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Yacht charter in Turkey

Enjoy the yacht charter in Turkey. This country is going to give you beautiful memories, both on land and on the water. The nation is situated between Asia and Europe and has more than a dozen water borders, including the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea.

Turkey has a lot of events for all sorts of people. You can go rafting in the canyons near Antalya (Koprulu Canyon) or Artvin (Coruh River). Just walking along the mountains to admire the Saklikent canyon is also popular. You’ll have an excellent time windsurfing in Alcati, a water sports paradise, or renting a sailboat, a motoryacht, a catamaran to go fishing, relaxing, or diving.

But don’t forget to visit the Turkish islands by boat and sail along the coast. Famous islands include Marmara, Büyükada, Aymralı, Gökçeada, and Bozcaada.

Visit Turkey

In Turkey, you will find many cities and places full of charm. Don’t skip Ankara, the capital, a modern city of events, including the mausoleum and the Ataturk Museum. You may also visit Mardin, with its stunning sandstone houses, or Antalya, where many tourists visit every year to enjoy the magnificent landscapes. Other areas to be seen are Marmaris, Side, Bodrum, Ephesus, Cappadocia, and, of course, Istanbul.

Stroll along with the many bazaars and markets taste local specialties with exceptional flavors such as lahmacun, kebap, or börek and the popular alcoholic beverage called raki. You can buy the apple tea, bring the spices home with you, try the steam bath, massage, haggle in the shops, and so on. Visit the natural site of Pamukkale with its famous warm water basins coming from the mountain’s intestines. Not far from Antalya, there are stunning waterfalls (Duden Waterfalls). Discover the many artifacts and archeological sites, or relax along the many long and extensive beaches.

Chartering a yacht in Turkey

Turkey contains all the secrets of the exotic Orient and borders the magnificent Mediterranean Sea. Its coastline is well adapted for sailing and extends for up to 8.300 km, with many coves, bays, and remote sandy beaches. The most famous part of it is the Turkish Riviera between Cesme and Antalya.

The land occupied by Turkey is called the Anatolian Peninsula and is the bridge between Europe and Asia. Turkey has a coastline in the Black Sea, the Marmara Sea, and the Aegean, but the most developed for tourism and the most popular is the Mediterranean coast.

Many of you have probably already been to Turkey for an all-inclusive vacation in a luxury hotel, but how many of you have seen the real Turkish coast? And there’s plenty to see, as there are several medieval harbor towns, reminiscent of the once-mighty Ottoman Empire, crowded bazaars, and laid back small fishing villages where time seems to have stood still.

If you plan to charter a yacht in Turkey, you’ll be surprised at how untouched the local landscape is by man, which is why it has been used as a backdrop for many Hollywood productions. It’s the ideal place to get away from everyday life pressures, lose yourself in the wilderness, and reconnect with nature.

The cuisine in Turkey is usually oriental and rich in flavored spices. You will enjoy some local recipes from the smallest street stall to the finest restaurants, such as the now-famous doner kebab or the rice pilaf. With a combination of cultures and tastes, it’s hard not to find something you want in Turkish cuisine.

The weather is also one of the highlights of a Turkish sailing holiday. It’s almost always sunny and humid on the Turkish Riviera, and the warm waters and sandy beaches make it a perfect destination for family outings.

The Turkish yachting industry has seen some significant changes over the last few years. In particular, the availability of yachts and the construction of marinas have been extensively expanded. Once Turkey was just another Mediterranean country when it came to yachting infrastructure. Thanks to local government and international investors’ joint efforts, Turkey has become one of the leading players in this market.

New and modern marinas were built in Bodrum, Fethiye, Gocek, Marmaris, and Cesme, raising the Eastern European number Aegean. Yacht charter operators in Turkey are offering competing rates to become the pioneer in pleasure boating tourism.

The only thing you need to know about sailing when you’re renting a boat in Turkey is that you need a Transit Log that includes information about the ship and the yacht charter crew. This Transit Log is valid for one year but will become invalid if you leave Turkish waters.

As always, before chartering a yacht, you will need to have evidence of your sailing experience. Otherwise, you can opt for a crewed charter that includes a local skipper for a fee. Apart from completely relaxing from any obligation, the local skipper is more than likely to know all the right places to take you to sail.

About Turkey

Turkey is a country with more than 800,000 square kilometers and more than 75 million inhabitants and has many diverse and fascinating holiday destinations. Turkey is a one-boat charter for Turkey, with only two countries covering two continents – Europe and Asia.

Over the ages, the nation has played a vital role as a cultural bridge between the two continents and has a history that stretches back to the Paleolithic period. Given its ancient past, the country is host to many architectural attractions. Turkey also has many coastal regions of the Mediterranean Sea, Marmara, and Black Seas, to choose from, all of which are stunning, sun-kissed areas.

The provinces of Trabzon, Zonguldak, Ordu, Rize, Samsun, Sinop, Giresun, Kastamonu, Düzce, Artvin, and Bart? N, also known for its river of the same name, has incredible boat trips, all directly accessing the Black Sea. Other well-known and famous bathing and holiday resorts include? Ile with the two lovely bays of Akçakese, and? Merli, Akçakoca with its long sandy beaches, Amasra with its Byzantine castle ruins, the fishing village of Cakraz, the town of Uzungöl, Cide on the picturesque Gideros Bay, Zonguldak and its authentic ports, as well as the two seaside resorts of Kopuz and Uzunkum.

There are 25 different places to dive, including the canyon, the Neptune and Oasis reefs, the two islands named Two Brothers, and the Flying Fish Reef, all of which offer fun and variety under the water. The Datça Peninsula, between the Gulf of Gokova and the Gulf of Hisarönü, also has many spectacular dive sites and is especially suitable because only weak currents pass through Fethiye and the Bay of Dalyan. The Rocks of Kadirga is a dive spot near Marmaris. Many remarkable shipwrecks of past eras lie on the seabed around the Gallipoli Peninsula between Cannakkale and the Bay of Sulva.

Of course, the long Turkish coast is also home to a wide range of perfect or appropriate surfing locations. Even the major Istanbul metropolis has excellent places to surf nearby, including Aglayan Kaya, Kumcagiz, Merkez, Sile, Erba, Igne Ada, Sarisu, and Woodville. There is also a wide variety of Mediterranean surfing spots, such as Anamur, Antalya, Ephesus Selçuk, Karaburun, Teos, Alacati, Pamucak-Zetinköy, Karats, Kilyos, Patarra and Özdere, all of them put a smile on the surfer’s face.

Whenever you find yourself at the restaurant table, you’ll note that several fish species feel at home in the waters around Turkey. Sprat, mackerel, sardine, whiting, tuna, red mullet, turbot, shrimp, snails, sea bream, sole, and cuttlefish are accessible in Turkey’s three seas have direct access.

And given the proximity of the fishing grounds, the fish will be exceptionally fresh and tasty. There are some excellent fishing spots on Lycia’s coast near Marmaris, Antalya, Adrasan, Corum, Mecitözü and Cesme, the Manavgat Dam, Gala Lake near the Greek border, Sapanca Lake between Istanbul and Ankara, Abant Lake near Bolu, Bey? Ehir Lake in Anatolia Central, and E? Lake Irdir in the province of Isparta.

Find the best yacht charter in Turkey

More than 800 boats from several well-known foreign manufacturers can be found in Turkey. With sailboats built between 2000 and 2013, such as the Sun Odyssey 36i sailboat in Port Göcek can be booked for 790 euros per week, while the very spacious Istanbul Tuzla motor yacht, also in Göcek, is available for 50,000 euros per week or chooses a nice sailing catamaran in the city. Find a plan for a road to Marmaris on the Turkish Mediterranean coast.

There are few areas with shallow water in Turkey, but they are labeled with bones. In general, the Aegean Sea flows roughly 1-2 knots clockwise along the Turkish coast. Constant flow is a crucial explanation for the clean water on the Turkish coast. The tidal range is approximately 10-20 cm low.

Boats for rent in Turkey

Situated on the frontier between Europe and Asia, Turkey’s community is an enchanting mixture of customs, lifestyles, spices, and religions. A yacht charter here will allow you to explore some of the magic of the land aboard a yacht, sailing under first-rate conditions in the sparkling waters of the Aegean or the Mediterranean. With the opportunity to rent a boat and sail to more than 15 destinations all over the country, from Istanbul to Bodrum to Antalya, you won’t be short of options, so set sail to discover the sweetness of baklava and the wonder of the ancient cities!

Three reasons for chartering a yacht in Turkey

1. The perfect sailing

Between April and November, the conditions for chartering a yacht are perfect. Turkey is experiencing heavier, less stable winds in July and August, so the best times to go will be in May, June, and September, with temperatures between 18 and 30 degrees Celsius, so that sailing under the sunshine on your yacht could not be more blissful.

2. Captivating the narrative

Turkey’s history includes a complex amalgamation of customs and cultures, making it traditionally one of the most exciting places you might visit on a charter yacht charter. Along the Eurasian frontier, the land is dotted with mosques and churches, Roman ruins, and eastern customs, creating a nation rich in diverse cultures and lifestyles. There are a variety of historical monuments worth exploring. For example, if you charter a boat from Kusadasi, you can easily take a trip to Selçuk, where the Ephesus lie’s ancient ruins. Formerly the second most important city of the Roman Empire, not only in Turkey but in the country, the remains were the old Gladiator Theater, the Celsius Library, and the Hadrian Temple. Or you can launch your charter yacht in Fethiye and head east along the coast to Antalya and sail on the Lycian Way, the region home to numerous ancient ruins, such as the tombs of Myra and the Church of Saint Nicholas.

3. Glorious Beaches

The beaches of Turkey are stunning and varied, many serving as a breeding ground for tortoises! A yacht charter in Marmaris means that you must visit Iztuzu Beach, where golden sand and sapphire waters draw tourists from all around, and the area is fenced off strictly to protect the turtle’s nests. If you’re a water sports fan, numerous beaches are offering such opportunities, such as a 300 m sandy beach located 4 km south of the town of Alaçatı, where you can try windsurfing and kiteboarding! Or enjoy the breathtaking views of the beach from the luxury of your yacht.

Welcome to Bodrum

Bodrum is the most popular yacht charter destination in Turkey; with over 200 boats to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the right yacht for you! Suppose you only have a day in Bodrum before embarking on your sailing trip. In that case, you’ll want to make the most of it, so get up early, have breakfast, and head to the Zeki Muren Arts Museum, located in the artist’s former home, displaying his various paintings and costumes. The Bodrum Deniz Museum is perfect for true sailing enthusiasts. It is a maritime museum showing model ships, seashells, and old photos as the city has long been a nautical hotspot. For lunch, try the Nazik Ana Restaurant, which serves delicious, authentic Turkish cuisine.

In the afternoon, it’s worth a visit to Bodrum Castle, which was built in the 1400s and now houses the Museum of Underwater Archeology. From there, you can visit the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, constructed between 353 and 350BC! Then, for what might be some of the best views you can see during your yacht charter, head to Myndos Gate, the old ruins that used to be part of the city wall, where you can soak up the breathtaking views of the ocean in the warm evening air. Don’t go too far at dusk, but head for dinner at the nearby Windmill Restaurant, which serves dishes and delicious dishes typical of Turkey and enjoys the sunset colors as you drink a cocktail.

The Flavors of Turkey

Turkey’s food is adored and repeated all over the world. Home to kebabs, Turkey boasts culinary perfection, combining European and Asian influences. With Mediterranean ingredients and mid-eastern spices, the flavors are vivid and colorful; what better way to explore local dishes than by chartering a yacht? Try the traditional ‘meze,’ which appears to be served as a starter, with a selection of bean dishes, salads and dips, and the taste of ‘Kofte,’ which are small balls of lamb or beef flavored with delicious herbs and spices such as mint, cumin, sumac, and paprika.

Getting there

Turkey has a wide variety of airports, which means it’s easy to hit your yacht charter hub. If you charter from Bodrum, you can travel to Milas-Bodrum airport, located 36 km northeast of the city. If your yacht charter is based in Fethiye, Marmaris, or Gocek, you can travel to Dalaman Airport, which provides a shuttle service to Fethiye and Marmaris.

FAQs on renting a boat in Turkey

Turkey is a unique destination to explore by renting a boat in Turkey. Located between Europe and Asia, Turkey stands out for its stunning beaches and the turquoise waters that form its coastline. Turkey has access to four separate coasts, focusing on the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea. Istanbul is the main tourist attraction, along with mosques, Turkish baths, and beaches, forming Turkey’s most popular features. The Turkish Riviera is the destination of choice for those looking to sail in Turkey. Goals such as Marmaris, Bodrum, Datça, Göcek, and Fethiye stand out, while the diverse and unique Istanbul is a must.

What’s the price of a boat rental in Turkey?

Prices differ depending on the date, destination, and type of boat. You will find crafts for 6 people from €3,500 a week in high season and 12 people from €6,500 in high season. Please check which extras and services are included in the price.

What boat would you like to sail in Turkey?

Gulets and sailboats are the most popular types of charter boats in Greece. Gulets are authentic vessels with a wide size, guaranteeing a sailing holiday with absolute comfort.

Is it appropriate to have a license to rent a boat in Turkey?

Gulets in Turkey are often hired by the crew and the captain for a carefree and full-service journey.

Why is Turkey so special for sailing?

Straddling both Europe and Asia — and with it, the Mediterranean Sea (including the Aegean Sea), the Marmara Sea, and the Black Sea — Turkey is a nation of contrasts that makes for great sailing excursions. The most famous sailing areas are on the west coast, with the Gulf of Fethiye, the Gulf of Gokova, and the Datca Peninsula providing respected and smooth seas with well-stocked marinas, ports, and fishing towns to engage the senses. Here you can book your next adventure, choosing from a wide range of warships, including romantic private yachts and family-friendly catamarans. It’s never been easier to charter a boat in Turkey.

Choose from a wealth of stunning harbor towns and eat some of the finest seafood in the world. The Turquoise coast of south-west Turkey is undoubtedly one of the finest to explore for the first time, but be sure to take part in the littering of more than 500 islands scattered across the Aegean Sea and along the coast. Many bays here have lively jetty restaurants providing free mooring for diners. The coastal areas of the south-west are usually warm and dry, with calm waters and favorable winds.

Renting a boat in Turkey is one of the easiest ways to get to know the destination. We can launch our trip from different ports, such as the port of Netsel Marina, a seaport with 750 moorings available for our boat rentals, and boats up to 40 meters long and 12 meters long. The port of Göcek has 210 moorings for boats up to 35 meters in length and 7 meters in the draft and various essential services for our boat rentals. Another choice for renting a boat in Turkey is the port of Albatros Marina or Fethiye Ece Marina, with 250 and 400 moorings. You can easily travel between these vibrant regions over a week by chartering a ferry or head south to Kas and Kalkan, surrounded by mountains with beautiful ruins to explore by boat.

You’ll find ancient castles and sun-soaked shorelines in Bodrum.
In Marmaris, the lively orange town with its picturesque harbors and excellent bars.

Turkey’s Environment

Have you chosen to sail in Turkey? You will then be interested in knowing that the Turkish sailing season is between May and October, as its warm temperatures encourage sailing beyond the summer. Turkey’s average temperature is between 15 and 20 degrees, touching 30 degrees in the summer. The temperature of the water is about 12 degrees in the colder months and 26 in the summer.

Meltemi and Lodos are the prevailing winds in Turkey. The Meltemi, coming from the north, are healthy and warm and occur mainly in August; the Lodos winds with strong winds from the southeast and occurs mostly in autumn and winter, often leading to heavy rainfall. It is advisable to check the weather when preparing a sailing trip through Turkey on a rental boat.

While Turkey grants access to four seas, the fact remains that the most common region is the Mediterranean Sea, where the tides are usually weak and diurnal. The waves can be high in the winter.

Gulet Charters

Over the years, these wide-decked sailing vessels have grown from historically used for fishing and cargo to comfortably fitted yachts with all the home facilities for a fabulous holiday for groups of people at sea. On a gulet, you can enjoy secluded bays and coves at leisure while serving tasty, well-prepared local food and drink. Your crew will take you to the shore to see landmarks and ruins, as well as small, charming towns with excellent seaside restaurants (or maybe some nightlife, if you like).

Gulet charters are very popular with clients of Boatbookings – as well as being as enjoyable and relaxing as you wish, they also deliver an excellent value that is sure to fulfill your budget!

Main Turkey Charter destination

Bodrum is the center of the Turkish Gulet and Blue Cruise district, a viral starting point for charter sailing in the Aegean Sea. It was named Halicarnassus in ancient Greek times. It was the site of the Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (which, sadly, has been demolished by the Crusaders to build the Castle of Bodrum, which stands today).

Port of Bodrum

Bodrum has a sizeable safe harbor overlooking Bodrum Castle, which houses a fascinating museum of its incredible history and a dance club at night. The harbor is generally full of stunning gulets and sailboats and offers plenty of restaurants and seaside cafes. Bodrum is easily reached from Istanbul and several other European cities via Milas-Bodrum airport, just 20 minutes inland.


Set against the backdrop of pine-clad hills, Marmaris is a famous harbor that blends natural beauty with excellent entertainment and nightlife. This charming fishing town offers a vibrant stretch of bars and restaurants along the coastline. In contrast, the neighboring unspoiled countryside offers scenic roads and picturesque villages, ancient ruins, and stunning beaches.


Göcek has long been a popular destination for Turkish and foreign yachts and a favorite port of call for international celebrities and jet-setters. The village is just a 20-minute drive from Dalaman International Airport, which can be reached in 1 hour from Istanbul.

It is not just great yachting that makes Göcek a particular place; it is also due to how local culture and spectacular natural surroundings provide such a stunning and serene setting. Göcek is the gateway to the many gorgeous, unspoiled Gulf Islands where yacht charterers can discover some of the country’s most magical beaches.


Antalya is Turkey’s principal holiday resort in the Mediterranean region. It is known as the ‘Turkish Riviera’ because of its magnificent setting and its many historical, archeological, and natural attractions.

Antalya is the place where the glittering sea, the shimmering sun, the rich history, and the abundant nature come together in perfect harmony; besides, it boasts the most dazzlingly clear waters along its Mediterranean coast, making it an attractive destination for anyone who wants to experience the best of Turkey on their ‘blue cruise.’

The surrounding province has a coastline of 657 km with beaches, ports, and ancient cities scattered throughout, including the Xanthos World Heritage Site.

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