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Chartering a catamaran

They are the latest trend and offer lots of space onboard, so you can enjoy your perfect holiday to the fullest.

You’re spending your summer break on the beach, and you want to charter a catamaran, but you don’t know who to call. All the companies you called are completely booked, or their costs are just too high for your budget. Don’t let yourself be discouraged or give up on your wishes.

With Yachtco, a boat rental agency, you can hire catamarans from most owners and plan a dream cruise quickly and at a low cost.

Indeed, Yachtco catamaran rentals have many advantages over traditional agency rentals. You can easily calculate your boat’s overall price, read the feedback of other tenants, speak directly to our manager, who will be happy to answer all your questions and tailor the deal to your needs.

After you have completed all the rental details with the manager, you can book a boat in just a few steps. In addition to this practical aspect, the 7000 catamarans available with Yachtco allow you to find the perfect boat for your cruise systematically.

For those seeking the sublimity of sailing without giving up comfort, stability, speed, and space, renting a catamaran may be the best choice.

If your dream holiday includes anchoring in shallow bays by the beach, diving off the deck with your children, and drinking at sundown, consider a catamaran.

Catamarans have a fair balance between sail performance and comfort

For families with young children, elderly or first-time sailors, catamaran sailing can go a long way to reducing tension. A smaller catamaran design allows you to anchor in shallow bays or close to the sand, resulting in more privacy and more anchoring options.

You will easily enter places where most sailing boats cannot get closer to the beach and sea, away from the crowds.

More stability and minimum healing can help avoid seasickness and a fair amount of space on the deck and inside, making a catamaran a good option for big parties or a party boat.

Catamarans are generally faster than monohulls when they are not crowded and the wind is strong.

More privacy is another factor, as sleeping accommodations, heads, and showers are entirely different, located in each hull and opposite corners.

Thanks to its twin engines, handling is much easier. It is possible to rotate around the ship’s central axis, no matter the size of the ship.

However, finding a room in ports or marinas can be a bit more difficult, and sailing upwind or tacking can be tricky.

Catamarans, or multihulls, are in high demand as charter yachts in sailing hotspots like Croatia, as it offers ideal catamaran sailing conditions – so it is recommended that you book at least 6 months in advance.

The catamarans have huge cockpits and central lounges, and stunning views from the elevated lounge. Other considerations include higher charter rates and related amenities and more expensive berths in marinas and ports.

Yachtco has more than 7000 catamarans available for charter worldwide, offering well-known manufacturers such as Lagoon, Nautitech, Leopard, and Bali.

Catamarans to charter

Luxury charter holidays onboard a crewed catamaran guarantee smooth, stable sailing and access to some of the most stunning shallow waters in the world.

Luxury catamarans feature a multihull design that offers a range of advantages, making them an attractive and ever-popular charter choice.

This unique exterior and interior layout provide spacious, modern living spaces and easily accessible, well-appointed deck areas. Multihull construction not only provides ultra-comfortable cruises but also allows access to shallow anchorages, ensuring freedom to explore the idyllic waters.

There are two main types of catamarans to consider, depending on whether you’re looking for a sailing catamaran or a powered catamaran for your charter holiday.

Sailing a catamaran is a joy for any yachtsman because of the reduced friction and the boats’ lightness, whereas a powered catamaran is suitable for those looking for speed.

Different types, sizes, and amenities are available for charter in the fleet of luxury catamarans.

Your charter broker will help you choose the right catamaran yacht while offering expert guidance on bookings and the best time to visit your chosen destination.

Why are you chartering a catamaran?

Catamaran charters are our most common type of charter for good purposes. They are multi-hulled vessels that are perfect for both beginners and experienced sailors, as they provide a stable and enjoyable journey where you can give a helping hand or let the crew do what they love!

Catamarans are the ultimate yacht to offer a combination of true freedom and authentic sailing with the modern comfort of a luxury motor yacht.

The key benefits of a catamaran are:

  • The broad beam makes them very stable, reducing seasickness.
  • The wide beam also ensures that they’re incredibly spacious.
  • Quite low fuel consumption
  • Panoramic view of the flybridge
  • Wide sun decks for more relaxed dining on the deck than a typical sailing yacht (especially a trampoline!).
  • Few steps and less separation between the cockpit and the galley.
  • More intimate and spacious bedrooms as cabins are divided into hulls.
  • Usually, the cabins are twin, making them perfect for couples.
  • It’s easier to navigate in shallow water, which means anchoring closer to the beaches than other vessels!
  • The cabin offers a great wind barrier when anchored so that even on windy days, you can enjoy the back deck.
  • It’s a feeling of being at the top of the world” in the salon.

Crowd vs. Bareboat Catamaran Charter

Depending on the type of sailing you want to do, we can either bareboat (no crew-you’re sailing on your own) or crewed catamarans.

We recommend a crewed catamaran if you want a relaxing holiday where you can sit back and relax while your competent crew is on your itinerary and taking care of your needs. The crewed catamarans normally come with a competent skipper and a hostess to track, control, clean and cook on the yacht.

If you want to have fun sailing and are experienced enough to skipper yourself, a bareboat catamaran is best suited.

Bareboating a catamaran with two or three couples is going to be a perfect holiday when you have deserving sailors at the party, and the rest are happy to help.

This is where you can enjoy the true freedom of yachting, planning your own way, having a boat with you and your group, and controlling your own holidays! Note that you will typically need a certificate of sailing competence or evidence of previous charters to charter a bareboat.

How to book a catamaran?

Yachtco has a wide range of catamarans that cater to a variety of needs. We’ll listen to your specifications, recommend that you choose the catamarans that fit, and then narrow it down to the best choice for you.

In certain cases, we were on the boats, and we know the boat or crew and the charter operator on a first-name basis. We give unbiased advice because we don’t actually own a ship, so we don’t have to “drive” one that might not suit.

We’re your personal charter representative. It’s easy, the best price is guaranteed, and you have no obligation until you sign a contract.

Catamaran Interiors and Layouts

It’s the interior space and layout of a catamaran that distinguishes it from other yachts. Below are some of our most popular catamaran configurations to give you a good feel for comparative floor plans, living rooms, and sleeping rooms to help you pick the right catamaran for you.

  • 3 cabin configurations
  • 4 cabin configurations
  • 5-6 cabin configuration

Approximately 52′ and above, Larger catamarans are known to have 5 or 6 cabins for the guests and additional secret cabins for the crew.

You can easily search for catamarans at specific locations using the number of cabins you want on our search page to see all of our available catamarans with the number of cabins you need.

Alternatively, you can also check the “passenger number” (make sure you count your skipper as a passenger).

Now that you know the basics-click the link below to find a catamaran for you in your town! As always, if you send us a message, we’re going to do the work for you.

Best locations to charter a catamaran

Catamarans of the Mediterranean Sea

  • French Riviera
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Croatia
  • Greece

Catamarans in the Caribbean

  • United Kingdom Virgin Islands
  • Bahamas
  • Grenadines
  • St Martin’s

Indian Ocean Catamarans

  • Seychellen
  • The Maldives

Catamarans in the Asia Pacific

  • Thailand
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia

The best ports to launch charter catamarans in Croatia

You can hire catamaran yachts from the north to the south along the Croatian coast. You are best chartered from Pula to explore the Kvarner Bay on the southern edge of Istria. Shape Pula, you will discover the beautiful islands of Cres, Lošinj, and Rab. The Kornati Islands (Ugljan, Sestrunj, Pag, or Dugi Otok) can be reached by charter catamaran from Zadar, Sukosan, Biograd, Sibenik, Rogoznica, or Primosten. Catamaran rentals are ubiquitous among Croatian sailors. The number of multihull vessels in Croatian yacht charter fleets is now more than 25%.

Sailing by catamaran to the South Dalmatian Islands, such as Hvar, Brač, Vis, or Korčula, the best charter from Trogir, Marina Kaštela, or Split. Another way to get to this beautiful island world is from Dubrovnik to the North.

Bareboat Catamaran Charter Greece: you can rent a catamaran from some Greek ports

When chartering a catamaran in Greece, you can choose from three different sailing areas: in the Ionian Islands, you can find charter companies based in Marina Gouva, Corfu. There are about 30 catamarans available to choose from in Corfu for your boating holidays.

Other charter fleets sell multihull charters from Preveza on the main coast and Lefkas Island. The widest set of sailboat catamarans is available from Marina Alimos in Kalamaki near Athens. You can rent about 100 catamarans from the Alimos Marina in Kalamaki to start your sailing holiday in the Cyclades Islands.

You may also charter a cruise from the port town of Lavrion to discover the Catamaran Cyclades. The charter providers in Lavrion are selling about 30 catamarans for sale. There are catamaran rentals from Kos and Rhodes further south in the Aegean Sea. There are fewer offers to sail to the Sporades for the Skiathos or Volos catamaran sailing vessels. Make sure you book at least five months in advance. This gives you a better choice of available rental boats.

Italy has the ideal destination for a catamaran cruise

The charter of catamarans in Italy is becoming more common as you head south. You may charter many sailboat catamarans from San Vincenzo, Piombino (Marina Salivoli), and Follonica (Marina di Scarlino) the north of the Italian mainland. From these marinas, such as Isola d’Elba, Giglio, and Giannutri, you have convenient access to the 7 islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.

On the island of Sardinia, there are several Italian charter catamarans. More than two dozen catamarans can be found on sale in Sardinia. On the beautiful Emerald Shore, you can hire a catamaran for your holiday with or without a skipper. Check only the offers that are available from Portisco, Olbia, Cannigione, and other charter bases.

From here, you can enjoy a catamaran adventure exploring the Maddalena Archipelago, the popular Pink Beach, and the turquoise waters around the islands of Budelli and Spargi. But the southern portion of Sardinia is suitable for sailing as well. It’s just not that well known.

There are numerous bays with white sandy beaches between Cagliari and Arbatax, ideal anchorages. Except for the high season, there is no free anchorage competition. You can also visit the beautiful coast between Santa Maria Navarrese and Cala Gonone with its popular swimming and snorkeling spots such as Cala Goloritze and Cala Luna.

There are catamaran rentals from Nettuno in the Gulf of Naples and the Amalfi Coast, offering great escapes to the Ponza and Ventotenne Islands. There are charter bases around Naples with multihull sailboats coming from Procida Island and Castellammare di Stabia near Naples. Check out the charter bases in Salerno and Tropea in the Gulf of Salerno to hire a catamaran sail. Only book your boat from the Gulf of Naples or Salerno if you want to take a catamaran to Capri or Ischia.

You can choose between 50 catamarans from the ports of Sicily in southern Italy. Only check out the deals available from Capo d’Orlando, Portorosa, Palermo, and Marsala. You can launch your catamaran rental vacation in the Aeolian Islands from these ports, such as Panarea, Stromboli, and Vulcano. Multihulls are also to be chartered from Trapani in the very western part of Sicily.

Explore Majorca and the Balearic Islands by chartering catamarans

The port of Palma de Mallorca is certainly the key port of departure for the charter of catamarans in the Balearic Islands. Palma is home to more than 30 experienced charter fleets, which together supply about 40 cats. You may also hire a range of multihull sailboats from the ports of Ca’n Pastilla, El Arenal, or Portocolom.
It’s so fun to drive a catamaran. More than 15 catamarans can be chartered from San Antonio and Eivissa on Ibiza. If you’re traveling by catamaran to Menorca or Formentera, it’s best to pick up charters from Palma de Mallorca and sail to these neighboring islands.

The Turkish coast is ideally suited to a Catamaran cruise

You may charter sailboat catamarans from three major ports in the south of Turkey. You’re going to find the biggest choice of cats to start a catamaran cruise in Marmaris. Around 15 catamarans can be rented from the Marmaris Marina. There are more options to employ a multihull with or without the Bodrum and Fethiye skippers. The Turkish coast provides high-quality marina facilities and promises luxury and perfection for sailing guests. Turkish hospitality is going to surprise you, too. People are lovely, and the food is just amazing. The protected bays between Bodrum and Antalya, surrounded by lush pine forests, are ideal for an unforgettable sailing holiday.

Discover a tropical paradise on a catamaran sailing boat in Seychelles

If there is one sailing destination in the world that is great for chartering a catamaran, that’s the Seychelles Archipelago! Since there are only a few ports in Seychelles, you are mainly anchored in natural bays. So, anyway, you’re going to have enough space for a large catamaran, and you’re not going to be confined to tight marina berths. Apart from the multihull, it’s ideal for reaching the islands as near as possible because the cat’s style is poor.

Dreaming of a catamaran cruise on the Seychelles Most of the Seychelles islands have no facilities for visiting charter yacht crews, such as showers or toilets. It’s also a great benefit to arrive with a catamaran offering spacious cabins and en-suite bathrooms. You can compare about 30 catamarans that can be rented from the port of Mahe. You may use it as a bareboat or with your skipper and hostess.

The diving experience is also available at nearby diving schools. They also have scuba equipment and local guides to support you on your cruise. A one-or two-week sailing itinerary will encourage you to visit 5 to 12 islands such as Silhouette, Bird Islands, Praslin, and La Digue, with their beautiful granite rocks and white sandy beaches. Coco Island is the ideal place to snorkel. You’re going to see massive tortoises roaming about freely on the Curieuse. The nearly round island of Cousin is a refuge worth exploring for endangered birds.

Have fun in the Caribbean on a catamaran

The Caribbean Antilles offer a lot of escapes for a catamaran sailing holiday. In the North Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands (BVI’s) promise breathtaking bays and beaches to spend your sailing holidays. Tortola Port is the largest charter base. Bareboat charters and crewed catamarans are available from Cienfuegos, Cuba.
Caribbean Catamaran Cruise-Virgin Islands This is where you can book a catamaran sailing boat from Anse Marcel to Saint Martin. Lagoon Catamarans will host your next Caribbean Boat Rental Experience in the Windward Islands,

Martinique and Guadeloupe ports

An inspirational video of a catamaran holiday in the British Virgin Islands (BVI)
What are the rental costs for a catamaran?

What is like to charter a catamaran

The costs of renting a catamaran

Generally, the catamaran’s charter rate is around 30-50 percent higher than for a single-hull rental. A classic 38-foot catamaran can be rented from EUR 2,000 a week in the Mediterranean during the low season. In the Caribbean, the cost of renting the same ship is approximately EUR 4,000 per week during the high season (December to March).

Fifty feet of crewed catamarans offering up to 10 berths would cost you more than EUR 10,000 per week during the high season. You get a lot of room and luxury for your charter cruise for this budget. Only catamaran cabins will make you feel like a small apartment if used to the size of a monohull cabin. New catamarans typically have separate toilets for each cabin. Depending on where you are, marinas charge a surplus for the wider space required for a multihull.

However, a mooring fee for marinas can be costly for a huge catamaran. However, due to its stability and shallow nature, you have a much greater chance of anchoring outside the ports at night. If you want to charter a crewed catamaran, there will be about €150-€200 per day to be added to the skipper.

What are the most popular brands of catamarans?

Over the years, Catamaran rentals have enjoyed rising success. In the meantime, more than one-quarter of all charter reservations have been impacted by the share of catamaran bookings. Some yacht charter catamarans are sailing vessels.

On the other hand, the so-called “Power-Cats” do not have a sailing rig but are fitted with two powerful engines. Popular catamaran brands are Lagoon, Fountaine Pajot, Nautitech, Privilege from Alliaura Marine, and Bali from Catana.

Why is a catamaran more stable than a regular ship?

A catamaran is certainly more robust than a single-hull keel sailboat. It’s almost not healing under the sails. A monohull sailboat bends into the wind when it’s underway, and it can be a little tricky to do stuff like walking, cooking, etc.

Catamarans have a shallower shape since they have no keel. You can move and anchor closer to the beaches and deeper into the sheltered bays. It will also be possible for most catamarans to ‘dry out and run down if necessary or at low tide. Often the catamarans are better at anchor because they don’t jump too much when there’s a swell. You may also reduce the horizontal motion of the catamaran hull by positioning the Anchor Bridle.

What’s faster sailing, a catamaran or a monohull sailing yacht?

The catamarans are much smaller than the monohull sailing yachts with no heavy lead keel. Thanks to this property, the multihulls usually sail faster unless they are loaded very heavily. This is also due to increased storage capacity and large water tanks. Catamarans are having a hard time going upwind! They need to use the engine sooner, so the keel yacht can still fight the wind. With a much larger hull body around the sailing area, the catamarans have less forward driving power. Lack of keel is another problem contributing to extreme side drift in high winds. Cats are suitable for medium to low wind sailing, however. You’re going to enjoy riding waves of more than 10 knots.

What is easier to ride, a catamaran or a monohull?

Although the catamarans have more deck space than the monohull sailing yachts, they can easily be powered by a single pair. The only downside is that the lengths between the winches and the mooring lines are longer due to the two hulls.

A wide multihull asset is the two separate engines that allow you to turn a 360° catamaran on the spot. This makes it very easy to maneuver around in small spaces. It’s a lot less difficult to lie in marinas than a monohull sailboat. However, you should be mindful that certain catamarans do not have a full overview of the boat while standing at the helm. Relax if you’re a multihull skipper for the first time. This could also be overcome by hiring an accomplished skipper on the first day.

How safe is a catamaran sailing?

Generally speaking, you cannot assume that cruising a catamaran is better than sailing for weather hazards. However, extended space and horizontal decks make it a little better or easier for many people to travel. The children remain in the lounge when the sea is hard, without giving them the sensation of being trapped in the “cellar.”

In general, multihulls provide a lot of stability for your charter holidays. With their two engines, catamarans can also be used in one of the propellers in the event of engine or chain problems.

When used to steer a catamaran, catamaran mooring is less likely to cause problems than a single-hull sailboat. Thanks to the two engines, multihull boats can turn on their own axis and sail very precisely and predictably. This is a big surplus for stress-free boat rental vacations.

Can I hire a catamaran for one day?

Day charters also referred to as private catamaran charters, are often provided by skippers or couples living on their own ship. They’re going to make some money all the way through the season to keep their boat and support their life at sea. You can book a single day trip with such private catamarans for a whole week.

We cannot enter into such agreements with private owners of yachts because they are not licensed either. However, such private charters can be found in several ports in the Mediterranean Sea. Only walk along the front of the port, and you could find some reminders of the cruises offered on the boats moored there. You may also ask at the reception of your hotel. Staff members can also provide valuable advice on whom to sail.

What are the lodging benefits of a catamaran?

Usually, the lounge on the catamaran is on the same level as the cockpit. The catamaran saloon is more spacious than the sailboat and has a very bright 360° view. Catamarans typically have more space and more storage space. The cabins appear to be more spacious and equivalent to single-hull cabins.

Ideally, a catamaran has four cabins of the same size, each with its own bathroom. Because they are housed in two different hulls, this leads to more secrecy than a sailboat. You can set up separate groups in each hull—for example, parents in one hull and children in the other, or you can break the two hulls between couples.

You can also find it easier to cook in a catamaran galley since these boats are safer.

Mount the safety net in a catamaran is worse than peeling potatoes.

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