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Discover Tonga by yacht charter

Tonga is a dreamland full of private, tropical islands waiting for you! The sand disappears into the turquoise oceans, and the trees sway in the wind of the sea, offering quite a bit of shade and a place to cool down.

Lying just east of the International Date Line, it is often referred to as the ‘place where time begins,’ but the relaxed pace of local life on the 48 inhabited islands has led to the adage that it is the place time stands still. Tonga has maintained its unique character and traditions, allowing you to enjoy a more authentic cultural experience!

The friendly yet sometimes shy character of the local Tongans makes this group of islands perfect for a couple looking to get away from it all.

Lying further south of her other South Pacific neighbors, Tonga’s climate is a little cooler, the humidity is less intense, and between June and October, humpback whales arrive in the area to give birth and mate, allowing you to enjoy some spectacular whale watching.

The best way to see this fantastic group of islands and all the gems offered to you to discover is by sailing right between and around them. There are decent fishing and snorkeling opportunities with excellent visibility around the islands and a chance to swim while the whales are around. It is said that their songs can be heard underwater for miles.

The Kingdom of Tonga, Captain James Cook’s Welcoming Islands, comprises three major island groups. The northernmost is the Vava’u Group, a favorite boat charter destination. From the port of Neiafu, sail to the blue Pacific to the island-shaped waters that comprise more than 50 safe anchorages.

Charter a boat in Tonga’s Vava’u Group to discover remote, idyllic islands, beautiful lagoons, colorful reefs, and miles of deserted white sand beaches lined with gently rustling palm trees.

The Pacific waters are warm and clear, with almost limitless visibility, which makes snorkeling a fantasy. Scuba lovers will find reefs, caves, and wreck diving at several excellent locations. And when your day of fun and love of nature is over, come ashore where people are polite and ready to share their culture and uniquely Pacific way of life.

The Vava’u charter sailing area is filled with numerous short-stay and overnight anchorage options. There’s plenty of flexibility, and you can go to multiple places where the breeze and mood take you.

Aboard the yacht of your choice, with or without a skipper, you will be able to sail to the destination of your dreams. Aboard a sailboat or a catamaran, you can take advantage of the water sports you enjoy water-skiing, wakeboarding, paddle, and more.

The Tonga Islands are scattered over a 425 km stretch of the South Pacific, 1500 miles northeast of New Zealand. Only 37 islands are inhabited, leaving the rest untouched as intriguing treasures to be discovered during your holiday. It is a fascinating land of brilliant colors, blue lagoons, fine white sandy beaches, and lush green coconut plantations. The Kingdom of Tonga is home to the most welcoming people on earth, a peaceful world known only to the world’s most fortunate sailors.

The main starting point for charter yachts in Tonga is the Neiafu Marina, located in the north of Tonga, 15 minutes from Vava’u airport. Services, banks, restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets are all located there. There’s easy access to Hunga, Vaka’eitu, Mount & Lisa Beach, Vana’u, Kenutu, Euaiki & Tauranga, Matamaka, Nuku & Port Maurelle.


Tonga is tropical in climate, with only slight fluctuations in temperature and daylight throughout the year. Typical temperatures range from 27 to 31°C (75 to 89°F). Light, steady winds blow in the direction of SE at a constant 15 knots, with a tidal range of just one meter, making the charter of yachts in Tonga a delight.

The unique geography of the Tongan Archipelago offers exciting bluewater sailing and easier line-of-view island hopping, giving you the chance to discover distant shores untouched by human hands.

Anchor opposite deserted tropical beaches and unpopulated islands bordered by coral reefs, perfect for snorkeling and diving. Taste the islands’ delicious fresh fruit and participate in the traditional Tongan feasts, enjoying the island’s unique culture. Sail the South Pacific’s aquamarine waters in the company of majestic humpback whales and enjoy exciting water sports, including kite surfing and windsurfing. A Tongan sailing holiday is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Places to visit

Start in Nuku’alofa in Tongatapu, the largest island in the entire archipelago. In addition to the magnificent landscape of the island, you will enjoy interesting cultural visits. You should visit the Free Church of Tonga, a splendid church, then the royal palace of the Tonga Islands and the Basilica of St. Padua, and the royal tombs, a memorial to those who gave their lives during the World Wars, and the Tongan Cultural Centre. Many diving enthusiasts will see whales during their underwater excursions or will be able to admire a multitude of tropical fish and coral. Take advantage of the opportunity to fish or try sea kayaking or kitesurfing! You’ll be able to sunbathe on the magnificent white sand beaches and have dinner as you watch the regular Ma’ulu dance performance! Next, make your way to Ha’apai.

You can visit a magnificent and well-preserved archipelago in Ha’apai, surrounded by a stunning turquoise blue lagoon and lush vegetation. Most of all, Ha’apai is famous for the beauty of its beaches. It’s the perfect place for swimming and water sports. You can enjoy water skiing, wakeboarding, paddleboarding, and even snorkeling to get the most out of your trip to the Tonga Islands!

Next, stop at Vava’u, which is very popular with sailors. It offers a superb natural environment, and you will find many protected bays and mooring sites. Above all, Vava’u is famous for its diving sites, mainly Split Rock, an underwater rock formation that has been cut in two, where you will find all kinds of fish (from nudibranchs to white-tip sharks). Vava’u is a real natural gem that will charm you with its peaceful and authentic atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the beautiful and wild sites. The seabed consists mainly of soft corals, magnificent coral gardens, caves, tunnels, and wrecks. Generally, visibility is excellent, and the temperature is perfect!

In 1773, Captain James Cook christened Tonga’s ‘Friendly Islands,’ and nothing changed about the welcome that modern-day visitors can expect – a 20-course torch-lit Tongan beach party is just the start of hospitality! Tonga has 171 islands in four distinct groups, the Vava’u Archipelago being the northernmost.

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