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St. Lucia is a paradise for sailing

Here you can find out about our choice of sailboats and yachts to charter in Saint Lucia. Would you like to charter a yacht in Saint Lucia? On our private yacht charter site, you can discover a wide variety of sailing yachts, catamarans, and motorboats with or without a captain to have a wonderful holiday with friends and family. Look for your boat by reviewing the description and comments of the various advertisements available on the website. If you have found the yacht you’re interested in.

St. Lucia’s spectacular UNESCO-protected volcanic peaks surround the rainforest’s emerald canopy, surrounded by charming, soft sandy beaches. This part of the world provides some of the most vivid and colorful snorkeling in the Caribbean, and you will appreciate a warm welcome as well as a thrilling French Creole culture. Get in touch to book the charter of your dream yacht.

Experience sailing in St. Lucia, and you’ll find it easy to understand why it’s popular with sailors. With renowned snorkeling and beaches, visiting the Grenadines and other thrilling Caribbean islands is also a great mid-point. Find out why this is one of the best Caribbean party islands to see and which beaches are the best to visit.

Find out more about the island

Get to know St. Lucia’s Rodney Bay in the north, where you can explore Pigeon Island National Park, or visit Vieux Fort Wetlands in the south on your charter boat in St. Lucia. If you like hiking, try the Gros Piton Nature Trail between Piton’s volcanic peaks for one of the Caribbean’s most spectacular views.

The best snorkeling in St. Lucia can be found at the coral reefs near the sandy beach of Anse Chastanet or Anse Cochon, Marigot Bay’s natural harbor, Castries, and Rodney Bay’s Reduit Beach.

There’s a lot to see on your St. Lucia boat rental, from tropical fish to turtles and even dolphins. Suppose diving is your passion, head to the sloping wall of Petit Piton, which drops to 1500 ft. Here you will see some dramatic scenery that you will never forget.

Explore the Caribbean Sea

If you’ve discovered the wonders of St. Lucia, you will visit several of the surrounding islands. Travel over to Martinique, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Antigua, St. Bart’s, St. Martin, and the British Virgin Islands. Or go down to St. Vincent, Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Mayreau, Union, and the Tobago Cays Marine Park with its five uninhabited islands.

It’s where you’ll feel enchanted by the rolling hills of the islands, the soaring Pitons, and the gorgeous beaches. There are five charter yachts and boats in Saint Lucia that make it possible for all to see the island’s true beauty.

There is a boat or yacht charter in Saint Lucia for all tastes and preferences, from sailing expeditions to party cruises. Book your charter boat in St. Lucia today, and let it inspire you. Rent a boat and sail across the water in St. Lucia’s theme.

Charter a ship with or without a captain. From a motorboat to a sailboat to a pontoon or a yacht, you’ll find what you’re searching for. If you’re celebrating a special event or planning a family holiday, Saint Lucia is the ultimate boat rental destination.

Saint Lucia provides the ideal escape for the winter: picturesque villages, tasty Caribbean dishes served in beachside restaurants, and excellent snorkeling conditions.

Sailing in St. Lucia is suitable for more seasoned sailors who also appreciate the challenge of open-water passages. If you’re a novice or want to hand off responsibility to someone else, then pick a charter Sailo captained St Lucia yacht and relax while someone else takes the lead. Jump aboard your charter yacht St Lucia in Rodney Bay and set out for an adventure to explore the island and the sailing grounds of the nearby St Vincent, Tobago Cays, Mustique, and more.

Inspired by putting together your list of favorite things to do by boat in the Windward Islands, we invite you to read more about this in our Caribbean Sailing Destination Guide. Our concierge team is always here to ensure that your sailing yacht charter in St. Lucia is just what you need to remember for a nautical adventure.

Sailing conditions 

A tiny island state in the Lesser Antilles, Saint Lucia, is bathed in the Caribbean Sea. It is situated between the islands of Saint Vincent, the Grenadines, and Martinique. St. Lucia is a member of the Windward Islands. St. Lucia gives sailors access to several must-see destinations, such as Rodney Bay.
Visual navigation is critical during a trip around St. Lucia. Why? Why? The waters of Saint Lucia conceal coral shoals that require sailors to be cautious when cruising. From November to May, trade winds blow from the north-east to the south-east.
St. Lucia’s island does not offer too many marinas, but it does not keep sailors calling to this destination to enjoy its unique spirit.
Marina Rodney Bay is the perfect call point for a cruise around St. Lucia and the Caribbean.

To learn more about St. Lucia’s island, you can cruise along its western coast from Rodney Bay to Marigot Bay. Call to Castries, the island’s capital, if you want to mingle with the hospitable and comfortable inhabitants of St. Lucia. Sailing towards St. Lucia’s southern tip, you need to call the Bay of Soufriere to get to places like Sulfur Springs and Coubarile Estate.
Then you can sail to St. Vincent and lower your anchor at Bequia. Mustique Island, with its lighthouse, is another perfect stopover destination. You will finally visit the Bay of Wallilabou in St. Vincent-the site of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movies.

Sailing area: Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is an island state in the West Indies that covers an area of 620 km2. It is found in the eastern part of the Caribbean Sea and is part of the Windward Islands. It is surrounded by the islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the south, Barbados in the south-east, and Martinique in the north. It is characterized by its two volcanic peaks, which are UNESCO World Heritage sites. The island has been invaded many times by Spain, France, and the United Kingdom. Nowadays, it is part of the Commonwealth. Thus, Saint Lucia provides a mixture of Creole, British and French culture.
Sailing from Saint Lucia in the Caribbean it’s the perfect base to rent a cruise and explore the “Windward Islands.” Embark on a dream cruise around St. Lucia from Marigot Bay or Rodney Bay in the North-you may also travel to St. Vincent or the Grenadines in the South. As you head south, you can quickly hit dream destinations such as St. Vincent, Mayreau, Bequia, Tobago Cays, or Mustique.
St. Lucia is also a beautiful and useful second stop if you leave Marin in Martinique and head towards the Grenadines. After a long first crossing, you’ll be pleased to rest and refresh your batteries before you dive into the other wonders of the Caribbean. Saint Lucia is a perfect destination for a sailing boat cruise with ideal sailing conditions and a steady breeze. It also provides sheltering moorings, mega bays where you can drop anchor, and beautiful nature. The best time to go to the Caribbean is from November to April. You will be able to enjoy temperatures between 23 and 35 ° C during your voyage.

The capital of St. Lucia, Castries, has 70,000 inhabitants. You’ll find Marigot Bay, a magnificent place where you’ll be able to drop anchor and fish in a beautiful atmosphere. The bay is surrounded by lush vegetation and luxury hotels. Then visit Pigeon Island, a beautiful white sandy beach with crystal clear turquoise waters where you can swim. This beach is a real paradise for relaxing in the sun and for divers and snorkeling enthusiasts who enjoy admiring the many species of multi-colored fish and tortoises. Continue along Vigie Beach, surrounded by lush vegetation and white sand. It’s the ideal spot for sailing, water skiing, and wakeboarding.

The Bay of Rodney

During the night, Rodney Bay is the ideal place to enjoy the island’s excitement and beauty. This section of the island is dynamic, and you’ll find restaurants, cafes, stores, and the Bay Walk shopping center, as well as nightclubs and the Treasure Bay casino. Make your way to the village of Gros Islet in the north. This small village has managed to maintain all its authentic charm amid the advent of luxury hotel complexes and a vibrant nightlife in the marina. This village has also maintained its traditional identity, which will guarantee you an authentic Cretan atmosphere.

Soufrière and the Pytons

This is the most well-preserved and fascinating area of the island. It is a total contrast to Rodney Bay with quaint little hotels, lush, well-preserved nature, peace, small Creole restaurants to sample all the local specialties and very few visitors. You will visit fascinating places such as the Morne Coubarile Estate or the Sulfur Spring with this stopover.
Plants and animals flourish there, and there are 27 bird species, five of which are endemic, nestling on the slopes of Gros Piton. You’ll also note the appearance of turtles as well as giant whale sharks that will never fail to turn your underwater outings into a great display.
When it comes to climbing, these two mountains are a real obstacle for the bravest. Difficult to enter, it is essential to be in good physical condition to embark on the adventure of climbing these two mountains, which will take many hours. A specially prepared route around Gros Piton helps you to enjoy the scenery.

Suppose you’d like to hire a boat departing from Saint-Lucia. In that case, Coolsailing will advise you on the fastest way to get to the island and the best itineraries to guarantee you significant stopovers. We sell a range of catamarans that are ideal for sailing in the Caribbean, with or without a skipper. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help.

Charters of the St. Lucia Yacht

For adventurous travelers, those who find lazing in regular yacht charter destinations or sightseeing in a tourist town too dull to call a holiday, the charter of a yacht in St. Lucia is excellent. In the Windward Islands, this tiny jewel lies between Martinique and St. Vincent, on the curve of training islands’ outer edge to South America. Sitting close to the equator, St. Lucia is the ideal place to go sailing or charter a motor yacht. 12 Knots provides high-quality charters with luxurious accommodation, crew assistance, and other facilities to ensure that your holiday is a smooth one.

From hiking wild jungles to tackling waves in the open ocean, St. Lucia offers sailors and outdoor adventurers a lifetime of opportunity. St. Lucia is a hidden wonder in the Caribbean. Its rich history, perfect environment, tropical landscapes, and wildlife are treated for anyone who enjoys island lifestyles. Sailing vacation is only one way to explore the island, but many claim that a private yacht charter offers the most flexibility and authenticity when you visit the Caribbean for the first or the hundredth time. You’re not going to be disappointed to pick St. Lucia for your next holiday.

St. Lucia’s Past

The Caribs first populated St. Lucia, an ancient tribal group that occupied a large part of the Caribbean Islands. However, the French and English settlers arrived in the 1660s and struggled for land ownership for many decades. Before the Treaty of Paris, France and England fought for much of the Caribbean. St. Lucia changed rulers fourteen times before 1814 and is sometimes called the “Helen of the West Indies” after Troy’s famous Helen. Although Britain was eventually in charge of St. Lucia, the French were the ones to call it. St. Lucia was chosen to honor St. Lucy of Syracuse and is the only nation in the world to be named after a woman.

The island was the only British territory until the late 1950s when it became part of the West Indies Union. This Federation has helped European countries to retain control of their environments, while at the same time allowing the Member States some independence in internal affairs. St. Lucia, however, struggled for autonomy and earned it in 1979. St. Lucia is now a sovereign state and a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. While it achieved independence from Europe’s countries, St. Lucia still bears much of its ancestors’ history and culture. From the first Caribs to the English and French settlements, St. Lucia is a perfect combination of European sophistication and a carefree island lifestyle.

Geography and fauna

St. Lucia has not always been a luscious rainforest island with wildlife and stunning seascapes. St. Lucia is much more rugged than most of the islands, with its highest point, Mount Gimie, reaching more than 950 meters (3,120 feet ) above sea level. This offers a stunning backdrop for sailors as they cruise along the shoreline in search of adventure.

Two high-rise mountains, the Pitons, make a statement on the coast of the island. They sit on the western side between Soufrière and Choiseul and serve as a landmark for sailors to know that they have arrived in St. Lucia. These two hills, however, are not even the most significant sight in St. Lucia. You’re going to have to fly to the Sulfur Springs in Soufrière to see the only volcano in the country. Sulfur Springs is a few locations where you can take a trip to the volcano’s hot springs and see the natural environment nearby.

In addition to the stunning scenery, you will be surrounded by exotic wildlife on your charter yacht in St. Lucia. You can find all kinds of tropical creatures, from dangerous reptiles like boa constrictors and fer-de-lance snakes to more tame ones, including iguanas and hundreds of tropical birds decorating the sky. St. Lucia is home to a scarce lizard species, St. Lucia Whiptail. This creature was not identified until 1958, and only the southern part of the island around the Old Fort is inhabited. This lizard is both unusual and stunning, characterized by white spots and a colorful tail and underbelly. Rodents like maniacal and mongoose also graze along the forest floor and are a famous sight along the St. Lucia hiking trails.

St. Lucia is in the middle of the Windward Islands. This portion of the Caribbean is very close to South America and lies just above the equator, making it a great place to sail all year round. It’s warm, and the winds are fair, and the islands are close enough to visit each other during your private charter holiday. St. Lucia is surrounded by three other major islands, all within a day or two of a sailing trip from the 12 Knots port at the Rodney Bay Marina.

You will finally reach Saint Vincent by sailing south of St. Lucia. Many underwater volcanoes surround this island, and tropical rainforests cover the inland. The beaches here are unique since the sand is unlike most other Caribbean islands. It is 95% black since the sand originates from the volcanic rock basalt. St. Vincent is a perfect place to visit the jungles or nap on the hot beach.

To the north is Martinique, an island with significant French influence. When you walk down the streets of Martinique, you’ll probably see the new fashions on the runways of Paris, and you’ll smell pastries and fine French food from nearby restaurants. However, this island has not lost its authentic taste, as you can find delicious seafood almost anywhere on the island. Like several Caribbean islands, St. Lucia specializes in spicy seafood and unique dishes parallel to African and Indian cuisine. Many sailors’ favorite part of visiting St. Lucia during a yacht charter is sampling local food and meeting the islanders to learn about their unique lifestyle.


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