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Sailing St. Vincent and the Grenadines

St. Vincent and the Grenadines region is a real paradise for yachtsmen searching for an authentic Caribbean sailing trip off the beaten track. Private resorts have bought few islands in the chain, and traditional settlements remain untouched by tourism. Away from the crowds, you should immerse yourself in island life and relax seriously.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines are the Caribbean islands of the Windward and consist of about 30 volcanic islands. St. Vincent is a strong starting point for the Grenadines Yacht Charter. On the island, you can walk through banana plantations and rainforest to La Soufriere Volcano, a 4,049-foot volcano with a large crater lake. You can swim in the woods of Trinity Falls and Dark View Falls. Kingstown’s vibrant city is also used as a starting point for travelers to explore the outer islands. Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Mayreau, Union Island, and Tobago Cays are all great sailing destinations. Bequia is an undiscovered gem, as there are no tourist resorts on the island, and all the beaches are public and seldom busy. Port Elizabeth is a charming area, and Princess Margaret’s Beach and Lower Bay Beach are great places to swim in the vicinity. There are also some lovely beaches on the east coast, such as Spring Bay and Industry Bay.

Canouan and Mustique have substantial luxury resorts, but Charlestown Village on Canouan is an excellent place to anchor. The sleepy fishing town has several restaurants serving local food, and a fishing spot might be all that’s on the agenda. There are many spotless white sandy beaches on this island. Mayreau and the Cays of Tobago are real island paradises. Salt Whistle Bay on Mayreau is a popular scenic anchorage, and the Tobago Cays are part of a marine protected park with two coral reefs, the wreck of a British gunboat, and numerous animal sanctuaries.

How to get there-the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines airports

  • International Airport of Maurice Bishop (M.B.I.A), Grenada
  • Kingstown E.T. Joshua Airport, St. Vincent Airport

Climate & Weather in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Grenada, St Vincent, and the Grenadines have a tropical climate with temperatures between 20 and 30 ° C all year round. The weather is dry between December and May, and the rainy season stretches from June to November. Hurricanes occur during the rainy season, and sailing at this time is not recommended. The islands lie far apart, and there are heavy Atlantic winds. The sailing infrastructure in Grenada and the Grenadines is not as robust as in other parts of the Caribbean, such as the Virgin Islands, but what the Grenadines lack in the marinas they make up for is their secluded elegance.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines yachting

If you’re looking for a charter yacht in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines online, you’re on the right website! Check the list of popular yachts on our website, with or without a captain, to have a wonderful holiday with friends and family.

Experience an authentic, exotic Caribbean yacht charter holiday in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Getting to know the islands

St. Vincent is also the perfect jump-off point for the Grenadine Islands. Of the 32 enchanting islands found in the Lesser Antilles Windward Islands of the Caribbean Sea, only nine are inhabited, including Mustique, Bequia, and Union Island. Why don’t you visit all of them on your charter yacht in St. Vincent?

Explore the mystical beauty of the Tobago Cays, an archipelago of five uninhabited cays and reefs where you can spot turtles and colorful fish in high-visibility waters. Relax between palm-lined, white sandy beaches or dive, snorkel, or scuba in the marine park.

Idyllic beaches are waiting for you

For kitesurfing, travel to Clifton, Union Island, known as the Tahiti of the West Indies. Or you can sail to Palm Island or enjoy a cocktail on Happy Island during your charter trip to Grenadines.

Beach lovers should go to Mayreau’s Salt Whistle Bay or Princess Margaret Beach in Bequia. You may also want to plan a 14-day stay to explore this excellent cruising ground.

Choose from a wide variety of catamarans and sailboats. Please find out more about our bareboat fleet in Grenadines and skippered Grenadines sailing charter.


When’s the right time to go to the Grenadines?

The best possible time to visit the Grenadines is between January and May. The temperatures in the Grenadines are warm all year round. During the high season they could reach 81oF but could still hit the high 70s in the low season.

What are the conditions of sailing in the Grenadines?

The sailing conditions for Grenadines yachts’ charter include the renowned Caribbean trade winds, which can reach up to 25 knots in the high season.

Expect 3-5 ft swell in the high season and 5-7 ft in the low season. The Grenadines winds mainly blow from the east between November and June.

Things to do

Here, you might want to take part in some of the island’s top-notch offerings, including golf, tennis, and even a five-star spa.

Chill in the Bay of Salt Whistle. This half-moon-shaped bay may be one of the most beautiful Caribbean bays – fringed with palms and blissful water.

It’s quiet and peaceful, with just 200 locals in the village. You’re going to visit here when you’re sailing St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and you’re not going to regret that.

Investigate the Kingstown Market located on the south coast of St. Vincent, Kingstown is ready to explore before or after your charter if you wish to prolong your stay. Walk the cobbled streets of this capital city, and meet locals in a lively market place.

Kitesurfing on the island of union – Clifton Harbor on Union Island is considered to have some of the most acceptable kitesurfing conditions in the Caribbean.

If you’re not experienced, there are many kitesurfing schools on the island that can help you get started on your charter yacht in Grenadines.

Relax in Bequia. Travel to Princess Margaret Beach, take your time to swim in the calm waters.

About Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The island nation comprises over 32 islands of exceptional beauty – from lush, mountainous rainforests to palm-fringed beaches and extensive coral reefs. St Vincent itself retains a significant wilderness element due to its steep, hard-to-access interior, topped by a 3,000-ft cloud-covered volcano.

Agriculture is the mainstay with crops such as bananas growing abundantly on the green slopes. St Vincent was initially inhabited by ferocious Carib Indians who had resisted any European settlement until the French had a foothold in 1719. During the Napoleonic Wars, the island changed hands between French and English several times before becoming a British colony in 1783. In 1979, St Vincent & the Grenadines gained independence from the United Kingdom – the last Caribbean islands.

The Grenadine Islands stretched south of St Vincent, have a long history of seafaring, and are so proud of their heritage – events such as the Bequia Easter Regatta help keep alive the local traditions of boat building sailing. Mustique was sugar plantation island until it was bought privately in 1958 and brought to fame when Princess Margaret built a Caribbean retreat on the land she had been gifted with.

Many of the Grenadine anchorages were frequented by pirates who used their sheltered bays to hide ships and treasures. The Tobago Cays consists of a group of remote, uninhabited islands surrounded by the most extensive reef system in the Southern Caribbean – and a jewel in the crown of the Grenadines. Mayreau consists of a sleepy village and several stunning beaches, including Salt Whistle Bay – one of the most photogenic anchorages in the Caribbean. The union acts as a service center for the southern Grenadines and a gateway to the south of Carriacou. The line-up is completed by two private resort islands, Palm Island and Petit St Vincent.

Bequia is an enchanting island. Arriving in Bequia will make you feel like you’ve found the real Caribbean – an unspoiled blend of old and new with a comfortable way of life that will soon have you relaxed, ideal for the first day of your charter.

The largest anchorage, the Bay of Admiralty, is deep and well covered by the surrounding hills, dotted with private villas. There are plenty of bars and dining experiences to choose from across the coast. It’s worth a day exploring here – the old ways of boat construction, fishing, and sea trade continue, and the turtle sanctuary is well worth a visit.

The Tobago Cays are world popular in the Grenadines. They consist of five uninhabited islands within a vast horseshoe reef of white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, palm trees, and unparalleled Caribbean land and seascapes. It’s all spectacular!

Pick up one of the moorings within the Tobago Cays with a large horseshoe reef in front of you to shield you from the swell of the ocean. There are no restaurants or bars in the Tobago Cays – light up the barbecue and dine under the stars. Since the area is protected, the richness of marine life is extraordinary. Just off the small island of Baradel, there’s an area corded off to feed tortoises, and it’s an incredible experience to get close and swim with these remarkable animals. Explore the islands on the coast and climb to their summits for spectacular views and see the almost tame iguanas and ground tortoises lumbering about.

Charters may start in Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Bequia, or Grenada. Charter a yacht or a catamaran from our base and discover the magnificent islands of Granada and beyond. Turquoise sea, fantastic winds, and idyllic anchorages are the ideal setting to recall your holiday. Each island in the Grenadines has its unique local charm and character; take the opportunity to spend some time on the shore, hike in a rainforest, swim in a waterfall, or visit a local market. Snorkeling and diving in the Grenadines are great.

Sailing the Grenadines on Yacht Charter Sailing Weekly Boat Rentals

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a land in the Lesser Antilles, in the Windward Islands. Hop aboard the charter yacht of St. Vincent and sail the Grenadines in style! Start planning your Caribbean nautical adventure on a charter yacht in Grenadines and get ready to experience the beautiful secluded bays and lagoons with turquoise seas and powder white sand beaches. The easiest way to sail the Grenadines is to let the trade winds lead you to the 32 beautiful islands. Our local team recommends starting your trip to the charter yacht of St Vincent in the Blue Lagoon, the island’s main port. You can visit the beautiful Bequia-a green island just 9 miles south of St Vincent-for a leisurely day of sailing. Another renowned destination for day trips is the posh island of Mustique-an exotic getaway for the rich and famous like Mick Jagger and Tommy Hilfiger. Your charter yacht in Grenadines is your ticket to a fantastic and diverse nautical experience: drop anchor next to peaceful uninhabited islands that can be yours for the day, or dock and enjoy a tour of famous mansions!

If you’re planning to sail the Grenadines soon, then you’ve come to the right place to find the best yacht to travel to!

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