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Sailing in Germany

There is a long stretch of sandy beaches on the German Baltic coast, stretching for about 450 km. Along with excellent islands perfect for relaxing, it is blessed with stunning scenery and high cliffs. Rügen Island, a popular and lovely tourist destination known for its beech wood forests and white chalk cliffs, is a beautiful example of a German Baltic Coast charter destination.

The Baltic Sea

A beautiful sailing place, the island of Fehmarn is the perfect starting point for trips along the Mecklenburg coast or the Danish South Sea.

Fehmarn is Germany’s third-largest island situated near the Danish border on the east coast of Schleswig-Holstein. The island lies between Kiel Bay and Mecklenburg Bay in the Baltic Sea and is linked to the mainland by the Fehmarn Bridge. Fehmarn has an area of 185 square kilometers and has a coastline that is 78 km long. The island’s landscape is diverse, and there are distinctive variations in the coastal regions. Dunes and sandy beaches are found in the north, while rugged cliffs dominate the eastern coast. The highest point on the island, at 27.2 m, is Hinrichs Peak. Green meadows and fields define the interior of the island.

There is sufficient sailing infrastructure on the island of Fehmarn. In both artificial and natural bays, there are many magnificent anchorages. The best starting point for Yachtcharter Fehmarn is the Castle of Deep in the south of the island, wherein a protected bay, there is a marina. The Marina Burgtiefe is well designed and provides good options for operation and treatment. For trips along the coast of Mecklenburg, Fehmarn is an ideal hub. From this point, it is also possible to discover Kiel Bay. Furthermore, you will visit the Danish South Sea islands.

Environment & Weather in the Baltic Sea

Fehmarn is one of Germany’s sunniest areas and is sometimes referred to as the Sunny Island. The perfect time to sail is during the year’s warmest months. The season runs between May and September. The weather stays reasonably stable in the summer months, and the wind speed is 13-18 knots on average. Nevertheless, the weather may unexpectedly shift and cause huge waves occasionally. When the wind turns to the east, caution is advised. Listening to the weather forecast daily is recommended. The sea temperature cools rapidly in autumn because of the continental eastern winds. The sea will freeze during bitter winters. Temperatures in the air and water are very poor until May.

Highlights from Germany

With numerous boats available for your sailing holiday to choose from, Germany offers 6 central sailing regions. The preferred destinations for sailing are Brandenburg, Mecklenburg, and Schleswig-Holstein.

You can currently rent a boat from 23 marinas and start your journey; the most famous are Marina Fürstenberg, Stralsund Lystbådehavn, and Marina Heiligenhafen.

The Baltic Sea

One day’s sailing takes you to Danish waters, one of the Baltic Sea’s most beautiful sailing areas, starting from any German port.
It’s effortless to navigate the Baltic Sea; there are no tides, fairways are marked, and sailing at night shouldn’t be a problem for an experienced crew. Distances between ports are typically minimal, allowing you, at your convenience, to schedule longer or shorter trips.

About the Harbours

On the Baltic Sea, the harbors are well equipped for sailing yachts. You’ll find a night berth quickly. There’s no need to call the Harbour Master or give some advance notice; enter the harbor and find a nice nightly berth. Harbor fees are very fair, all-inclusive ranging between 10 and 20 EUR per night.

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