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Skippers & Hostess

Hiring a Yachtco skipper is the perfect way to have a carefree and rejuvenating sailing holiday. Your skipper will take full responsibility for your vessel so that you can relax and enjoy your time at sea and onshore.

Your skipper will also help navigate your trip and make sure you stop at the safest and best ports and marinas. Our skippers have good knowledge about the area so that they can take you to the nicest beaches, the best restaurants and the most beautiful harbors.

Skippers know many of the secret jewels of the Adriatic, the Mediterranean, or wherever you are sailing. Wherever you go, the itinerary is customized to your tastes, sou you can see the bustling port cities and historical and geographical attractions.

When you employ a Yachtco skipper, you can also be assured that you’re getting a professionally trained skipper with all the documents you need and who has extensive sailing experience. Your convenience, protection, and enjoyment are of the utmost importance, so we only hire skippers who work to our highest expectations.

If you would like to book a skipper for your sailing holiday anywhere in the world, feel free to contact us.

Hire your skipper

If you do not have a license, this does not mean that sailboats, yachts, or catamarans are out of bounds. All you need is a skipper, a person who sails a sailboat or drives a motorboat instead of you.

The price of hiring a skipper is usualy around €150 per day plus food and travel costs (or upwards). It’s not the cheapest choice, but if you split the cost between the crew, it’s manageable plus in a way, you get also an experienced local guide who will help you make best choices on your vacation.

The skipper has all the credentials if you don’t have them. A skipper is also someone who knows something or two about fishing, sailing, the weather, and seeking a safe harbor in the evening.

He lets you pick a path and, if appropriate, changes it according to the weather. A good skipper is someone who will give you a lot of sailing experience and turn you and your family or friends into a crew that can help you run your sailboat better, quicker, and more safely.

Skipper offers you unforgettable lessons, which are an excellent starting point for a sailing course. We also help you recruit a skipper with a personality tailored to the crew that hired him. Therefore, the skipper is responsible for the safety of the crew and the vessel, and his orders must also be complied with.

Helpful tips

  • Your skipper can be as discreet or engaging as you need him to be. Upon arriving, tell your skipper if you want a more private cruising experience.
    Communicate to your dining preferences-feel free to invite your skipper if you’re dining or let them know that arrangements have been made on board.
  • Your skipper is a perfect source of local information and best kept secrets!
  • Our skippers are very competent and polite. Most of our guests become friends with their skipper, and they always employ the same one when they come back!
  • Compensation of 15-20 percent of the skipper fee is appreciated for excellent service.

Skipper Accountability


Your skipper will take you almost anywhere in your cruising area. In addition to actually sailing the yacht, your skipper will be responsible for all relevant activities, including charting your route, communication with authorities, tracking weather conditions, and ensuring all guests’ safety during the cruise.

Dinghy Transportation

When your yacht’s dinghy is required to move ashore, your skipper can operate this small vessel to ensure a safe journey to land.

Protection & Maintenance

Skippers are responsible for maintaining a clean and stable deck at all times. This means keeping the lines clean and out of harm’s way and stowing the gear that’s not in use. Your skipper will also refill the gas and water tanks, but the guests are liable for paying any fees.


Your skipper will need private accommodation for the duration of your stay on board. Check the specification on your boat to ensure there is enough space for your party plus the crew you want to hire.


You are expected to provide supplies to your hired crew. You can easily incorporate this when you’re planing your trip by contacting Yachtco manager, who will help you with any questions regarding the provisioning.


Your privacy is critical to us. Our skippers are only allowed within their cabin and the yacht’s common areas.

*Skippers are not responsible for: catering for visitors, washing clothes, child supervision, teaching guests how to sail (except ‘Friendly Skipper’), or performing duties outside the yacht service and maintenance.

Our skippers are …

Our skippers are both experienced and professional sailors, with a long experience and proven ability to command the boat and its crew in all circumstances and all weather conditions.

Some of them are also champions of the regattas, licensed divers, surfers, climbers, sail instructors, and great cooks.

Hiring a skipper with Yachtco is the perfect way to have a truly carefree and rejuvenating sailing holiday. Your skipper will take full responsibility for your vessel, so you can relax and enjoy your time at sea and on the beach.

Wherever you go, the itinerary is customized to your personal tastes.

Sailing is for all of us!

When you book our skipper they can take care of your yacht and have first-hand knowledge of our destinations.

Our mission is to make sailing holidays available to everyone, and we do this by providing professional skippers who will help you navigate your yacht during the week.

You can get involved and learn the ropes or sit back and relax while you’re sailing to your next destination.

Already until departure, you will be in regular touch with your designated skipper to help prepare your route and answer all your questions. They’re all expert yachtmen, they’re nice, and they know a lot about every destination to make sure you get the most out of your vacation.

A skipper is going to …

  • Navigate the ship between destinations
  • Provide awareness of the surrounding environment
  • Support to book restaurants and on-shore events
  • Clean the outside of the yacht
  • Sleep on a boat (preferably in a cabin or a saloon)

A skipper is not going to …

  • Clean the inside of the yacht
  • Cook
  • Do shopping for food
  • Babysit the baby
  • Take unreasonable risks

Hire a hostess

The hostess will be vital for your vacation so you can fully relax and enjoy your charter boat holidays. Before the start, she will arrange all the provisions needed for your trip.

Regarding the food, you will let her know your wishes in advance, so the meals are prepared to your liking.

During the holidays, she will be getting all the needed supplies; she will prepare the meals and snacks and clean the dishes after the meal is finished.

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