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Would you like to rent a vessel in Estonia? Discover a wide variety of yachts, catamarans, sailboats (with or without a captain) on Yachtco, and spend a wonderful holiday with family and friends. Find your dream boat in Estonia.

Incredible boat rental in Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is the perfect place to rent a boat in Estonia. A small motorboat, sailboat, or even a yacht is available to rent. The perfect day on the water is a sunny day combined with beautiful scenery and good company. Tallinn is the ideal boat rental destination, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, bachelorette or bachelor party, proposing to your soon-to-be significant other, or for a simple family holiday.

Tallinn is a city steeped in tradition but not trapped in the Middle Ages. The city is alive with fresh and contemporary elements. A new and effective public transit system and a lively nightlife that hosts cigar bars, pool bars, and nightclubs also grace this flourishing city. Dining in this beautiful city is a pleasure, with a great variety of cuisine, from pizza to traditional Estonian delicacies.
After you’ve seen and enjoyed Tallinn’s delights, cruise to the West Coast and discover the many islands and islets that have also been listed as a UNESCO Reserve, the best time to cruise is from May to September in this region, with the best time of year known as June, July or August, there are cold winters here, and snow is prevalent.

Beautiful Estonia

In Estonia, your sailing holiday will enchant you with nature, history, and culture. Estonia is located at the Baltic Sea, opposite Finland and Helsinki’s southern provinces. As the landscape is sparsely populated, the region is dominated by nature—long days and a decent amount of sunshine grace the summers. The country is around the same size as the Netherlands, but only 1.4 million people occupy it. In Estonia, launch your vacation from the capital of Tallinn.

Estonia’s ancient coastline is fascinating, and its capital exudes a romantic history. Tallinn is a European treasure and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its medieval culture remarkably well preserved. In Estonia, explore all the delights this historical country has to offer. Explore the picturesque old towns with cobbled courtyards and winding alleys magnificently surrounded by impressive medieval churches, merchant houses, state buildings, and warehouses of the 12th and 13th centuries. With prominent grey towers, Tallinn is a town of delightful mystery, topped by red tiles, arching gateways, towering ramparts, cobbled pavements, and narrow winding streets.

Sailing trip in Estonia

With the aid of Yachtco, yacht rentals in Estonia are comfortable; our team will advise you on which yacht to rent. On this page, you can quickly get information on how to rent a boat with a local skipper and crew if you can’t handle the yacht by yourself.

Renting a Yacht in Estonia

Estonia is situated in the Baltic States, washed on three sides by sea waters. You will discover the sights of this country, cruising through the many bays and straits of the Baltic Sea, from one island in the archipelago of West Estonia to another.

Estonian marinas are well equipped for yacht parking, cleaning, and repair facilities for ports, and extensive maps of water routes are offered for all yachts. The rental cost of a ship is also lower than in other famous resorts.
Add Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, to your trip by yacht. You can see the Middle Ages’ remnants in this town: the town wall of Tallinn with towers and dungeons surrounds the Old Town, which is intertwined with old streets of stone. The city has preserved many cathedrals and castles, and the ancient museums are now new and interactive. No wonder that this town is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
On a sailing or motor yacht, it is easy to enter neighboring nations. There is a ferry to Helsinki and Stockholm from Tallinn, and you can take the train or bus to the Baltic and Eastern European countries.

In Estonia, it’s never too hot: the air temperature does not rise above +23 ° C at the height of tourist season in Estonia, and the water is around +20 ° C. There’s still a fresh breeze in the summer, a bright day lasts up to 20 hours, and there are white nights occasionally.
Many of the islands of the archipelago of West Estonia are uninhabited, though some still contain remnants of traditional Viking culture. Some people, for instance, decorate their homes with magical symbols. Famous islands include Saaremaa, Hiiumaa, Ruhnu, and Vormsi.

Routes you can take

There are several yacht tours in Estonia on the inner and outer seas. Some of them:

  • Tallinn Bay — Lennusadam — Prangli — Naissaar — Vormsi — Ruhnu — Pakri
  • Emajõgi River — Peipsi Lake — Võrtsjärv
  • River Pärnu — Ruhnu — Kihnu
  • Tallinn — Naissaar — Porkkala — Suomenlinna — Pirttisaari — Helsinki (Finland)

At least one crew member onboard the yacht must have an RYA, IYT, and a GIMS certificate (with the appropriate category) to rent a boat.

Estonia is a tiny and cozy Baltic state where visitors come to have a lovely holiday at a low price from various locations.

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  • Tallinn Airport TLL
  • Kuressaare Airport URE
  • Kärdla Airport KDL

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