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Charter in the Bahamas

Do you dream of sailing the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean? Well, now is your chance to charter a yacht in the Bahamas and make your dreams come true.

It’s no wonder why the Bahamas have become the destination of choice for a Caribbean cruise. This paradise is blessed with sun almost all year round.

Nassau‘s archipelago capital is worth visiting with its tropical ambiance, dreamy beaches, high-end hotels, and tourist facilities. The locals are famous for their incredible hospitality and will make sure your trip is an unforgettable experience when you charter a yacht in the Bahamas. This tropical Archipelago features unparalleled beauty, remote islands, and numerous scenic bays for sailing opportunities.

The Bahamas are a dream destination for almost everyone on the planet. Travelers of all sorts are expected to have it on their bucket list. It’s a tropical paradise with crystal blue seas, pink sandy beaches, and an endless supply of sunlight to make this perfect brown tan.

The Archipelago has more than 700 islands, each more stunning than the next. While the beaches have become the Bahamas’ face, there is much more to see and experience in the tropical paradise. Those preparing for the Bahamas will soon need to learn more about what the coral Archipelago has in store for them.

Sailing the Bahamas

The Bahamas Archipelago provides the ideal conditions for families, novices, and seasoned sailors. The weather is bright and mild all year round. But the peak tourist season is between mid-December and early-April. The Archipelago has no official winter history. It is not hot during these months, and the water is crystal clear and warm – the perfect time and conditions to rent a boat in the Bahamas.

The coral paradise witnesses a sparse crowd of visitors between June and November. That’s because the Atlantic hurricane season coincides with these months. In May, the rainy season usually starts, and visitors are forced to spend more time in their hotel rooms than on the cruise.

The shoulder and the low seasons still draw visitors, but not in significant numbers. Most hotels and rental services provide lucrative discounts to visitors. There are a lot of activities to keep the visitors entertained throughout the year.

  • The peak season: from mid-December to April
  • Low Season: from August to November
  • Shoulder season: May to July

The Bahamas

The Bahamas have long been a trendy destination for travelers of all kinds from all over the world. The islands are best known for commercial cruise ships and resort vacations, but what if you prefer the slower speed of secret harbors and sleepy seaside settlements? Aboard a yacht charter, charterers will explore the Bahamas in the best possible way.

The Abacos are lesser-known islands and barrier cays situated in the northern Bahamas, where relaxed vibes, historic colonial charm, and postcard-worthy views reign supreme. Just 35 miles southeast of Nassau, Exumas is home to some of the most unspoiled paradise areas in the Caribbean, much of which can only be reached by sea. Choose a charter yacht from Abacos or Exumas to experience an enchanting holiday that you’ll want to relive again and again.

Cruising to Abacos

Equal winds and a calm sea are what typically wait for charter yachts to cross the Bahamas. In the winter months, a brisk breeze from the northwest fills the air, and a stronger wind fills the cruise ships’ sails. Routes along the Sea of Abaco have short passages and a line-of-view navigation for a quiet journey. Some captains may find a challenge between shallow waters where it is essential to take care of the tidal range, which may fluctuate during the full or new moon. In the same waters, many charterers have gone from beginner to expert and are always returning. The area is also suitable for families and groups of friends looking for a fun sailing experience in a natural environment. Balmy weather can be observed in the summer months around July and August, while temperatures can reach the low 60s between December and February.

Highlights of Exumas

The glorious Exumas chain, which stretches over 100 miles north-south across the heart of the Bahamas, is rife with remarkable encounters both on and off the coast. Intend to visit the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park — one of the world’s largest marine protected parks — to enjoy pristine underwater beauty in its purest form. At Big Major Location, animal lovers will splash around the beach with world-famous swimming pigs. And at Compass Cay, let’s live your dream of swimming with sharks, with the peace of mind that nurse sharks found here are famously friendly.

Yacht charter with a skipper

Don’t worry if you’re unsure about your navigation skills: you can easily hire a vessel with a skipper to get you where you want to go back and forth. Although the sailing conditions in and around the Bahamas are usually mild with steady winds and calm seas, there are occasions when storms can blow, which is where the beauty of having a trained skipper in charge is beneficial. It would help if you went to the cabin to remain dry and warm while the captain expertly returns all of you safely to dry land.

What to do while in the Bahamas

Schooner Cays should 100% be on our list. Explore this beautiful sandbank and clear water area or plan a private helicopter or jet experience and view this stunning natural beauty from above.

The southeast of the Bahamas is relatively empty compared to other island areas, so if you’re looking to sail the crystal-clear seas on a quiet and exclusive yacht charter, you can do it here.

On the other hand, if you like to stick close to civilization, Great Exuma has tourist beaches and sites with all sorts of wildlife, such as swimming pigs, iguanas, and other fascinating animals.

Nassau, the island chain’s capital, offers fantastic shopping options, crisp white sandy beaches, and breathtaking offshore diving spots where you can marvel at coral reefs, marine life, and the majesty of the aquamarine sea. It is probably the largest community in the Bahamas, with most of our yacht rentals. Enjoy a lively community and great local delicacies in bars and restaurants, waiting to show how delicious this Caribbean cuisine is!

Treasure Cay is a remote and lovely spot where there are hardly any crowds. The turquoise sea and the snow-white sand are genuinely a joy to enjoy from your yacht rental.

The Mermaid Reef diving spot near the Harbor View Marina Marsh Harbor is an excellent location to discover the sea’s underwater world and the delightfully peculiar coral reef.

At the Great Abaco‘s tip, East Shores is the perfect picture with its beautiful beachfront homes. You can rent some great apartments, too. Many have their exclusive access to the sea from a private pontoon.

Green Cay Island is only reachable by boat, so sailing to the island on your rented yacht is a perfect way to explore the area and appreciate the sight of the green turtle that ignores the intrusion of people into their domain.

Paradise Cove is a little bit of heaven on Earth, close to the spectacular Deadman’s Reef, best seen from a cruise. Make sure your camera is waterproof: you’re not going to want to lose these pictures!

Then travel around the island to the beautiful Port of Lucaya, where you can explore the market and enjoy the best of Bahaman’s life.

You can charter a yacht in the Bahamas in various locations—the most famous of us in Nassau. If you want more information, let us know!

The Bahamas have a treat for you, with its fantastic cuisine and refreshing cocktails full of fruity flavors! The Bahama Mama is our favorite cocktail with an overwhelmingly right blend of rum, coconut rum, lime juice, pineapple, orange, and grenadine!

The cuisine on these paradisiacal islands is uplifting and spicy, with seafood plays a unique role in lemon, pepper, garlic, and curry.

Lobster, stews, and grilled fish are local delicacies served here, and “conch” is a mollusk dish that can be prepared in several ways.

How to get to the Bahamas

  • Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS) is Nassau’s international airport with many external and direct flights.
  • Leonard M. Thompson International Airport (MHH) is the largest airport in Greater Abaco and one of the largest in the Bahamas in general.
  • The Bahamas has more than 20 airports. Several direct flights from all over the world land daily.

The right time to go to visit

The beautiful Archipelago is conveniently nestled off Florida’s coast, so it’s easy to fly here from the U.S. mainland. Both young and young holidaymakers love to come here because of the beautiful weather, the stunning waters and a range of activities for both the adventurer and the leisure tourist. So dive in and find out what’s in store for your Bahamas charter yacht.

The best time of year to go there is December through May, which is considered a peak tourism season in the region. This is because the islands typically experience hurricanes from the summer through the fall, so you don’t want adverse weather conditions to impact your boating ride. You will typically be met with bright skies and sporadic rain in the spring, and the lovely temperatures make this a wonderful time of year to visit.

Activity and adventure

Water sports and adventure sports are, in many ways, associated with the life of the Bahamas. On most tourist beaches, there are stands where you can rent paddleboards and kayaks. There are also centers where you can book an epic water sports experience, including jet skiing, water skiing, banana boating, sky diving, and paragliding. We’ve highlighted two of the most popular sports in the Archipelago.


It’s an unwritten law to try your hand at diving during your charter yacht in the Bahamas. With wall diving opportunities, night diving sessions, shark and dolphin diving, cave diving, and cave diving, diving is the favorite holidaymaker activity. From the depths of the blue oceans, you can swim with turtles, tropical fish and even fly back in time by discovering sunken shipwrecks. Spring is the best season for diving because there’s more marine life to see in these months, and the Thunderball Grotto underwater cave is a common location for diving. You’re going to see this magic set in two separate James Bond movies!

Deep-sea fisheries

With such various types of fish in the sea, this has become an increasingly common activity among holidaymakers, particularly during springtime. The rules and regulations on fishing are strict; you need a fishing license, and you need to release the fish you catch back to the sea. This calming activity will allow you to interact more fully with nature and see marine life nearby.

Land Discoveries & History

Initially, the Arawak people settled in the Bahamas. To this day, the islanders are well known for their relaxed friendliness and hospitality. Inland, you can visit the Sunbury Plantation House, a huge Jacobean mansion built in the days when sugar was king in the area, and a cottage was the size of a castle. You can also stop by the well-known Mount Gay Rum Distillery, where you can sample the many variations of the most popular libation on the island.

When it comes to the natural wonder that is Barbados, you will be able to visit Harrison’s Cave, a rare phenomenon of nature, where giant stalactites hang from the walls, stalagmites are blown up from the Earth, and streams of crystal-clear water drop out of spectacular waterfalls into emerald green pools. The meandering paths of Orchid World are abundant with Phalaenopsis, Cattleyas, and Dendrobium orchids. Simultaneously, the Andromeda Gardens exhibit some of the rarest tropical ferns, heliconias, and cacti on the island. In Whim Gully, please take a close look at the bearded fig tree from which the island is claimed to have its name.

The Pink Sands of the Bahamas

Nassau, a booming town on New Providence Island and the Bahamas capital, is the place to charter yachts if you want action and great nightlife. It’s got an enviable selection of restaurants, glitzy casinos, and sophisticated hotels. Nassau is also a perfect base for your private yacht with its ideal beaches, Atlantis, a mega-resort and marina with traditional British Colonial architecture, and Paradise Island.

Paradise Island is linked by two bridges to New Providence and has marina facilities. Eleuthera is a 100-mile narrow island with its late 1700s architecture and prominent pineapple plantations. Southeast of Eleuthera lies the isle of Cat-the “high ground” of the Bahamas. Eleuthera is also a popular yacht charter holiday destination and features high cliffs and a direct connection to a long past civilization. The Exumas is known as the Bahamas’ capital for sailing and chartering yachts, with 365 cays appealing to sailors.

The types of yachts available for charter in the Bahamas come in all sizes, including different motor yachts, sailing yachts, and catamarans. One wonderful thing is that the Bahamas yacht charter season and the general holiday season can be enjoyed mostly all year round!

More on the Bahamas

The Bahamas is a cluster of tiny islands. They are an essential part of charter yacht itineraries in the Caribbean. The Bahamas holiday resorts are the other attractions that draw tourists from worldwide to rent luxury yachts and enjoy fantastic holidays. It’s only 100 kilometers away from the U.S. state of Florida. Thus, every year, thousands of people from the U.S. world are invited who marvel at natural sightseeing attractions.

The Environmental Oasis

The Bahamas are renowned for being a tourist destination, and there are many reasons for this popularity. The Bahamas has pearly white sandy beaches. The ocean is so untouched by a human civilization that you can see the seafloor in individual shallow sections. The Bahamas is a true ecological oasis, as people here believe in maintaining the natural eco-system of the region. The cluster of islands provides almost infinite packages of yachts, ranging from one day to several days. There are a lot of leisure opportunities and sightseeing attractions on the way for several-day packages. This place has excellent holiday resorts right on the beach. These holiday resorts have the most modern facilities in their suites, and you can marvel at the ocean from the balcony of your home.

As a starting point, here’s a list of Bahamas yacht rentals for you to browse. For details on all charter yachts here and in the Caribbean, please contact us.

  • Hundreds of islands and caves to discover.
  • Stunning sandy beaches
  • Crystal-clear waters with visibility up to 100 feet
  • World-famous swimming pigs
  • Great weather all year round
  • Simple access from the United States
  • One of the finest charter destinations for water sports
  • A wide range of yacht rentals (especially motor yachts)

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