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Rental boats in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a European country that lies along the North Sea in the northwestern part of Europe. There are many incredible cities to visit in the region, such as the capital city of Amsterdam, or Rotterdam, and Hague. Some might not think about it, but the Netherlands is a great place to go sailing. There are many lovely villages and beautiful natural scenery to be found along the North Sea. From a different viewpoint, you will enjoy experiencing the country. In Amsterdam, you can rent a canal boat and see the city a little differently.

What is the cost to charter a boat in Holland?

The cost of renting a boat in the Netherlands depends on the season and the kind of boat you want. Typically, the highest costs arise during the summer months, when the highest demand and visitors are present. The sailing season lasts from April to October, however. When renting a boat in the Netherlands, expect to pay about €100 per day for a sailboat and about €80 per day for a motorboat. However, you also have different choices if you are interested in a canal boat rental.

More than 130 yachts and vessels of different styles and years of construction are available for booking in the Netherlands with Yachtco, the new international boat charter network. Weekly rates start at around EUR 250 and go up to around EUR 4000, but most boats are available for the same period between EUR 1000 and 2000.

Weather in the Netherlands

The atmosphere is close to that of the North Sea on the Ijsselmeer. The wind is, however, much weaker here. The Ijsselmeer can be hazardous in strong winds due to a low water depth of about 4 m, allowing fast small waves to build up. Winds generally prevail from the west or south-western direction. In the area of Makkum, the strongest wind is commonly found. It can also easily lead to very thick fog, which restricts the view considerably.

In the Netherlands, you will admire some of the North Sea’s most stunning coastlines and explore the IJsselmeer’s protected waters, never too far from the ocean. A land with a deep maritime heritage and with a fantastic yacht charter infrastructure.

General Data

For a variety of reasons, the Netherlands is a perfect place to visit for a yacht charter. Holland is far more than a place where tulips, windmills, and the famous Red Light District coexist, apart from being one of the EU’s most populous and flat nations. It is a place of vibrant cultural life, of great heritage and untold beauty, and incredible sailing landscapes because you’re never too far from the sea.

Most of the sailing takes place in the Ijsselmeer, which occupies most of the country’s center and around it. It used to be connected to the sea (when called Zuiderzee), but it has been dammed off today and provides a boat rental cruising ground. The deeper western part (Monnickendam) can accommodate keelboats, while the shallower southern part (Lelystad, Lemmer, Makkum) can accommodate ships with a smaller draft. While much more difficult because of the high tides, the sandbanks, and the onshore winds, the North Sea coast is also accessible for sailing.

Zeeland, located in the southwest of the world, is another excellent sailing spot, as are the Frisian Islands, which have several sheltered harbors facing the Wadden Sea on the east side. All in all, a country with such a high percentage of water as the Netherlands is bound to have a long, rich, and robust history and thus a good boat rental infrastructure. You can find plenty of marinas and small harbors along its shores and in the many interior seas.

Do I need a license in the Netherlands to rent a boat?

If you intend to charter a boat in the Netherlands, you would only need to receive a boating license in 2 situations if the boat you are renting is longer than 15 meters and can go faster than 20 km/hour if the ship is willing. Otherwise, without a permit, you are entitled to rent a boat.

You can charter a boat with a skipper if you want to have a stress-free holiday or do not have a boating license. They’re going to drive the boat and show you some fantastic spots around.

Highlights of sailing in the Netherlands

You can currently rent a boat and start your journey from 17 marinas, with Marinapark Lemmer, Jachthaven Drachten de Drait and Zijda Yachting being the most common.
It is possible to choose from a fleet of 16 charter companies in the Netherlands while looking for a cruise. Yachtcharter Wetterwille and Pitter Yachtcharter-Sweden & Netherlands earned from our clients the highest ratings.

A simple sailing license is necessary to hire a bareboat. In the boat details, Boataround always shows the appropriate sailing license. People most frequently hire houseboats, sailing yachts, and motor yachts to go sailing in the Netherlands.

Sailing yachts and catamarans are mostly leased as bareboat, but there is always the option of chartering these yachts with a professional skipper for those who wish.

Houseboats have been designed for slow river cruising and are spacious. They are great for a family sailing trip on the water. To rent a houseboat, you rarely need a sailing license.

It is only possible to rent larger yachts as a crew and have both comfort and luxury. A motor yacht guarantees a unique way of exploring the coastline and greatly expands during the yacht charter, the sailor’s distance.


The Netherlands’ magnificent capital and party center that’s only a small part of Amsterdam’s concept. Amsterdam is renowned for its artistic community and impressive tiny canal houses with 17th-century architecture. The country’s past, Van Gogh and Rembrandt’s great art, and even modern art are seen in many museums.

The city has so many canals linked together that you’ll fall in love with sailing in Amsterdam. This is why one of the first things to do is to charter a boat in Amsterdam.

You will note the variety of cultures in Amsterdam while aboard. The theory is that many individuals from various parts of the world visit and enjoy living in the capital.

Boat rental at the National Park of Biesbosch

One of the largest national parks in the country is Biesbosch National Park. It is full of rivers and little islands that have appeared on the water’s surface over the years. The park is now rich in extensive flora and fauna, and it also welcomes tourists by ferry.

It is excellent to have this place with a boat on your visiting list. There is an incredible experience of sailing inside those park islands and enjoying the flourishing nature.

A sailing holiday in the Netherlands is easily accessible due to the short distances involved. Also, the entry-level is very simple in terms of sailing experience.

Sailing in the Netherlands

You will start to gain experience on the small waterways, then explore the Ijsselmeer and eventually make your way to the North Sea. So, for sailors of all ages, there is plenty to do. It is not possible to travel on small rivers, but it is charming to see them. So, we suggest that you start your yacht engine and explore the Netherlands’ inland waterways. Using Tubber’s services means a memorable holiday for boating. Do not delay; book today for your charter!

Chartering a yacht in the Netherlands is a rare opportunity to spend an unforgettable holiday while admiring the seaside towns’ elegance. In the Netherlands, the climate is temperate, and the yachting season lasts from June to August, with air temperatures sustained at +20 degrees. The yacht charter in the Netherlands is a test for real sailors, and you can arrange an unforgettable trip to the North Atlantic with the aid of our business.

Yacht charter in the Netherlands is an opportunity for exploring world-famous areas on the waves against the elements, experiencing beautiful scenery from the sea on the coast, getting to know local history, customs, and cuisine. Use the search form on the web to rent a yacht in the Netherlands-the system will choose the most advantageous deals based on your wishes and preferences. We wish you a wonderful stay in the Netherlands-a place of tulips, bicycles, and canals!

The Dutch yacht charter provides a rare and demanding experience of sailing. In the entire region, you can find a moderate sea environment. Summer is still warm but not hot here, with consistent sea breezes ideal for an exciting and comfortable sailing holiday. The air temperature reaches +20 +22 ° C in June-August, while it can fall to 0 + 5 ° C during the winter.

It is possible to predict precipitation during the year, often in the rain, fog, and cloudy days. In this area, southwest winds prevail, but some may also carry a very dense fog that will significantly limit the view.

Boats in the Netherlands are the most important means of transport than vehicles, so even in Holland’s remote areas, you can easily find yacht charters. In the Netherlands, hire a motorboat, houseboat, sailing yacht, or gulet with a capacity of 12 knots.

Breskens in Zeeland, which boasts a five-kilometer-long beach situated close to the Belgian border, is a must for sailing in the Netherlands. Or you can set up sails to see the highest dune in Northern Holland or the oldest nude beach and make a passage. Westkapelle is an excellent place to do some fishing in Zeeland, near a home called Kreek. Party lovers should go to Zandvoort, well known for its restaurants, bars, and luxurious accommodation in North Holland.

How to get there – Dutch Airports

  • Schiphol Airport
  • Lelystad Airport
  • Rotterdam Airport

The Netherlands’ Environment & Weather

The European sailing areas of the Netherlands are located in the temperate climate. They are influenced by the Gulf Stream, warm Atlantic waters, and western winds in particular. At an average of 5Bft, the wind blows. However, it is not unusual to have rapidly changing weather conditions that cause storms and diminished visibility.

How do I pick a yacht in the Netherlands?

  1. Set up a goal. Why are you in need of a boat? A sailing yacht in the Netherlands can be rented for a regatta. Or drink prosecco from a glass of ice in a luxurious location.
  2. Select a marina from which to start.
  3. Select a ship. They differ by technical facilities, configuration, choices for leisure, size, and several seats.

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