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Charter boats and yacht rental in Cuba

With sailboats for charter in Cuba and charter catamarans in Cuba, Yachtco is confident that you can find the right yacht for your vacation. The boats’ prices range from 1.600 Euros to 10.000 Euros per week, which means that you can select a reasonably priced yacht or go out with one on the luxury side. Whatever you like, you’re sure to be satisfied with it once you’re in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean.

Renting a boat or any vessel can be challenging, but the process is painless and straightforward with Yachtco. Before you even check the boats, you can determine how many cabins you want, the year of the ship, the price range, and more so, the results can be more tailored to your needs. Then click a few buttons, and you’re going to book a yacht for your holiday in Cuba!

If you have some questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We’re here to help you with any questions you may have, and we’re going to do the best to make sure you have an excellent Cuba Sailing Vacation.

If you have decided to take your charter holiday in a beautiful place, the question remains: what kind of boat should I choose? A ship, a motor yacht, a catamaran? Bareboat, Skippered Yachts, or charter crew? What’s the right choice of the charter for me?

The most common choice of yacht holidays for children traveling to Cuba is the Crewed Catamaran Charter. You can book your yacht charter online and make sure your family has an unforgettable yacht holiday. When you prepare for your trip to Cuba, your captain will help you decide on itineraries. We provide local captains with excellent knowledge of the area. Tell them all about the hidden spots and highlights.

A group of friends on a sailing vacation in Cuba typically book a yacht with a skipper. Keep in mind when you’re looking for skippered yacht charters in Cuba-Skipper needs his cabin.

Taking a charter vacation on a boat is a welcome change from a typical package of traditional travel agencies. Since chartering a yacht with Yachtco is cheap and as comfortable as booking a hotel, many people decide to go on a yacht holiday.

Discover all the different types of boats that we sell in Cuba: Crewed Yacht Charters, Skippered Yachts, or Bareboats-compare their features and tailor your charter yacht to your needs.

Description of Cuba

Famous in its long history, Cuba has become an exotic destination for sailors. When you arrive, the atmosphere of the 1960s will give you a feeling that is not feasible in most destinations. Due to its venue, Cuba will be the perfect starting point for renting a boat and getting to know the area. The first thing you’ll notice when you get to the beauty of the island. New Cuba is launching itself in a new exciting cultural way, which is the perfect time to explore. Glorious Coast—Line, Crystal Water, White Sands—Cuba Looks Much Better From a Cruise Holidays in an iconic location. There are local people wich sunbathing on sandy beaches, they’re dancing, and it’s a chance to do plenty of idyllic boating. The calm turquoise waters, the gentle Caribbean waves, and the blue horizon’s appeal all lead to boats. Luckily, it is inexpensive and straightforward to rent a boat in Cuba, an opportunity not to be missed. The best way to see it all: rent a boat in Cuba. The wind in your hair as a sleek, super-seaworthy rented boat takes you around the island. Enjoy the water of the ocean and the views from all sides.

All sorts of crafts are available to take you anywhere you want to go, including catamarans, sailing boats, motorboats, and more!

Rental of a sailboat in Cuba

The cheapest time to charter a boat in Cuba is between September and October, usually right before the tourist flows. The most expensive time to hire a sailboat in Cuba is generally between November and February.

Sail from Havana to Santiago de Cuba and see the exciting spots of the port and the starboard! Heading south from Havana, you can encounter the Caribbean in all its glory. Other islands are not yet in reach, but to know that you’re sailing near the Bahamas to the north and other tropical isles (Haiti and Jamaica) to the south will give your Cuban boating holiday extra glamor.

Cuba is the most western island of the Greater Antilles, about an hour’s drive from Key West, Florida. If island hopping is your dream vacation, sailing around Cuba is perfect because it has 4,000 cays and islets. Your history includes agricultural valleys with tobacco fields, colorful urban architecture, and coral atolls. Cuba’s atolls boast white patches of sand, clear snorkeling waters, and a wealth of marine life in healthy reefs. On the field, monkeys and iguanas are waiting to greet you.

It is popular with sailors due to its favorable warm climate, steady winds, natural beauty, cheerful atmosphere, and friendly people.

In 1492 Christopher Columbus discovered the island; he said: “This is the most beautiful land ever seen.”


The flat shape of the island is characterized by the usual trade winds of the Atlantic Ocean. The climate is the Caribbean, predominantly tropical,  divided into two seasons, one dryer in winter (from November to April) and one decidedly wet (from May to October) and usually rainy in summer. It stays between 20 and 30 °C all year round, and the water is typically warm.

The beauty of the archipelago

The beautiful coast of Cuba and the islands off the coast are ready for exploration, and the Archipelago of Los Canarreos is within easy reach of our base at Cienfuegos.

Cuban cities such as Trinidad and the capital, Havana, are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and renowned for their rich architectural diversity and scenic beauty – you’ll have the opportunity to visit both Cuba charter yachts.

Skippered charter for Cuba

You’re going to love sailing in Cuba even though you don’t have sailing experience. Just hire a skipper, and you and your guests will be sailing around the highlights of Cuba.

Cuba’s cabin charter

Relax and feel Cuba, with no difficulty. Reserve a stateroom and a private bathroom as our crew takes care of planning, sailing, and cooking full board meals.

Cuba Charter Crew

Enjoy a comfortable, all-inclusive Cuba vacation with discreet five-star service. Use our crewed private yachts and tailor the menu and the itinerary to suit your preferences. Please find out more about our charter team in the Caribbean.

You can learn how to dance the rumba or salsa, or you can ride a retro classic American car from the past. The famous Havana Club Rum can’t get away without considering it too!

The island has a reliable maritime infrastructure, and about 20 marinas and nautical centers across Cuba is happy to welcome yachts under all flags and have a wide range of services.

Top list to visit in Cuba

Visit, the capital of Cuba.

Havana is Cuba’s capital and spirit, so make sure you visit the top list of things to do in Cuba. Walk through the cobblestone streets of Old Havana and admire the unusual mix of baroque and Spanish colonial architecture. See the old fleet of cars, enjoy the nightlife and visit the hippest district of Vedado.

Taste a genuine mojito

This well-known cocktail was invented at La Bodeguita del Medio, a small bar in Old Havana, where the walls feature handwriting and pictures of celebrities with their mojitos. It is going to taste a world away from other mojitos that you’ve had before, and it’s worth a try on your Cuba charter.

Perform the Cuban Salsa Dance

Cuban beat is infectious, and you can’t leave Cuba without performing a few expressive moves of salsa, a dance of Cuban folk dances. There are a lot of schools here, or you can dance at the local club!

Tour of Trinidad City

Through this charming colonial town, Walk gets lost in its narrow streets, listens to the street musicians on the main square, and samples the local Canchánchara rum cocktail.

The Sea Turtle Hatchery

One of the fantastic things to do is visit Cuba at the Sea Turtle Hatchery in Cayo Largo, an incredible experience. You can also see the first-hand release of baby turtles at certain times of the year. Then head over to the beaches of Sirena and Paraiso for wonderful sand and turquoise water.

Have fun in the wilderness

Visit Cayo Rico, where iguanas can take center stage when sailing in Cuba, or sail to the mooring buoys of Hijos de Los Ballenatos, where you can snorkel and explore the rich underwater world.

When should I go to Cuba?

The perfect time to visit Cuba is when the climate is relatively dry and mild from November to mid-April. The climate is subtropical to tropical throughout the year and is slightly uniform from one area to another.

Cuba’s average temperature is about 21degrees Celsium in November and May, reaching in the 27 south between December and February. Rare rainfall can lead to low temperatures, especially in the NW. The rainy season is from late April to early November, when temperatures are warmer (about 31 degrees Celsius), and the humidity is high.

Cuba consists of one main island, the largest island in the Caribbean, Youth Island, and a few islands, such as the Canarreos Archipelago and the Jardines de la Reina.

The charter of a ship in Cuba from Trinidad, Cienfuegos, or Varadero will allow you to travel to places with a fascinating mixture of colonial history and various cultures from South America, Europe, and Africa.

With its historical heritage, you can visit variously protected, preserved, and essential sites, nine of which lists as World Heritage Sites. The capital of Cuba, Havana, voted the most beautiful city in the world in 1959. Let yourself be charmed by this city, with its fine architecture synonymous with the Art Deco, distinguished by columns of imperial and arched windows, its old town, its fortifications, and its monuments.

Popular in cities such as Santiago de Cuba, Varadero, or Holguin, you can also discover lesser-known but equally charming towns such as Trinidad and Baracoa, the island’s hidden treasures.

Located on the southern coast of Cuba, Trinidad can transport you in an air of poetry out of the ordinary between the pastel tones of the city walls with colonial architecture.

To the east, Baracoa will give you a mosaic of landscapes shared by mountain ranges, tropical forests, black sandy beaches, and majestic waterfalls.

Cuba will never fail to surprise you with the infinity of the exceptional landscapes that it has to offer. Your sailboat (or motorboat) will take you through different landscapes, passing from Desembarco del Granma National Park with its cliffs, waterfalls, and terraces to some 300 white sandy beaches. Charming for various terrains, the Cuban people will also be influenced, the real melting pot of different cultures. Friendly, hard-working, endowed with a real sense of hospitality, and used to open their doors to tourists, locals will offer you a welcome quality that you won’t find anywhere else.

Your boat will also allow you to visit the different archipelagos of the world

While sailing from Cienfuegos and Trinidad to the west of Cuba, you can discover the Canarreos Archipelago, an expanse of more or less large islands, including the popular Playa Sirena, the most beautiful beach in the area, the turtle farm and the crocodiles, or the natural pools of Cayo Rico.

Heading east, you can stop at Cayo Blanco, a small island lined with white coral reef, and visit the Queen’s Gardens, a protected reserve ideal for diving.

Chartering a boat in Cuba will encourage you to explore an exceptional fauna and flora by meeting wild species such as iguanas, visiting the many idyllic beaches, coral reefs, and surprise-rich cities.

Cuba, a country as beautiful as it is animated, will charm you with its inhabitants’ spontaneity and hospitality.

Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492 for the Europeans, Cuba is an island with a rich and varied culture and history. With the influence of native peoples, Spaniards, and African nations through importing slaves, Cuba has developed into a culturally diverse island with beautiful art and entertainment to fit its stunning beauty. The Cubans are very polite, kind, communicative, supportive. Many different classes and cultures have also contributed to a delicious cuisine that could end up being as unforgettable as your time at sea.

The Republic of Cuba is a group of archipelagos nestled peacefully between the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Northern Caribbean Sea. Cuba, the archipelago’s main island (and the largest island in the Caribbean), boasts 5.746 km (3.570 mi) of pristine coastline with over 4,000 keys and insects for your nautical exploration. The benefit of yacht charter is easy to see-it can offer the opportunity to do some exploring by sea.

With the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean all within sight, Cuba is the perfect place for a sailor to have a holiday. Sail from Cienfuegos to Cayo Largo or Casilda on the southern coast of Central Cuba in either direction to experience the sea. With its central position between the Caribbean islands, you can’t go wrong sailing from Cuba. With the many events and adventures available on the mainland, you can have an extended holiday both on land and sea.

Take some time in Cienfuegos for some unforgettable attractions before heading out on your cruise. El Nicho waterfalls are a perfect place to swim in a natural rock pool under leafy trees and a sapphire blue sky. Visit the Zapata Peninsula to witness a rare inland environment protected by swampland and forested areas full of wildlife, making it the largest ecosystem on the island. After having fun on shore, head back to the water before you board your boat again for some of the best scuba diving in the world.

Cuba is an exciting place to visit, but it’s even more wonderful to sail around. It offers you plenty of stunning views that you can admire from the deck of your yacht.

Some of the best diving in Cuba is in the Jardines de la Reina archipelago-but because the country is an island, there’s going to be excellent scuba diving anywhere you want to do it. And with the stunning blue waters and the vibrant sea life of the Caribbean, diving is likely to be a highlight of your holiday in Cuba.

Continue your trip around Cuba, anchoring in Santiago de Cuba. This is the second-largest city in the world, one with the largest African population and community, and the most musical region in the country. Located on the south-eastern coast of Cuba, the city has a great history, stunning beaches, a hilltop fortress, and a colorful and exciting Carnival festival every July.

Hidden Places in Cuba

With thrilling, exclusive experiences all over the island nation, sailing around Cuba is a perfect way to see all that the country has to offer. The time spent seeing sights on land and the freedom to be out at sea can be combined by circumnavigating the island and setting the anchor to see the spectacular features that the country has to offer both on its shores and in the sea around it.

Cuba’s second-largest island, Isla de la Juventud, is situated south of the main island across the Gulf of Batabano, almost immediately south of Havana. Enjoy the stunning black sand beaches on the northern coast of the island, in contrast to the shimmering white sandy beaches on the southern coast. More sparsely populated than the main island, Isla de la Juventud is the perfect place for sailing holidays.

Sailing Conditions and Atmosphere

Cuba’s position gives the nation a tropical climate. The average temperature for July is 80.6oF (27oC), and the average temperature for January is 69.8oF (21oC). This makes Cuba an ideal sailing destination all year round. The climate is partially due to the warm waters of the Caribbean, which bring warm water to the north from Ecuador.

Cuba enjoys Northeast trade winds all year round, which helps keep the island warm and keep your sails working. For those looking to charter a sailing yacht and use just wind power, Cuba is a beautiful, windy place ideally suited to sailing cruisers.

Since the island is warm all year round, it’s probably best to visit between November and April. The island enjoys a dryer season in the winter and spring months, which means calmer waters for you to sail and more sunlight for you to enjoy. The rainy season starts in May, but maybe the worst time to charter a yacht in Cuba is when the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea combine to form hurricanes. The hurricane season’s height is in September and October, so it’s best to avoid the area during those months.

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