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Charter a sailboat in Saint Martin

Saint Martin is one of the most famous islands in the Caribbean, frequently on the Bucket list of many travelers. The charter of a sailboat in Saint Martin will cause you to explore a stunning blue horizon far from the crowd. Yachtco is the best place to find the perfect sailboat for your dream holiday. With Yachtco, you can contact people who own sailboats in St. Martin. Renting a sailboat from a private owner is often a more affordable option and allows you the flexibility to tailor the deal to your needs.

Overview of St. Martin

The island is half-French and half-Dutch. St. Martin is split between France and the Netherlands, but that’s just what makes the place so charming. The French side is more straightforward and more sophisticated, while the Dutch side of the island is perfect for people who enjoy urban areas. You’ll see many casinos, historic landmarks, shopping venues, and places to experience the fantastic nightlife on this side of the island. Charter your sailboat with Yachtco in Saint Martin and visit any bay or village you want.

Here, visitors will encounter three different cultures. No matter who runs the island, the unmistakable Caribbean influence makes the experience even more fascinating.

Plan a long holiday and start exploring the island from the point of departure of Saint Martin. There are many places to visit, but the best way to spend your holiday is to hire a boat and explore the area. Words can not explain the beauty of Saint Martin; good weather, stunning beaches, world-class shopping, vibrant nightlife, delicious cuisine, and a mix of cultures must be experienced to understand their qualities.

Rental of a boat in Saint Martin

When renting a cruise, hiking, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and island hopping are essential parts of your itinerary. With a cruise, there are several more enjoyable events that visitors may take part in. You can choose from many boats on the island, including catamarans, sailboats, and motorboats. Depending on your plan, whether you want a relaxing cruise or a water sports day, you can choose a boat that best fits your needs.

You also have an option to hire a boat with or without a skipper for your outing. If you’re looking to sharpen your sailing skills or want a stress-free holiday, charter Saint Martin’s yacht with a skipper and let the captain take you all over the region.

St Martin’s Weather

The tropical island of Saint Martin invites tourists all year round. It’s the busiest during the dry season, from December to May. The average temperature during the peak season is around 25 degrees Celsius.

In general, the best conditions for sailing are from January to April. Make the most of these four months and enjoy the warm, crystal clear waters of the Caribbean.

The hurricane season in Saint Martin begins in June and ends in November. But the months that have caused the most harm to the island’s economy are August and September. Summer-from June to November-also sees thunderstorms and rain.

Flight tickets, hotels, and boat rentals are costly and difficult to find during the busy dry season. To get your choice of rentals, hotels, airline tickets, schedule, and book in advance. Scores of visitors visit the island in January to witness a two-month carnival (January and February).

What to do in St Martin

Beaches, yacht tours, water sports: Sunbathing and swimming are two favorite pastimes for visitors. The island has 37 beaches, most of which are crowded during the peak season. Cafés and bars near the beach are a popular meeting spot. All visitors must visit Mullet Bay and Maho Bay.

Tourists who enjoy fishing and water sports will have a great time on the island. Swimming, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving are very common on both sides of the island. With its underwater marine reserve, the Orient Bay is a must-visit for those who enjoy water sports and marine life.

It’s a rare opportunity to try local cuisine in Saint Martin. There are various types of cuisine available to visitors, but the most loved ones are local European dishes strongly influenced by the Caribbean. Tourists have over 300 restaurants to please their taste buds.

On land, one of the most popular adventures is to explore the island by bike. Explore the lush greenery and the lovely sights and sounds of the Harley Motorbike Tour. If you like, motorbike tour operators can also have a guide to help you explore the island. There are a variety of motorbike rentals on the island. Tourists can hire a Harley or any other bicycle at a reasonable rate.

Sailing at Saint Martin

Saint Martin offers beautiful beaches lined with palm trees and a discreet and authentic atmosphere on the French side. The turquoise sea and white sand as far as the eye can see: all is there to guarantee an unforgettable stay.

On the Dutch side, you’ll find the ideal drinks for your party: nightclubs, pubs, casinos, restaurants and a lot of shops. A radically different nightlife only a few kilometers away.

Visitors, much less visit the center of the island. Here, you can find traditional villages dominated by Creole culture: religion is very present, gastronomy is typical, and hilly and lush landscapes are breathtaking.
The significant point when renting a motorboat: Saint Martin is a free port, and the gasoline is tax-free, so fill up on the island before sailing. You can take advantage of the duty-free policy to buy duty-free goods!

The coast of Saint Martin provides many paradisiacal beaches on both sides of the island. Calm sailing suggests that you take the time to go and enjoy every cove and every beach. The surrounding waters are usually full of fish that you can appreciate when you dive or want after a fishing spot.

You can hire a boat from Marigot in Saint Martin if you arrive by plane on the French side. But there are other ports and bases where you can rent a sailboat, a catamaran, or a motorboat.

There are several itineraries available from Saint Martin, including:

Saint Barthelemy, the fantastic island popular with the jet-set, is still very charming and authentic; just a few miles from Saint Martin, Saint Barts is a must if you’re sailing in the area.

Anguilla and its beautiful harbor, its fine sandy beach, and crystal clear water, the ideal location for snorkeling and exploring the multitude of fish that inhabit the coral reef. You’ll also discover Rendez Vous Bay, a romantic beach where you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the Calypso sound played by local musicians.

There are other boat routes accessible from Saint Martin. Travel west to the Virgin Islands, south to St Kitt’s and Nevis, and south to Barbuda or Guadeloupe. Saint Martin remains the leading destination in the heart of the most beautiful itineraries in the Caribbean.

Saint Martin is filled with incredible sights to visit by boat or by road. Calm sailing suggests the following among the different locations on the island:

Marigot: the capital of Saint Martin is a must to remain on the island. The morning market is an exceptional experience that offers a combination of aroma and colors and a festive atmosphere. We also suggest the Old Fort of Saint-Louis and the Sur la trace des Arawaks Museum, which traces the history of Saint Martin. If you prefer to take advantage of the turquoise sea, there are some excellent scuba diving spots around Marigot.

Grand-Case: situated to the north-west of Saint Martin, Grand-Case is a marvelous village, traditional and real, with beautiful wooden houses built along the only road on the island. The beaches are paradisiacal and well-known for diving.

Oyster Pond: On the island’s border facing St Barths, Oyster Pond is a rather pretty harbor lost in the vegetation. The marina is especially friendly with its bars and restaurants, offering a stylish and peaceful atmosphere.

Philipsburg: The Dutch capital of the island is well worth a visit. Great Bay Beach is the most beautiful beach on the island, but above all, the city is the best place for shopping and nightlife. Many boats dock in Philipsburg and enjoy the festive atmosphere so appreciated by Americans and Europeans.

The Butterfly Farm on Gallion Road: visit this extraordinary tropical garden where you can see hundreds of butterflies and endangered species from all over the world.

If your boat trip allows, take the time to explore other extraordinary locations, such as Pinel Island, off the coast of Cul-de-Sac, Anse Marcel, and Orient Bay. You’re not going to be disappointed!

Don’t wait any longer to book your boat. We’re selling a variety of vessels. Don’t hesitate to contact us. It will be a pleasure for us to help you find the boat of your dreams.

Getting to know the islands

Due to the French and Dutch sides of the world, you will enjoy a fascinating dual culture on your charter in St. Martin. It’s a destination where elegance blends with a relaxed, easy-going style. This is woven into the fabric of everyday life on the island.

The Caribbean and European food, culture, and cuisine come together in St. Martin like no other island chain location. The island offers a taste of this area’s delightful charms, with world-class restaurants, casual beach bars, legendary and (sometimes infamous) beaches, live music, and fascinating colonial history.

Sailing charters for St. Martin must include a visit to the nearby island of Anguilla, where uncrowded beaches are dotted with quaint beach bars and cafés.

Skippered St. Martin yacht charter

Hire a skipper to make the most of your holiday while sailing on the St. Martin Islands. Your skipper is going to sail you through the best highlights of this Caribbean getaway. Please find out more about our skippered charters in St. Martin.

When’s the right time to get to St. Martin?

The optimal time to visit St. Martin is during the dry season, from January to June. The climate of the area is inter-tropical, with air and sea temperatures about 82oF per year.

There is just a small difference between the dry season (January to June) and the rainy season (June to December). There’s no real rainy season like on the surrounding islands. You could experience light rains in the daytime.

What are the conditions of sailing in St. Martin?

St. Martin’s sailing conditions are excellent, and the trade winds, “Kings of the Caribbean,” usually blow from December to March and from June to August. The hurricane season is from July to November.

Explore St. Martin by sea

If you’re sailing for a week or longer, there’s a lot to be captivated and thrilled by Saint Martin. Saint Martin is renowned for its calm and clear waters, making it a perfect destination for novices, families, and romantic couples to explore by sea. Starting in Marigot, you will discover the city’s charming boulevards and restaurants before sailing to Grand Case and Pinel Island, a world-class sandy beach. From there, it’s easy to sail around the island, past Phillipsburg and Simpson Bay back to Marigot. More experienced sailors will then sail to Anguilla or Saint Barths.

Saint-Martin is an island in the North-East of the West Indies. It is divided in two by a border of 10 km, which divides the French part from the Dutch territory. Anguilla and St. Bartholomew are the closest islands. The coast of Saint-Martin is steep, often bordered by white sandy beaches or pebbles. You will also come across cliffs up to 40 meters high.

On the tourist side, Saint Martin is quickly becoming one of the Caribbean’s most prominent destinations. Hiking, horseback riding, swimming, diving, and quad biking are some of the other everyday activities to do here. There’s still enough for both of us. It is also renowned for its duty-free stores where you can find perfume, leather goods, or tobacco at a lower price! The nightlife in Saint-Martin is another crowd satisfied with: casinos, discos, concerts … The island is a mecca for entertainment for all ages.

Saint-Martin has gained an excellent reputation in the field of navigation and cruising. Given shallows and corals’ presence, sailing around the island is open to all and quite enjoyable. The tide is minimal, and the sea is calm, protected by islands. If you have to take a break, you should know that there are several marinas open, the Marina Royale in the heart of Marigot, the Marina Fort Louis, which is booming, or the Marina Captain Olivers, which offers anchorage in the heart of the body of all-natural water.

Finally, the island faces an oceanic climate with a dry season (December to May) and a rainy season (June to November) with heavy rainfall during drought, causing hurricanes. Temperatures will range from 17oC to 35oC for an average of 27oC per year. Sea surface temperatures are relatively stable between 25oC and 28oC, ideal for swimming in almost transparent waters.

A charter yacht in St. Martin is the best option if you like gourmet cuisine, sophisticated nightlife, world-class duty-free shopping, beautiful sandy beaches, and warm weather. In St Martin, Yacht rentals offer a healthy mix of island hopping and open blue water cruising together with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. If you’re a party-seeker or loving peaceful moments observing the calm of nature, St Martin has something for you.

St. Martin-Saint Maarten is a spectacular tropical escape to the Leeward Islands. Characterized by white sandy beaches, warm winds, and year-long dazzling sunshine, St. Martin is the perfect destination for seasoned sailors and novices alike. 12 Knots Yachting Club allows adventurers to witness the excitement and unique beauty of St. Martin. We deliver bareboat charters and crewed yacht charters, and sailing lessons to plan for your excursion. 12 Knots offers you the best sailing yachts and equipment to make your sailing holiday enjoyable and hassle-free.

St Martin, located in the Leeward Islands, is an intriguing Caribbean delight. Divided almost evenly between France and the Netherlands, this is the place where two cultures unite and live in complete serenity, retaining the uniqueness of their homeland and giving St Maarten a charm of its own.

Idyllic climate, sunlight refreshed by cooling winds. A cool temperature that barely changes throughout the year, clear waters, and a range of landscapes that alter in just a few miles.

French and Dutch settlers colonized St. Martin, St. In the late 1600s, Maarten. The island was formally split into two regions in 1648 and has since been dual-governed. The French side is known for its fine restaurants and busy beaches, while the Netherlands is host to hundreds of casinos, bars, and other nightlife venues. There are many attractions to enjoy on the island and beautiful waters to explore during your sailing trip to St. Martin.

Islands and points of interest in the area of St. Martin

St. Martin is the fusion of the French West Indies and the Netherlands Antilles. Starting from St. Maarten, you will explore the entire Leeward Islands on your charter yacht, reaching as far as the French island of Guadeloupe. Other nearby islands, including St. Bart, Prickly Pear, and Tintamarre, provide sailors with a range of natural attractions and excursions to enjoy their Caribbean vacations. Each of these islands is on a day or two sailing trips, and each has its unique cultural flavor that all sailors will appreciate throughout their journey.
Sailing yachts in St. Martin’s

A charter yacht from St. Martin offers a broad choice between a long, demanding sailing experience and relaxing short hops from one fantastic beach and snorkeling spot to another.

You will experience the French West Indies (St. Martin and St. Barts), the Netherlands, the Netherlands Antilles (St. Maarten), and Anguilla in one of the British independent islands within one week your holiday in St. Martin.

St Martin’s yacht charter is going to be a pleasant progression after your first yacht charter in the BVI. Novice and seasoned sailors alike will find here experience ideally suited to suit their skills and abilities. More optimistic skippers will enjoy the most lively sailing with 20 to 25 knots of prevailing northeasterly winds and medium seas during the winter months, while beginners may find their paradise with the lightest winds of 10 to 15 knots during the summer. Average temperature 78 F (26 C) year-round.

Temperatures of about 27 ° C (81 ° F) can be predicted during the year. You can anticipate winds of 20 to 25 knots in the north-east during the winter, while in the summer, beginners can manage moderate winds of 10 to 15 knots. However, if you’re a novice but want a taste of adventure, 12 Knots offers crewed charters and sailing lessons to plan and enjoy your sailing holiday.

More than 300 restaurants are available at St. Martin, offering guests plenty of opportunities to enjoy various cuisine during their daytime explorations throughout their charter yacht in St. Maarten. Visitors can also enjoy activities both on and off the boat, from snorkeling and paddleboarding to zip linen and horseback riding. Visitors can stay and explore St. Martin and its surrounding destinations for a few days or continue their adventure by booking another charter to other exciting destinations in the Caribbean, such as the British Virgin Islands.

After a day of operation at Dutch St. Martin, the charter goes to Anguilla, which is just 6 nautical miles away and takes less than an hour to get there. Select from any of the 33 beaches that cover the island in soft white sand. Residents welcome tourists to a charter yacht in St. Maarten, with frequent parties and boat racing activities that are part of their local community. The Prickly Pear Cays are nearby and can be reached by tender, and visitors can enjoy watching local wildlife with plenty of exotic birds and plants to learn about.

After Anguilla, it’s time to push the yacht charter through French St. Martin for a shopping day at local boutiques, then finally to visit Ile Fourche, followed by St. Barts. With its French origins, there are plenty of great dining options, and many tourists enjoy the view of the charming villas and elegant buildings surrounding the landscape. This jewel of the island is peaceful and hidden away, a safe place for celebrities to enjoy in peace. There’s a lot to do in the way of excursions, from windsurfing to deep-sea fishing, or enjoy the peaceful beaches, free of overcrowding in many parts of the Caribbean. Several tourists also enjoy shopping, as luxury goods of all kinds are available from custom boutiques across the island.

With warm weather all year and plenty of islands to be explored (including St. Martin), the Leeward Islands guarantee a sailing experience that begins east of Puerto Rico, ends southeast of Guadeloupe, and ends in between. If you’re planning a quiet vacation with the whole family or an upscale party with friends and colleagues, the Leeward Islands is the ideal destination. Fall to St. Martin for a swim or a shopping trip.

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