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About Denmark

Denmark is a Northern European country, part of Scandinavia, and is one of Europe’s smallest countries, with a string of 400 islands. Explore peaceful villages built around white churches in the palm of rolling hills and fertile land, dotted with windmills and 4,800 km of coastline.

Danes interact in foreign languages with fantastic ease, and the feeling of hospitality increases the traveler’s well-being. The nation is noted for its finesse, which is also seen in its bold architectural advances and many culinary specialties. This enchanted land of a thousand stories, Andersen’s birthplace, is undoubtedly an enduring source of inspiration.

It is a perfect place to take a sailing trip, from the peninsula towards the continent’s top point. Surrounded by water on three sides, plus several islands across the mainland, if you embark on a sailing holiday from Denmark, you’ll be able to experience a multitude of unique landscapes and seascapes along the Scandinavian, German and Polish coasts.

Denmark consists of beautiful countryside and famous cities as well. With its rich history, Copenhagen is not far from the port cities of Svendborg, Aabenraa, and Dyvig, where you can rent a boat from Yachtcoand start combining history, culture, and relaxation.

Denmark Yacht Charter

Denmark is especially sought after as a yacht charter destination due to the number of yacht charter stationed vessels, such as a yacht charter base in Northern Schleswig or South Jutland County, about 18 miles north of Flensburg in Aabenraa. Another yacht charter base is in Aalborg, North Jutland. A yacht charter company based in Skagen-Skagen is the town in the country’s absolute North, situated on the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

In Germany, several crews chartered Flensburg or Kiel and set off for the neighboring North’s waters. In the Danish waters in the Baltic Sea, two yacht charter trips are already traditional: Funen’s circumnavigation and the Danish South Sea crossing.

Several historical sites, new marinas, and piles of anchorages can be discovered approximately 200 miles around Funen. For the circumnavigation of the island of Seeland, you’ll need a few more days. On the other hand, during your Yacht Charter ride, Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital city, presents itself as a rewarding stopover destination with several modern marinas nearby.

The yacht charter trip through the Danish Southsea, the sailing waters with the many small islands, white beaches bordered by dunes, and enchanting old fishing villages south of Funen, can represent a more relaxed trip with shorter distances.

Local highlights for yacht charter crews include Marstal on the island of Aeroe, a maritime museum for wooden vessels, and Sonderborg, the fishing and commercial port of Fraborg, the dream bay of Alesund, Aeroskoebing, and Langeland.

Do not hesitate and ask us about Yacht Charter possibilities in Denmark!

Hire a sailboat from one of Denmark’s beautiful ports to experience a different culture and the breathtaking waters around it on your way. Charter your yacht today to ensure you get the ideal sailboat for your travel plans.

Rent a boat in Denmark and sail on the water in style

In Denmark, boats can be leased with or without a skipper. A simple sailing license is necessary to hire a bareboat.

When wishing to sail in Denmark, people most commonly hire sailing yachts and catamarans, mostly leased as bareboat. Still, there is always the option of chartering these yachts with a professional skipper.

Charter a ship with or without a skipper. On Yachtco’s page you will quickly find what you are looking for, from a motorboat to a sailboat or even a yacht. Get out on the water to fully enjoy the breathtaking scenery with your friends and family while enjoying some quality time with them. Denmark is the ideal boat rental destination, whether you’re celebrating a special event or planning a family holiday.

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