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Yachts charter in Poland

Poland is a big, beautiful country bordering the northern Baltic Sea. There are also several lakes and rivers within the landmass. Poland is a good place for sailing holidays with its many water sports opportunities. To find out more and rent a boat, contact us at Yachtco.

With boats available along the Baltic Sea coast and on lakes worldwide, Yachtco offers the opportunity for a beautiful sailing holiday in the northern parts of Poland.

The highlights of Poland

Poland offers 2 major sailing areas. Favorite sailing destinations are to be found in Masuria and Pomerania.

You can rent a boat and start your journey from 15 marinas, the most famous Sailor Marina, Port AZS Wilkasy, and Mix Port Mamry. When looking for a cruise, you can choose from the fleets of 18 charter companies in Poland.

How to find a ship in Poland

Boats can be leased in Poland with or without a skipper. People most frequently hire sailboats, and motoryachts when they want to sail in Poland.

Larger yachts can only be leased as crewed, offering both comfort and luxury. A motoryacht guarantees a unique way to explore the coastline and dramatically increases the distance that the sailor can travel during the charter.
In Poland, a Yacht charter can be arranged on the Great Masurian Lakes and in the Baltic Sea’s open waters, which can become an unforgettable adventure for both beginners and seasoned sailors. Yacht charter in Poland, you can explore wildlife monuments and the Eastern European nation’s cultural and architectural sights. Masurian lakes are attractive for their established yachting infrastructure, fair prices, and great locations, including areas of unspoiled nature. The site is full of entertainment, bars and restaurants, cultural activities, and lively nightlife. Masurian lakes are also called the “land of a thousand lakes,” small rivers and artificial canals connect many lakes. Notice that most of the yachtsmen in Poland can be found in the Masurian lakes.

The Gdansk Gulf of the Baltic Sea is attractive for its numerous ports and resorts, its calm waters throughout the year, and its extensive sailing infrastructure. The surroundings of Lake Solina, Zhivetskoye, or Chorshtinsky Lake are fascinating places to plan tourist vacations.

Poland’s Baltic coast is one of the most visited spots among Polish sailing enthusiasts and sailing fans worldwide. Wide sandy beaches, frequently situated close to forests and considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe, an incredible world of wild Polish nature and, of course, delicious cuisine became appealing to visitors a few years ago.

The Polish sailing season lasts from May to September, and the warmest months of the year are three summer months. The most trendy places to rent yachts in Poland were Gdynia and Gdansk’s ports, near the Oder’s mouth and the resort of Swinoujscie. Gdynia’s relatively young resort town can offer funicular trips, a visit to the Musical Theater, the Museum of Emigration, the central beach, and other attractions. Gdansk is rich in architectural and cultural attractions-here you can visit the Old Town with a Town Hall building fitted with an observation deck, a crane gate on the banks of the Motława River, the Westerplatte Museum, and other historical monuments. Swinoujscie, situated on 44 islands, is surrounded from the south by the Gulf of Szczecin, from the north by the Baltic Sea waters, from the west by the border with neighboring Germany the east by the territory of the resort of Miedzyzdroje.

In the Vistula River Delta, Malbork Castle, 80 km from the Russian border and listed as a World Heritage Site, is the largest castle in the world and the largest Gothic castle in Europe. Wawel Castle on the banks of the Vistula, which can be considered a landmark of Poland, is also essential first wooden fortifications were erected here in the 11th century. Over the years of its life, the structure survived more than one battle and devastation and fire. It is worth visiting the Xenge castle, built in the 13th century, and the impressive scale of the palace-made in the Gothic and Baroque styles. Xenia Castle has 400 rooms available for tourists to visit-for which excursions lasting several hours are offered.
You can’t miss the sights of the capital of Poland-Warsaw, which has preserved the atmosphere of the past centuries. You can walk along the streets of the Old Town in Warsaw, visit the Royal Palace and the Church of the Holy Cross, as well as the Market Square.

For many visitors, Poland’s most fascinating place is Krakow-the former capital, and now the most beautiful city in Europe, with its medieval spirit growing everywhere. The historic center of Krakow is included in the list of World Cultural Heritage Sites, many of whom go to Krakow to enjoy the sights and participate in a variety of worldwide cultural activities. There are also several restaurants, cafes, and hotels in Krakow so that everyone can find rest to their taste and wallet.

The Mazury area, in the north-east of the country, boasts well-equipped marinas, numerous lakes, and the untouched nature of these sites-this extraordinary place with vast forests and picturesque landscapes attracts sailing enthusiasts from other regions.

Charter of yachts in Poland

Poland can be a perfect place to spend water vacations; thousands of yachting enthusiasts gather every year in numerous reservoirs, creating a unique, peculiar atmosphere.

If you want to rent a yacht in Gdansk, you’re in the right spot. Yachtco is ready to deliver a wide variety of various vessels to arrange sea trips: catamaran, yacht, or houseboat. The company’s experts will help you determine whether to hire a yacht in Gdansk, with or without a skipper.

After the fall of communism in Poland, the modernization of the sailing infrastructure began, and today Gdansk is one of the most popular locations for yacht rental. On the Baltic Sea coast, visitors are drawn by unique landscapes, pristine nature, fascinating cultural activities, intense nightlife, and sandy beaches, considered to be one of the best in Europe.

Gdansk (in the past-Danzig) has a favorable position-the city is situated in the heart of the Baltic Sea and has been an important trading center in the region since its founding in 997. Gdansk played an essential part in world history-it was from here in 1939 that the fires of the Second World War flared up (the assault on the Westerplatte Peninsula). Tourists would be interested first in visiting the Old Town, which was devastated during the Second World War and rebuilt to the Hanseatic League’s look. The monuments of the Hanseatic architecture of 12-17 centuries have been preserved in the modern city. The town hall of the 14th century houses the city’s historical museum, and next to it is the Jan Hevelius monument- the first measure of Gdansk.

It’s worth visiting St. Catherine’s Cathedral in the 14th century, St. Brigitte’s Church in the 16th century with many paintings and icons-not carved, but forged! The market building looks pretty good, where you can buy food and clothes. There are several supermarkets in the center, such as Biedronka, Limabka, Carrefour, etc.
Not far from the market is St. Nicholas’ church, where you can see impressive wooden ceilings. The Royal Chapel, designed in the 17th century by the architect Jan 3 Sabeski, is located on Grobla Lane. Next to the chapel is the Basilica of St. Mary, the largest brick church in Europe. You should ascend the tower in the basilica-it provides a beautiful view of the surroundings.
The Gdansk National Museum is worth a visit to learn more about the past of the region. There are collections of Flemish paintings.
Gdansk’s main pedestrian street is the Long Market, several beautiful medieval houses, and the Uphagen Museum. There are several gateways to Gdansk’s city: Bread, Shuravsky, St. Mary, the Holy Spirit, and others. It’s fascinating to see Zhurav-a medieval crane that was built in the 15th century. Even then, loads weighing 4 tons could be lifted to a height of 27 meters.
Besides the Old Town, you can visit Oliva’s peaceful and quiet area in Gdansk, a beautiful park and the largest organ in Europe. Not far from Oliva Park, there is an observation tower with a spectacular view of the surroundings. The attractive walking area is Wrzeszcz, where the stone houses of the 19th century are still preserved.
You can take a stroll along the Motława bank; you can also take a tram to the famous Stogi Beach, complete with sun loungers and free Wi-Fi. And, of course, don’t forget, Gdansk is a sea town, so here you can try the local seafood. Interestingly, after Pushkin in Gdansk, a street named after the famous Russian poet has never been to this area.
You can also go to Gdansk to see Malbork’s medieval castle and see the sights of the nearby resort of Sopot on the Baltic Sea. Together with Gdansk, the town of Trójmiasto (‘Trehgradie’ translated from Polish) also includes the cities of Sopot and Gdynia. With film screenings, architectural sights, and an array of entertainment facilities-bars, restaurants, and discos-Sopot attracts visitors.
Explore our yacht charter offers in Danzig to make the right decision-our website includes the most lucrative choices based on the most common solutions. If required, our experts will advise you on all issues related to roads, to visit excursions, to rent hotel rooms or to rent yachts in Gdansk. Come to Gdansk Hospital to walk along charming streets, visit fine dining and lyrical cafes, various fairs, concerts, theaters, or the Philharmonic-plan your cultural schedule in advance!

You could only see another side of Poland by renting a boat — without noisy visitors or queues, only you, the sun and the water, or even the ocean. Go and rent a yacht, recruit a crew, hostess, cook, skipper (all the staff), keep a boat wheel by yourself, and get ready for the Polish sailing holiday you could only imagine!

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