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Travelers are always taken aback when a yacht rental quote is offered, as they consider it to be all-inclusive. This is not exactly the case, however. The selection of a leisure yacht with the best price-performance ratio is the topic of another post. Simultaneously, this one summarizes the key charter expenses and saving possibilities for a week-long charter.

Compulsory costs

  • Yacht/Catamaran rental price: The price depends directly on the season, production year, measurements, and technical equipment. You can save up to 50 percent with the early bird and last call booking.
  • Transit log: A paper enabling sea passage is a transit log. Charter companies also apply to this price the expense of the final cleanup and comfort kit. Depending on the yacht, the price ranges from 170 to 400 euros.
  • Tourist tax: On average, that amounts to 1,35-1,40 euros per day per tourist.
  • Security deposit: A returnable deposit is an insurance policy for the harm done on the visitors’ paws. It is kept for 7 days in the bank account and is completely refunded if no harm has been found. I’m going to talk about it individually. Price-wise, depending on the yacht, you can assume between EUR 1.500 and 4.000. A significant detail: if a hired captain works on board, he and his insurance firm take responsibility for the yacht’s technical state.
  • Water & fuel: A limited supply of fuel could be beneficial for entering and leaving marinas, even though you intend to spend the whole week under the unfurled sails. Upon return, you can refill the fuel tanks to the original amount. Water prices start from approximately EUR 13.

Extra expenses

  • Services of captain: With a yachting license, you may invite your mate, who will help to economize. As for the licensed captain with experience, his services should be paid for. The price depends on the yacht’s size and the tariffs of the charter business or personal arrangement-from EUR 120 to EUR 200 a day + food.
  • Services from the hostess or cook: When there is some assistance on board to cook the food, clean the cabins, look after the kids, book a restaurant, etc., a sea vacation runs smoother. A chef will be your best bet if you wish to have a restaurant-level menu 3 times a day. The daily fee is EUR 100-200 per day while a chef needs EUR 150-200 + food.
  • Marina or anchorage: You can reach marinas only to refill water tanks if the route and weather permitting while spending the nights anchored in a beautiful bay. However, stopping at a safe marina is highly advised if the weather is not good, and a powerful storm is imminent. Depending on the high/low season, the costs differ from place to place and the dimensions of the yacht. You’re entitled to predict EUR 70-120 a day.
  • Food supplies: You can cook on board if you wish, where you’ll find a small, well-equipped galley, or you can eat out at restaurants. This will determine your budget. If there are hired crew on board, your duty is their simple cooking, nothing fancy, just keeping them well fed.
  • Sports and fishing: SUP boards (from 90 euros/week), kayaks (from 150 euros/week), fishing rods (from 50 euros/week), snorkeling masks, and fins (from 10 euros/week) are the most common equipment. By the way, many charter companies have different choices for entertainment, such as snorkeling caps, SUP boards, and lifeboat outboard engines, so review the Entertainment section in the overview of the yacht beforehand. This segment also provides detail on the onboard acoustic systems, radio, and LED TV.
  • Railing net: It is essential if small children and pets are on board. For adults, it is not really necessary. The cost ranges from €50 to €130 per week.
  • Animals on board:  Tourists who are unwilling or unable to leave their dog or cat at home will be able to take their pet with them on a yacht more often than not. You need to arrange with the charter company and pay EUR 150-200 per week for the service.
  • Tipping your crew: The usual courtesy is to leave a small gratuity for the crew, apart from their bill, just as at restaurants. The number completely depends on you. There is an unspoken rule that 100 EUR per person in your group or more should be left out.

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