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The South China Sea separates Malaysia into Peninsular Malaysia, and Malaysian Borneo and a tiny island nation of Singapore set in between. It is only recently the world has discovered Malaysia‘s spectacular coastline and the range of sailing opportunities it provides. This is a perfect opportunity to charter a yacht and explores a new sailing world in Malaysia.

Yacht Charter Malaysia

Malaysia has a range of beautiful holiday destinations for sailing charters to choose from. The western coast includes the modern facilities and lush rainforests and mountains of Langkawi to Penang’s cultural and historical island, with its archipelago of over 100 islands. Along with countless sports, you will find a magnificent blend of culture and customs to get lost in!

If you want to hike through the jungle and discover the wildlife, visit the markets and make the best offers, then so be it. There’s something for everyone! With various exotic sweet, sour, and bitter foods that will tantalize your taste buds during your stay, the cuisine is excellent.

Travel through the South China Sea to Sabah’s province in Eastern Malaysia for a real yacht charter adventure. You will find beautiful sailing waters around Kota Kinabalu here, or reach the Celebes Sea and explore some of the world’s best diving sites, including Sipidan.
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Sailing Malaysia

Sailing in Malaysia will suit the bill if you’re hungry for some tropical fun, sun, snorkeling, and some of the world’s most affordable yacht charters.

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Many visitors travel through Malaysia, mostly spending a few days in the bustling capital of Kuala Lumpur or enjoying Georgetown’s colonial splendor in Penang. Many still do not realize, however, is that Malaysia offers plenty of possibilities for an exceptional sailing experience in Southeast Asia.
On the ground, Malaysia is a fascinating and culturally rich nation. A Malay, Tamil, and Chinese culture melting pot mean that there is always a festival, and the food maybe some of the best on the planet.
With fascinating cities such as Georgetown in Penang and Port Klang, near the capital KL, Peninsula Malaysia is dotted with charming towns that make perfect staging posts for yacht charter exploration.

Malaysia’s Climate & Weather

Malaysia is a destination in the tropics. The monsoon characterizes the climate, and during the year, it is hot and humid. During the day, temperatures are between 31 and 33°C (90°F), and at night, between 24 and 25°C (75°F). The temperature of the water still stays slightly under 30°C (86°F). It is best to sail between November and April in the waters around Langkawi, as this is a sunny and dry time, and the wind blows from the northeast at 7-21 knots. Because of the southwest wind, it blows a little more substantial from May to October. The most rain falls between April and November, but there is no regular rainy season on Malaysia’s east coast. It is the wettest between August and November, but still with 6 to 8 hours of sunshine a day. In comparison to the west coast of Malaysia and Thailand, Tioman is recommended between April and October.
The sun is shining a lot, the skies are blue, and it rarely rains at this time.

Getting Around Malaysia

With Thailand in the north and Singapore to the south, the western side of Peninsular Malaysia is the busiest, most modern region of the world with plenty of tourism.

When you arrive in Kuala Lumpur, the heat and humidity will strike you first. Then you’ll discover one of the world’s most futuristic cities, with its giant skyscrapers, malls, and monorails. The mountainous area divides the east and west coasts in the middle of the peninsula, just a few hours from the capital. You can explore the primary forest in the Taman Negar National Park in this still untamed area. Once in the jungle, you can experience a walk on the canopy, discover rare species of plants and animals, and go upriver in a dugout canoe. You will also find the colonial period’s favorite European holiday destinations. The slopes of the Cameron Highlands are dotted with tea plantations at an altitude of 1400 m. All the work is mainly done by hand, and the landscape is softly colored with an unusually bright green, made possible by the morning fog.
On the coast, there is no tourism. Small islands border it and, along with Tioman, Redang and Kapas is a paradise lost to sailing enthusiasts in the China Sea. This is a must-see place, and as you discover hidden, authentic islands lush with greenery, a bustling, populated jungle, and beaches with fine white sand bordered by coconut trees and boulders, you will not regret your boat rental. The humid, idyllic waters, full of fish and coral of every color imaginable, can also be enjoyed.

The peninsula’s west coast is the most visited and combines tradition with modernity. This coast has exchanged hands between the Chinese, Portuguese, and the Sultans, followed by the Dutch and finally the English, forming a human, cultural and architectural melting pot with the Andaman Sea lapping at its shores. With its Chinese Quarter and the Malacca Sultanate Palace Museum, the ancient market town of Malacca, to the south of the peninsula, is a perfect example. You can quickly go from the city to discover the palm oil plantations surrounding the town and conquer the region little by little. With Hindu temples, a Chinese territory, and modern tourist residences along beaches with beautiful clear waters, Penang’s island lacks variety.

The Langkawi Archipelago boasts 99 islands and is a real paradise for sailing enthusiasts. It is the primary reason for renting a catamaran or a sailing boat and the critical point of departure for sailing enthusiasts in Malaysia. You will find ancient pirate lairs, small coves surrounded by cliffs, rugged areas covered in rainforest, caves, and wild bays as you set sail to discover this labyrinth of an archipelago.

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