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Rental of motorboat

Motorboats are a popular yacht category for one-day charters and rivers, lakes, and areas with less wind than in the open sea. Motorboat holidays on inland waterways are also increasingly common. Read all about this on this page.

What’s the difference between a motorboat and other forms of the boat?

The key difference between a motorboat and other styles, such as Sailing Yachts or Catamarans, is speed. As they are powered by engines alone and do not rely on winds to travel further-motorboats can cover a wider area of water in a shorter period. They also tend to be easier to navigate in ports and demand less overall charter effort.

What are the various styles of motor yacht rental?

Boat rental on motorboats is very popular with one-day trips as these boats are fast enough to get you around a lot of places quickly. The RIB, a rigid inflatable hull boat, is a common form of day charter boat. However, there are several more extended charter vacations on a motorboats – about 5% of all bareboat charter yachts are motorboats.

Motorboats come available in all sizes. A bareboat charter is typically conducted on charter yachts below 17 m because it is easier for recreational skippers to maneuver without assistance. Of course, you can also hire a skipper, this depends entirely on your preference and your experience.

You can charter a fishing boat if you’re mad about fishing. These unique motor yachts are typically equipped with deep-water fishing towers, outriggers, fish lockers, bait life wells, and many other gear anglers.

What are the general characteristics of a motorboat?

Motorboats have a major advantage in providing a lot of motion, and if you want to feel the wind in your hair even on a quiet day, a charter is definitely for you.

Motorboats are also used for one day charter so that you can visit many destinations and ports in a relatively short time.

What are the reasons for renting a motorboat?

There are many reasons to rent a motorboat. They may be corporate yacht charter, day charter, houseboat charter, river cruises, bareboat charter, skipper charter, crew charter, luxury charter, honeymoon yacht charter, trips to different places, family vacations, yacht charter with water sports activities, and much more.

What about the safety of a motorboat charter?

There are certain laws you need to follow to be safe on your boating journey. Before starting your charter, you will be directed to the position of the protection equipment (fire extinguisher, escape hatches, hoses, etc.) and will receive an important introductory speech on safety at sea and emergency procedures. Part of your experience is to prove that you have completed a boating safety course and are familiar with the road rules to take pleasure crafts to the sea. So, depending on how experienced you are, you can already see a lot of that expertise. In this case, however, continuity is a positive thing, and listening pays off.

Characteristics of Motorboats

Powering through the sea, with the wind in your hair and your eyes set on the next island, is a perfect holiday for a good reason. Motorboats, or powerboats, provide a different sailing experience and more room and comfort below the deck. Motorboats give you the independence, comfort, and pace to travel quickly from one location to another, perfect for island holidays.

Yachtco provides a wide range of motorboats for all tastes; small motorboats and RIBs for day-trippers, medium-sized motorboats, and sleek motor yachts for those looking for comfort, space, and a little luxury.

Simple maneuverability due to engine strength, excellent navigation equipment, and speed are the key reasons for powerboats’ choice. There are other benefits of avoiding bad weather and reaching your destination in less time. Fuel prices, however, can be very high and must be taken into account in the total costs.

The rental price depends on the boat’s size, the number of cabins, and the manufacturer and can vary accordingly.

Motorboats fall into the following categories:

  • open motorboats are those with no roof over the cockpit,
  • smaller ones typically do not have cabins, whereas larger boats of this sort have cabins in the bow
  • hardtop motorboats have a cockpit covered and usually have cabins in the bow, although some may have cabins under the cockpit
  • flybridge motorboats are hardtops where there is a cockpit.

Yachtco provides more than 400 different motorboats manufacturers, including Adria, Bayliner, Beneteau, Bavaria, Jeanneau, Linssen, Elan, Fairline, Sealine, Sunseeker, and Azimut.

When renting a motorboat, it is necessary to take into account the cost of fuel. On the other side, equipment carried on a motorboat provides a new way to experience the sea. You can rent skis, bananas, jet skis, and other water toys with your motorboat.

Fans of speed and comfort are going to love powerboats

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes depending on the season (warm clothes or bathing suit), carry towels, secure your camera. Embark on a motorboat excursion for a unique experience! Many owners have water skis or other water sports equipment, so take advantage of this opportunity and ask your owner to include it in the deal and make your motorboat sailing unforgettable.

Motorboats are the perfect way to charter areas with very little wind or swell since they do not need sails to propel them as they are powered by engines on their own and do not rely on winds to travel forward. They also tend to be easier to navigate in ports and demand less overall charter effort. Motorboats are a common option for chartering yachts, both inland, and open sea waters. For those who would like to see as much of their favorite holiday destination as possible in a shorter period, and for fans of speed, hiring a motorboat is certainly the best choice.

Yachtco provides one of the largest range of motorboats for charter holidays globally, whether it’s a small, cozy cabin motorboat, a big luxury motor yacht, or a luxury yacht.

What motorboats or motor yachts can Yachtco offer?

Yachtco offers many motorboats of different sizes available in common destinations such as Croatia, Thailand, Greece, and many more. Whether it’s a tiny cozy cabin motorboat, a big luxury motor yacht, or a family sailing boat-Yachtco will give you a great deal on your next motorboat vacation.

What are the best motorboats available to charter?

As noted above, there are quite a few different types of Motorboats, making it impossible to recommend the right one for the average sailor. The most common and requested types of motorboats are the Motorboat Cabin and the Motor Yacht. The motorboat cabin has room for up to 4 people to eat, sleep, dine, and have fun onboard. A motor yacht is considered a more luxurious option-with ample space, larger rooms, and more creature comfort. It’s worth a little research to determine which boat size and budget are better suited to your needs.

Chartering a bareboat powerboat is a matter of duty, and you would usually need a license or show your skills on the water. And it’s unusual to charter motor yachts that are longer than 30 or 40 feet long or for overnight trips. But with these restrictions, we put thousands of satisfied customers on bareboat powerboats in glamorous ports worldwide. And if you’re not quite sure that you can handle the sailing, we can always find a local skipper to show you around and let you drive if you want.

How much does renting a motorboat cost?

You can rent a small 15HP motorboat for 4 people for $150 a day. A motorboat for 12 passengers, depending on the season and the region, can cost around $650 a day. Motorboats with sleeping cabins will cost between $700 and $8,000 per week, depending on the size and season.

What is included in the rental of a motorboat, and what additional charges can I expect to pay?

The basic price of most deals includes just the rental price and taxes. Fuel is typically measured at the end of the trip and depends on engine capacity, speed, and temperature to range between $25 and $1000 a day. Our advice: check what extras are included in the offer and ask the owner about the estimated cost of fuel for your ride to avoid unpleasant surprises later.

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