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Charter of luxury yachts

Yachtco is one of the world’s best luxury yacht charter agencies and has experience in providing customers with the finest luxury yachts in the world. Suppose you’re interested in a luxury motor yacht charter, racing or classic yacht charter, a superyacht charter, or a mega yacht charter. In that case, we’ll find the ideal solution to ensure an unforgettable private yacht charter experience.

Why charter a luxury yacht

A luxury yacht charter is an ultimate escape, offering everything you might imagine and more, from complete relaxation to a fantastic adventure and an unforgettable experience. Yacht charter helps you explore a wide variety of destinations while offering all the comforts and facilities of a luxury villa. The possibilities are limitless. However, your knowledgeable charter broker will meet your criteria and guide you through the selection process carefully, helping you make the final decision and secure the best price for you.

The Choice of Destination

Are you looking for a charter yacht to explore the Caribbean, or would you prefer to charter a mega yacht for a Mediterranean corporate event? Whatever the requirements for hiring a superyacht, our brokers are on hand to direct you across the web of choices open to you. You’ll find a range of options, including cosmopolitan and glamorous European cities, Alaska’s wild, unspoiled scenery, and everything else in between. Our brokers work widely to find the most exciting destinations for your luxury yacht charter. They will give you expert advice to ensure your memories last forever, whatever your goal.

For those dreaming of chartering a mega yacht for your next holiday, this is the ultimate site. Our charter advice section offers you the most excellent professional tips, from first-time charterers to experienced regulars, perfect for all. Our news charter reports on the newest charter yachts and the best charter offers. And our easy search will help you find the most appropriate choices when you’re ready to start searching for a luxury charter yacht.

When searching for luxury yachts to charter, choosing the right yacht model is crucial as it determines the kind of vacation you’re going to experience.

A superyacht is used for a fully crewed and costly vessel. It can be designed either for power or sailing; it is designed to meet the highest expectations with the finest decorations and flawless maintenance. The different sizes of luxury yachts range from 12 to 22 meters. Boats of 23 m or more are called megayachts or superyachts.

Megayachts or superyachts need a highly trained crew to take care of all onboard operations. Usually, these mega yachts have three or four-cabin decks for 12 or more guests. There is a swimming platform at the lower deck’s stern, a living room for the crew, and a few cabins for the guests. The security bar across the main deck leads to the lounge room. Outdoor dining is commonly used on the top floor. There is also a galley, a dining room, a study in the owner’s suite, a restaurant, a lounge area with a kitchen, a captain’s cabin, a stateroom, a bridge, and a Jacuzzi generally on the deck.

Megayachts were fitted with state-of-the-art facilities and technology, satellite communications, and a host of flat-screen televisions. We also like to go on short trips to the beach with various amusements and water sports games. Such toys include swimming tools, windsurfing, jet skis,…

Over the years, luxury yachts order has risen considerably, with nautical tourism becoming increasingly popular. The early 20th century was regarded as the beginning of the popularization of privately owned yachts for pleasure. In the 1990s, however, there was a real revolution in yacht construction, most of which were fitted with a helicopter landing platform and four decks. These yachts consist of VIP suites, a movie theater, a playroom, a sauna, and other additional living areas.

Megayachts are popularly regarded as a way to discover and enjoy the spectacular landscape of the tropical coastline. This form of charter provides fun and luxury, as well as a private travel resort. You can hire luxury yachts at any of our marina destinations.

Advantage of chartering a luxury yacht

  • Comfort, pace, unrestricted privacy in any room
  • Very attractive in the sea
  • Does not require knowledge of sailing or experience
  • Shallow draft to hit shallow spots in the marina as well as small bays
  • Generally comes with a crew to sit back, relax, and enjoy your ride

The Choice of Destination

Are you planning to explore the Caribbean by chartering a sailing yacht, or would you prefer to charter a superyacht for a corporate event in the Mediterranean? Whatever your superyacht charter specifications, our brokers are on hand to help you explore the world of options that are open to you. A variety of possibilities await you, including the cosmopolitan and glamorous European cities, the wild, unspoiled Alaska landscapes, and everything else in between. Our brokers travel widely to find the most captivating destinations for your luxury yacht charter. They can provide you with expert advice to ensure that memories can last forever whatever your chosen destination.


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