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Yacht charter in Cape Verde

The Cape Verde islands are off the seafront of Africa; they form an archipelago of ten extraordinary islands. The white sandy beaches, majestic volcanic mountains, and perfect navigation conditions will enchant you immediately. You will have a truly unforgettable holiday on board a yacht or motorboat in Cape Verde. Rent a boat and explore the beautiful scenery the best way possible!

Marina Mindelo is Cape’s first marina on St. Vincent Island and is its cultural capital. Charter a yacht in Cape Verde and moor your boat at Marina Mindelo, exploring the famous fish market and enjoying the vibrant nightlife of Mindelo with its many bars and music clubs.

Another choice is a very hospitable port in Palmeria, one of Sal’s most populated islands on the island’s northwest side. On its long white sandy beaches and in the many resorts there, you can truly relax. Boa Vista is the island for all marine lovers, providing some of the country’s best windsurfing.

Cape Verde Environment & Weather

Cape Verde islands can be sailed during the whole year, but the best time to schedule a voyage is from November to March. There are a mild, dry, oceanic climate and 350 days of sunshine a year. The weather is characterized by winds, and relatively high humidity, during day and night, of around 70%.

Daytime temperatures vary from 23°C to 30°C (73°-86°F), and water temperatures range from 22°C to 27°C (71°-80°F). Cape Verde Islands have two seasons: the rainy season and the windy season (Tempo the Brisas), the rainy season lasts from August to September, and the possibility of heavy tropical rain during these two months is high. The trade winds blow hardest at 11-16 knots between October and July.

General details

Cesaria Evora, the famous Cape Verde singer, is possibly the best-known thing to come out of Cape Verde, which perfectly demonstrates its culture between rhythmic African music and mournful Portuguese melodies. But you will have to go deeper and closer to grasp what makes this country appealing.

The volcanic islands of Cape Verde are located approximately 570 km off the coast of Senegal. While it is distinctly different from continental Africa and colonized as Portuguese in the fifteenth century, it still has an African legacy. The very isolation, throughout its history, has proven a blessing and a curse for Cape Verde. In any event, the main draw for anyone who comes on a yacht charter is undoubtedly the fantastic scenery.

The location of Cape Verde is suitable for Atlantic crossings from the sailing point of view. So the majority of traffic is from the nearby Canaries and continues into the Caribbean. The archipelago’s overall form is one of a horseshoe and consists of ten islands.

You can see that when you come here on a sailing holiday, the islands are very close to Ilhas de Barlavento and Ilhas de Sotavento, which are part of the Caribbean Leewards and Windwards. Santiago is the largest island, also home to Praia’s capital city, the country’s most significant urban area.

The landscape of the archipelago has volcanic terrain with vast salt flats and large craters. On a sailing holiday, go to Sal and Boas Vista beaches, check the Fogo Volcano walking routes, and the windsurfing opportunities along the coasts.

Cape Verde is very sparse in vegetation. The islands’ isolated existence has produced several endangered species of birds and reptiles, such as the Swift of Alessandro, the Heron of Bourne, the Warbler of Cape Verde, and the Gecko Giant of Cape Verde.

In climate terms, the East Atlantic islands are milder all year round than mainland Africa, so boat rental is very common. One thing that is absent in the archipelago is rainfall. Hence the Cape Verdean Islands can be regarded as arid or semi-arid. In the first months, the north-east winds blow hardest, carrying large amounts of Sahara sand.

Getting to Cape Verde

You can find international airports in São Vicente, Sal, Santiago, and Boavista. Most of the international flights arrive at Sal, but air traffic to other airports is growing. Flights can be a little unpredictable with cancellations, and so it is recommended that you fly to the nearest airport to the island. You’re going to have a smoother ride to Santo Antão if you travel directly to São Vicente, for example. And if you’re going to Fogo, you’re going to want to get to Santiago.

You can use TAP Portugal, TACV, Bintercanarias, Transavia, Royal Air Maroc, TAAG Angola, and Senegal Airlines. Charter flights are also a possibility. You should try Thomson and Thomas Cook from the United Kingdom, TUI Nordic from Scandinavia, Jetair from Belgium, and TUIfly from Germany if you’re coming from Europe. If you can take a direct flight from Europe, it takes about 6 hours from the north and 3 hours from southern European countries like Portugal.

British visitors make up the majority of tourists to Cape Verde. Still, there are no scheduled direct flights from the United Kingdom, possibly because most of these travelers come to Sal or Boavista through package holidays. With several charter flights serving the package collection, you can find a flight-only style offer with Thomsonfly or Thomas Cook.

Try TAP for scheduled flights from Lisbon. There are also other options for British citizens to arrive, such as selecting a low-cost flight to a mainstream destination in Europe or North Africa and then hop on another flight. You can launch your trek to Cape Verde in the Canary Islands with Bintercanarias, Amsterdam, or Paris with Transavia, or Morocco with Royal Air Maroc in these situations. You can also find cheaper flights, but they usually contain stopovers, which are always overnight and leave you with less time to spend on the islands. You may fly from any UK airport to Germany, Belgium, or Lisbon and take a scheduled or charter flight to Boavista or Sal. Irish residents can connect via Manchester, Lisbon, Gatwick, or Birmingham.

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