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Montenegro yacht charter

A yacht charter in Montenegro should undoubtedly be on your bucket list if you’re still undecided on where to sail next. Located on the Adriatic Sea’s southeast coast, this small nation borders Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, and Albania. Until 2006, Montenegro was part of Yugoslavia. Due to its strategic position close to Croatia, Italy, and Greece and its raw natural beauty, it is currently an up-and-coming boating destination.

Reasons to rent in Montenegro


Montenegrin cuisine is colorful and flavourful, influenced by the Balkans and the Mediterranean and Grecian flavors. Montenegro packs huge flavors for a small country and offers mouth-watering dishes. ‘Buzara‘ is a favorite along with the coast: shrimps, shellfish, and prawns made from onions, wine, herbs, and spices cooked in a red or white sauce. Another classic dish is Black Risotto, which gets its name from the cuttlefish ink that makes the rice black. On the other hand, Montenegro’s north serves more heavy and hearty dishes, e.g., Kajmak, cream cheese mixed with potato, and cornmeal.


Montenegro is a vacation that fits the active. It will surely keep you occupied with mountains for climbing, nature trails for cycling, seas to swim in, and lakes to kayak in.


The Mediterranean climate strikes again; this fantastic destination is characterized by beaming sunlight and cloudless skies. Given this, May-September is the best month in Montenegro for chartering a yacht. Summer means sunshine, with average temperatures rising to a mighty 32-33oC (91oF). Due to a welcome, refreshing sea breeze, the temperature falls a little along the coastlines. However, always apply sun cream, re-apply it frequently during the day, and wear a sun hat, particularly during the hot periods from 12 pm to 3 pm.

How to get there

Most European and non-European countries are well linked to Montenegro, and you can find heaps of flights to the local airports. You might also consider flying to Croatia and moving to Montenegro from there if it would work out cheaper and more comfortable. Once you have arrived, boat rental for this dream destination is the best mode of transport. If you are on land and want to make some short journeys between different goals, this can easily be facilitated by cheap and frequent train and bus services. Between major cities and villages, there are excellent connections.

Tivat is considered the best place to rent a cruise or hire a yacht due to the Bay of Kotor’s calm waters. A bareboat rental or motor yacht charter is the perfect way to spend a day sailing through the bay and stopping in nearby towns for small group visits to the area. Soak up the sun on the waters of Tivat on your private boat deck and make memories with your traveling companions as you cruise across the waves.

About Montenegro

When you charter a yacht in Montenegro, you will realize that it is a new destination, particularly for a luxury yacht. It takes up a tiny part of the Adriatic Sea (around 300 km), chartering. Mountains and crystal-clear waters converge to create a stunning seaside landscape.

In Europe, Montenegro has the most yacht-friendly regulations so that you can sail with duty-free fuel and reduced VAT on marine services.

The UNESCO-protected town of Kotor is surrounded by fascinating mountains rising well over a thousand meters high. Set in a beautiful bay, this romantic 12th-century old town with St Tryphons Cathedral has a rich history waiting to be discovered by you.

Montenegro’s most vibrant region is the Budva Riviera, with its numerous beaches and ancient walled towns clinging to the cliffs. Visit the town’s citadel and four churches while you are there, and go to Mogren, one of Montenegro’s best beaches. Sveti Stefan Island is a hotel resort that has hosted many celebrities, located opposite Budva. Luxury and beautiful beaches to rest on, including Miločer Beach or Queen’s Beach, can also be found in the town. If you want to indulge in luxury, yacht charters in Montenegro are a perfect choice.

The positive thing about a charter in Montenegro is that it is relatively unknown as a tourist and sailing destination. The influx of tourists is not as high as you will find in other coastal countries in Europe, although the tourism industry is rising fast. That is why, before being overwhelmed with tourists, you can use this opportunity to sail the country and use modern marinas. The easiest way to enjoy the marinas and other amenities are to rent a yacht.

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