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Belgium yacht charter

Belgium is located in the North Sea zone of Western Europe. Neighboring countries are France to the west, Luxembourg to the south, Germany to the east, and the Netherlands. The weather in Belgium is not very hot, but still very sea-friendly in the summer. The country is situated in a moderate maritime climate zone, with average temperatures ranging between 18 and 20oC (around 66oF), in winter, between-3 and +3oC (around 32oF), mainly depending on the location.

Belgium highlights

Belgium provides two major sailing areas, with numerous boats available to choose from for your sailing holiday. Some popular sailing destinations are to be found around West Flanders and Maasplassen.

You can rent a boat and launch your journey from 3 marinas, the most famous of which are VVW Marina, Jachthaven De Spaanjerd, and Brugse Zeil en Yacht Club.

Yacht rental flexibility

You can conveniently buy crew insurance while booking a yacht.

Do you need a skipper when you rent a yacht?

Through Yachtco you will get an experienced skipper with ease.
An SRC license and a yacht skipper (quartermaster) license are required to operate a yacht.

Rainfall, cloudiness, and fog are persistent in this region. So if you’re not particular about the weather being sustainably hot, sunbathing and swimming in the sea during your holidays, and the scenery is more important to you if you want to taste real yachting instead, and have fun, a yacht charter in Belgium will be great for you!

Both the EU and NATO headquarters are based in the capital city of Belgium, which is Brussels. That’s why the country is well established. Brussels is also named the Chocolate City and the Center of Europe.

The principal port cities on the coast are Oostende, Zeebrugge, and Antwerp. The Belgian marinas are new and well-equipped. The entire surrounding infrastructure provides visitors with a wide range of activities. The most prominent visitors come from the Netherlands, Germany, France, and England, and several Poles also come to visit regularly. Tourists often visit unique historic towns such as Gent, Bruges, Liège, Leuven, Tournai or Tongeren, seaside resorts such as Spa and Ostend, and even popular religious places worship such as Banneux, Saint-Hubert of Beauraing.

During a cruise in Belgium, it is worth sailing by local sights or visiting Belgian attractions for tourists: museums, art galleries, exhibits, concerts, and shows – extreme sports such as windsurfing are also accessible coast. While cruising along the North Sea and anchoring on the coast of Brussels, you will have the chance to experience the locals’ friendliness, customs, culture, and history, as well as try some local cuisine. Belgian cuisine is admired by many experts and is said to be one of the best in Europe. The most common ingredient is the potato – eaten both traditionally and in the form of chips. Interestingly, the chips are not consumed with ketchup but with mayonnaise or other sauces or dips. The Belgians also often eat seafood, particularly shellfish. The country is quite renowned for its most comprehensive range of beers – styles, brands, and the vast number of breweries.

Rent a boat and cross the Belgian sea

Belgium is one of the best places to rent a boat. Rent or charter a vessel with or without a captain. From a motorboat, a sailboat to a yacht, you’ll find whatever you’re searching for. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery while spending quality time with your friends and family. If you’re celebrating a special event or planning a family holiday, Belgium is the ideal boat rental destination.

Rent a yacht in Belgium and explore Nieuxpoort or the medieval town of Bruges! A boat rental in Belgium allows you to visit one of the North Sea’s most exciting destinations. Belgium is a perfect starting point if you want to visit Bruges or Nieuxpoort and if you want to go to France or the Netherlands. Belgium is a great place to hire a boat, offering superb, modern ports and sailing services. Chartering a sailboat, a powerboat, or a catamaran in Belgium calls for mussels and chips or a glass of excellent beer in one of its ports.

Finding a boat in Belgium

Boats can be rented in Belgium with or without a skipper. A simple sailing license is required to rent a bareboat.

People most frequently hire sailing yachts and houseboats when they choose to sail in Belgium.

Sailing yachts are mostly leased as bareboat, but there is always the option of chartering these yachts with a professional skipper, for those who so wish.

Houseboats are comfortable and built for slow river cruises. They’re perfect for a family sailing holiday on the water.

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