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Iceland is one of the trendiest tourist destinations on earth right now. But during the peak summer months, with a considerable number of tourists and roads filled with cars, tour buses, and jeeps, the small country quickly becomes overrun. Now, without the hassle of fighting the crowds, it is possible to enjoy all the peak season benefits Iceland offers. Sailing in Iceland gives you a rare opportunity to see Iceland from another angle, all while enjoying your yacht’s privacy and peacefulness.

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Nearby sailing areas

  • The Sea of Norway
  • The Arctic Ocean surrounding the Norwegian Sea, Scandinavia’s peninsula to the east, and northern Iceland to the west.
  • Sailing from Reykjavik’s Old Harbour to the Norwegian Sea
  • Set off from Reykjavik, Iceland, towards the Faroe Islands, Bergen, Haugesund, and Stavanger, Norway.

Locations to visit

Visit the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik, where you can see Hallgrímskirkja, the enormous Lutheran church in the south-eastern part of the city center, before embarking on your sailing holiday. Built between 1945 and 1986, it is made of concrete; it has a spire of 74.5 m and was planned by Guðjón Samúelsson.

Explore the Harpa, a concert hall made up of steel frames and glass panels in various shapes and colors. You can see a famous metal sculpture named the Sun Voyager as you walk through the city’s old port, evoking the form of a Viking ship sailing towards the setting sun. Another landmark not to be missed is Perlan, a building that initially housed geothermal hot water. It’s a museum today, with a panoramic terrace and a revolving restaurant.

Stop by the Faroe Islands and visit the old city of Tórshavn, the capital of the islands. This town is packed with wooden houses with grass roofs, and the thoroughfares are lined with local shops. The cultural center is to the north, offering theatre, dance, and music performances in a contemporary, urban space. The national museum presents items from the Viking age and various church decorations.

In Bergen, where you can explore the beauty of the fjords. You can also indulge in fishing or take any amount of hikes. To give you an outstanding view of the fjords, visit the funicular that will take you up to 320 m. Next, go to the Bergen Aquarium, home to many fish species, including Vitus, Dodraugen, and Ping Kong, a treat for both young and old alike. On the quay in the center of town, you can find Bryggen and the fish market district, where you can also see some traditional fishing houses. You can find local restaurants offering cuisine based on fresh fish caught the same morning, such as lutefisk, a specialty of dried fish served with green pea purée, bacon, and potatoes.

Stop at Haugesund and see the monument to Haraldshaugen, a Norwegian national memorial to honor the first King of Norway’s memory, Harald Fairhair. Continue your visit to the church of Vår Frelsers, designed in the Norwegian red-brick style, located in the town center. This church, built-in 1901, can accommodate up to 1,050 people! Do not skip the Haugesund Theater and Concert Hall Festiviteten, where local shows are performed. Please continue exploring the city with a visit to the Karmsund Civic Museum, which houses a comprehensive collection showing Haugesund’s past, mainly it’s fishing and maritime industries.

At Stavanger, go and see the Swords in a Rock, a historical monument to commemorate the battle of Hafrsfjord. Visit Preikestolen during a hike or climb, an imposing cliff rising 604 m above the waters of Lysefjord. Guaranteed thrills!

Rent a boat in Iceland and sail in style

Charter a yacht for a week with or without a captain. You’ll find what you’re searching for, from a motorboat, a sailboat or even a yacht.

Do you need a license in Iceland to charter a yacht?

If you want a bareboat yacht charter, you need a license; here are some examples of sailing qualifications:

  • INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCE: Your European sailing authority issues this certificate upon request, and you can automatically apply for specific national sailing qualifications.
  • RYA Credentials: You will be eligible to take a bareboat charter from Iceland if you have the following qualifications, including Day Skipper (sail or motor endorsement), Coastal Skipper, or Yachtmaster.
  • American Sailing Association (ASA): Widely recognized is the ASA 104 Bareboat certificate.
  • US Sailing: The Certificate of Foreign Proficiency is generally recognized, and, in many cases, the Bareboat Cruising Certificate is also accepted.

When renting a yacht, what should I consider?

The key points to remember are what your budget is if you have the requisite sailing experience and expertise to run the boat (if it’s not going to have a skipper), with whom you’re sailing, where exactly you want to go, and what the weather would be like on your trip’s proposed dates.

What should I think about before I hire a yacht or a boat?

Before you book, you should consider having the skills to manage the yacht charter or boat rental and where you want to go with the weather. If it looks like the weather will be cold and warm, bring warm weather and cool weather clothing and note that it will be cool on most nights at sea.

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