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Yacht charters in the best Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Asia destinations

Enjoy the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and Asia‘s best yachting destinations. With our tailor-made charter service, we have access to over 13.000 charter yachts in more than 50 destinations worldwide. Hire a boat in Ibiza and Mallorca, a sailing yacht in the Bahamas, or a gulet in Turkey – anything is possible.

TOP Destinations for Yacht sailing Vacations

We can offer a boat rental on the best yacht holiday destinations and the best places to sail worldwide. For each sailing destination, you can find details on the environment, sailing conditions, and attractions. Explore the world’s most stunning sailing itineraries and get inspired by booking your next yacht charter holiday! All the information is just a click away and waiting for you – let the Yachtco crew help you prepare for your next unforgettable holiday!

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Most Popular Pre-selected Yacht Vacation Hot Spots

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The Best Yachting Season

What’s the best time of the year for a yacht holiday? You can go at any moment! We would like to show you the best places to sail and inspire you to go on a boat holiday in the summer and winter.

Top Sailing Destinations for January, February, and March.

The sailing season is well underway in the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Australia. It is also possible to sail during this period in the subtropical climate of the Canary Islands. The most famous sailing destinations for this time of year are:

The Bahamas | The Caribbean | Thailand | Malaysia | Australia | Canary Islands

Hot spots for yacht vacation rentals in April & May

Mediterranean countries have long summers and the sailing season also starts in April. Perfect conditions for enjoyable sailing trips can be found in Turkey, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the Balearic Islands, Croatia, Corsica, Sardinia, and Malta. Spring is also a perfect time for charter holidays in Thailand, Malaysia, the Caribbean, Seychelles, and the Canary Islands.

Mediterranean Sea | Turkey | Greece | Italy | Portugal | Spain | The Balearic Islands | Croatia | Sardinia | Malta | Thailand | Malaysia | Corsica | The Caribbean | Seychelles | The Canary Islands

Best Sailing Places in Summer-Yachting in June, July & August

Mediterranean destinations are the perfect places to be on a yacht during the summer months. And places in the North and the Baltic Sea, such as France, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, or the North Sea, will enjoy Yacht Holidays.

Baltic Sea | France | Germany | Netherlands | UK – England | Sweden | Finland | North Sea

Best Sailing Places in September & October

September and October can be excellent months to experience the beauty of the Mediterranean and Southern European countries; the weather is mild, and some may find temperatures more pleasant than in midsummer. We suggest renting a yacht in September and October: Turkey, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the Balearic Islands, Croatia, Corsica, Sardinia, Malta, and the Canary Islands.

Turkey | Greece | Italy | Portugal | Spain | The Balearic Islands | Croatia | Corsica | Sardinia | Malta | The Canary Islands

Best Winter Sailing Destinations-November & December Yachting

Although November and December can be the coldest, darkest months of the year in Europe, several countries closer to the equator have higher temperatures and calmer seas. It is possible to sail in Thailand, Malaysia, and Seychelles in November and sail in the Caribbean and the Bahamas in December after the hurricane season. Australia and New Zealand are both beginning to experience decent sailing conditions at this time.

Thailand | Malaysia | Seychelles | The Caribbean | The Bahamas | Australia

World Top Yacht Charter Destinations Guide

The Caribbean | The Mediterranean Sea | USA & Bahamas | Asia Pacific | South Pacific | Indian Ocean | Others

The planet has a lot of charming and spectacular yacht charter destinations. With infinite options, we know that it can be challenging to choose where to go to charter your yacht. Yachtco offers free, expert guidance on all the best destinations globally, and we will be happy to advise you to select the perfect destination and yacht for your holiday.

We’ve built this guide to help you find the place that best suits your needs. From the luxurious beaches of the French Riviera to the tropical islands of Thailand and the unspoiled beaches of the BVI, let the world is your playground.

The Caribbean Sea

These paradisiacal islands are a year-round destination with spectacular beaches, vibrant marine life, stunning weather, and charm. Each island is different from the last one, from the trendy St Barths to the historic Grenadines and the BVI sailing mecca.

The West Mediterranean Sea

The West Med is a mix of everything you might find in a charter yacht charter! With Italy’s heritage, the cuisine of France, and the beautiful seas of Spain, there is nowhere in the world that is so culturally vibrant as the Mediterranean. Cannes, St Tropez, Capri, Positano, Ibiza, and Formentera are just some of the world-famous hotspots in the western Mediterranean. You’ll also find the finest range of crewed motor yachts, as well as the most exclusive marinas, boutiques, and restaurants.

The East Mediterranean Sea

Vibrant colors, sparkling waters, and spectacular scenery cover the coast of East Med, making it one of the most diverse charter locations on offer. The white streets of Greece, the red roofs of Croatia, and Turkey’s secluded coves are distinctive and unforgettable. Main destinations will be Mykonos and Santorini in the Cyclades, Dubrovnik and Hvar in Croatia, Rhodes, and Bodrum in the Dodecanese Islands, Turkey.

The USA and the Bahamas

The east coast of America is picturesque, friendly, and full of beauty as it leads south to the sun and sea of Florida and the surrounding Bahamas. A mixture of enthralling past, excellent wildlife, and stunning landscapes, this charter venue is flawless. Spend the summer cruising around Rhode Island before venturing down to Fort Lauderdale and Miami, and spend the winter months exploring Nassau and the Exumas.

Asia of the Pacific

A world away from its western counterparts, Asia Pacific has some of the most inspiring scenery on Earth. The jagged rock formations that touch the sky above Thailand must be seen to be believed, while Indonesia’s tranquility and diversity make it one of the most desirable destinations. If you’re looking to hold an event or host a networking event in Singapore, look no further.

The Pacific South

Home to Bora Bora, the South Pacific Ocean is a scene of paradise. The shimmering sparkle of Tahiti, the natural attraction of New Caledonia, and the scattered archipelago of Fiji are highly desirable charter destinations that add serenity, harmony, and relaxation to your holidays. For example, if you’re looking for a unique honeymoon destination, we would suggest the South Pacific – it is not disappointing you.

The Ocean of India

Uninhabited tranquility embraces you in Seychelles, as the uninhabited marine life of the Indian Ocean adds a new dimension to your charter. The Maldives and Mauritius are the perfect romantic getaway, thanks to their fantastic cuisine, seclusion, and sublime weather.

Other Destinations

Is there anything different? Don’t hesitate to explore, but here are some of our favorites. Central and South America are unbeatable charter locations if you’re looking for a relaxing holiday. At the same time, the breathtaking scenery of Australia’s reefs and the world-famous Galapagos are once-in-a-lifetime charter destinations.

If you see a destination that fits your plans, consult, and receive expert proposals based on your needs and specifications. We have charter brokers worldwide who know the destinations, yachts, captains, and crew inside out, so you’ve got the most unforgettable time onboard.


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