxury motor yachts.

All inclusive yacht charter

You can book all-inclusive luxury yacht charters with your private crew, making them an exclusive vacation for friends and family perfect for a party or special event. Our yachts range from three to six double cabins, each with an en-suite private bathroom.


Catamarans for charter. Catamaran rentals with skipper or as bareboat charter. Sailing multihull boat rentals.


Sailboats for charter. Sailboats rentals with skipper or as a bareboat charter. Sailing monohulls boat rentals.


Motorboats for charter. Motorboats rentals with skipper or as a bareboat charter. Motorboats rentals.

Power Catamarans

Power Catamarans for charter. Power Catamarans rentals with skipper or as bareboat charter. Power Catamaran rentals.


Motoryachts for charter. Motoryachts rentals with skipper or as bareboat charter. Motoryachts rentals.


Gulets for charter. Gulets rentals with skipper and cook and crew.

Luxury yachts

Luxury yachts for charter. Luxury yachts rentals with skipper and cook and crew.

Best Yacht Charter

There is recipe for a great yacht charter and best sailing vacations. Here is what you need:

  • A great yacht charter agency that understands your needs
  • A great boat to charter with good price
  • A great skipper that knows the area, the boat and is people friendly
  • A great support during your sailing holidays
We know how to cook based on this recipe.

The Best Sailing Holidays for You and Your Family

This is where your sailing holidays begin

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