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Martinique Yacht Charter

Located in the Caribbean Sea, 450 km northeast of the South American coast, and 700 km south-east of the Dominican Republic, Martinique is an island in the Antilles. White beaches, turquoise seas, sailing, swimming, and scuba diving make Martinique one of the best holiday destinations. With Columbus, who named it the Island of Flowers, the history of Martinique began. You may visit a small piece of land around which the English and French battled for 17 months, three kilometers from the diamond wall’s shore! For diving, this wall is perfect. Sailing is an activity that is very common in Martinique.

With Yachtco, you can charter a yacht in Martinique. All types of boats available for charter can be found on our platform: motorboats, sailboats, catamarans, yachts, and even RIBs. You can always charter a yacht with a skipper if you do not have a sailing permit.

Sailing Martinique

Martinique is the gem of the West Indies. This island is a veritable paradise where the charm of the French West Indies is reflected in the lush foliage and many beaches. The island is ideal for coastal or offshore sailing, with over 350 kilometers of coastline. The island is home to quaint fishing villages, in addition to fine sand beaches and anchorages that make most postcards look dull. Marin’s port, situated in the south-east of the island, is a well-known place for sailing and is an excellent starting point for sailing or motorboat rental. There are several facilities provided by the marina to boaters.

In Martinique, charter a boat and get ready to explore the breathtaking scenery you can enjoy from the ocean. You should take an island tour and explore the many spectacular scenery and landscapes between the mountains and the sea. You will find yourself in a wild and tropical setting rarely frequented by visitors, Sailing in the north. Le Marin is your departure point for your yacht charter.

The tropical jungle and deserted beaches are waiting for you. You’ll enjoy a drier climate in the south, as well as broad sandy beaches, definitely heavenly but more touristy if this is not what you’re looking for. With its marine and terrestrial fauna, the island of Martinique will amaze you. During your dives, you can explore a wide range of fish and colorful corals. You can take beautiful hikes inland and climb Pelée Peak, the highest point on the island, 1397 meters high. This mountain is still an active volcano, apparently tranquil, although there has been no eruption for decades. Dedicated paths mark a secure ascent and guarantee exceptional points of view.

Martinique Nature

From the crystal blue waters to the pristine rainforest ecosystem covering most of the island, Martinique is a true tropical paradise. Although Martinique’s breathtaking landscapes are more than enough for one explorer to enjoy, there are several nearby islands for you to see and enjoy during your yacht charter tour.

The Arawaks, one of the first Martinique indigenous peoples, named the “Isle of Flowers,” the island of Madinina. Martinique is covered with exotic wildflowers, ranging from colorful orchids to unusual frangipani and flamingo flowers. Some of the most famous are hibiscus flowers, and hundreds of varieties stain the forests and the streets. Those with a green thumb would enjoy seeing the island’s colorful foliage. It’s unlike any scenery that most sailors would ever encounter.

Martinique is also the birthplace of Mount Pelée volcano. It towers over St. Pierre’s island town, known as the “Pompeii of the Caribbean” by the locals. It wiped out much of St. Pierre’s city in 1902, but tiny settlements were gradually reconstructed along the shores. Since 1932, Mount Pelée has been active and offers tourists a stunning sight to see when sailing through the waters or traveling by land.

What to do in Martinique

This island is entirely stunning, it feels like the ideal mix of a tropical paradise with a historic atmosphere, and for every kind of traveler, there is something to enjoy. This is the perfect holiday destination if you love pristine sandy beaches with turquoise waters and enjoy water sports like diving and snorkeling. This is an excellent place for enjoying the history and rich cultural experiences, as the island has a distinctly European feel.

The Climate

There are rainy and dry seasons in the Windward Islands. There are weeks of bright, sunny weather during the dry season (February to June), occasionally interrupted by storms. The wet season (July to January) still offers a lot of sunshine with occasional rainy days and more regular showers. The temperature ranges typically from 78°F to 85°F (25°C to 30°C).

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