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Boat rentals in the Philippines

Are you planning a South-east Asian trip? You’ve found the best spot! In the Philippines, Yachtco offers a wide choice of yacht rentals, making it easier than ever to discover these magical islands by sea.

The Philippines is an archipelagic nation of islands located in the magnificent Pacific Ocean in Southeast Asia. It contains over 7,000 islands and islets about 500 miles off Vietnam’s coast. You will discover a rich past here, a fascinating community of beautiful people, delicious food, incredible sights, and, of course, a stunningly beautiful island environment just waiting to be explored by you.

And like other stunning seaside destinations around the world, the wondrous Philippines have no better way of meandering than by renting a yacht.

If you’re a seasoned sailor or just dipping your toes in the sea, using Yachtco’s website to find your perfect yacht rental is convenient and straightforward. In the Philippines, we sell regular motorboat rentals.

Benefits of regular rental of a cruise

In the Philippines, we sell regular yacht charters that offer you the opportunity to charter a boat. A four- or six-hour rental is ideal if you want to spend the middle of your day snorkeling or traveling locally by sea. And if you’re going to spend an entire day exploring the islands, the best alternative is an eight-hour rental.
But no matter what, we strongly suggest speaking with the our rental representative of the boat you are interested in and discussing your trip plans. On your Philippines adventure, you will get ideas about what to do, let the boat representative know what you are most interested in experiencing, and get tips for your visit.

Top spots to explore

Although you can get plenty of ideas by messaging the boat representative about what to do on your visit to the Philippines, we thought we would give some of our top places that you should make sure you check out during your South Asian adventure.
It would help if you went snorkeling around the incredible islands of the Philippines, no matter how much experience you have. We suggest snorkeling around El Nido at the north end of Palawan Island, Bohol Island, and Puerto Galera for some great sea life amid crystal clear seas.

We suggest visiting Danajon Reef as well. This is a terrific must-see spot on your private charter yacht. It stretches between the islands of Cebu and Bojol for about 90 kilometers and has plenty of beautiful scenery to keep you occupied for hours. It’s a beautiful place to stop for a while, smell the ocean, and be a must-see for any visit.

Finally, we highly suggest going to Carabao Island for some beautiful beaches, cliff jumps, and sunsets. The scenery here is fantastic – like on a postcard, the island itself might be sufficient. On your trip to the Philippines, this is a perfect place to relax and unwind.

Rent a boat and sail across the Philippines in style

Rent a boat with Yachtco with or without a captain. You’ll find what you’re searching for, from a motorboat to a sailboat or even a yacht. The Philippines is the ideal boat rental destination.

The Philippines is a fantastic archipelago of more than 7,000 islands, enjoying a year-round tropical climate. There are three distinct Luçon, Visayas, and Mindanao regions. Luçon is the largest; Manilla is the birthplace, Visayas is the densest and includes Negros, Cebu, Bohol, Panay, Masbate, Samar, and Leyte islands. The second largest one is Mindanao to the south. The islands of Sulu are southwest of Mindanao, and to the east of Visayas lies the Palawan archipelago, which alone contains 1,700 islands. There are several things to see and do in the Philippines, fantastic diving spots, hiking around volcanoes or simply beautiful white sand beaches. The Philippines, with its scenery as well as its history, is a vibrant destination. The destination is a fantasy for Asian enthusiasts.

For many unforgettable memories, discover the extraordinary landscapes onboard one of our vessels. From Manila in the north, you can set out towards Western Negros and Cebu City, and Cotabato City.

Boracay is situated about 300 km from Manila, is a small island in the Visayas archipelago where you can find the most beautiful beaches in Asia. You will be able to visit lagoons of great beauty in the archipelago of Bacuitsm in El Nido.
It is also often possible to see whale sharks in Oslob for those who love major thrills and swim with them and watch them in Donsol. You will make your wildest dreams come true with your boat rental in the Philippines.

Luçon is the largest island, and while cruising in the Philippines, it’s a sailing area not to be missed. There is a chain of mountains on this island, where you can ascend to an altitude of 2,000 meters, a thick forest, and heavenly beaches.
You can travel to the Visayas on a cruise in the Philippines, where you can explore Bohol, Negros, and Cebu’s islands. You will be amazed by Lake Danao’s view on Cebu’s island, and you can visit the Taoist temple in the city. There you can find impressive wildlife that contains lizards, crocodiles, and snakes.
You will be able to admire the beautiful beaches lined with coconut trees and white sand on the island of Bohol. Enjoy Doljo beach in Bohol and explore the chocolate hills that make this island so unique.

In the Philippines, Mindanao is the third sailing area where you can find impressive waves for surfing and magnificent bays. Do not miss the hot springs, waterfalls, as well as Cebu Lake, and the town of Davao when you stopover at the island of Camiguin.

You will enjoy the lovely white sand beaches on the island of Mindanao, depending on how you feel. Surrender yourself to the joys of water skiing and stand-up paddling on Talikud Island’s beaches, then visit Siarago and explore the people’s culture and religion.

Opt for a dive tour with your skipper in the Philippines for scuba diving enthusiasts. Head south from Manila to dive around Mindoro, where you can find some splendid diving spots, then make your way to the Visayas.
You will also be able to visit Malapascua’s island in the Visayas, where thresher sharks can be found. You will also explore the islands of Camotes, which visitors do not know very well, and eventually, Coron’s island, which is the most stunning in the Philippines.

Without his colorful festival, the Philippines will not be the Philippines. Kalibo’s Ati-Atihan Carnival is a festival that pays tribute to Christ and is as much a Christian affair as it is a wild carnival held on January’s third weekend.
Those who love great thrills will find plenty in Bicol to keep them happy. At the Camsur Watersport Complex, a local center that promises great thrills, they will experience motorized water sports. Wakeboard enthusiasts would be satisfied. You can find Daet, not far from Camarines Norte, a big surfing spot with great waves.
Apo Reef, a beautiful diving spot that is secure, will thrill scuba diving enthusiasts. This reef offers an immersive underwater treasure festival. In the deep waters, you will see sharks, stingrays, turtles, tuna, wrasse, and vast colonies of bluefins, while in the shallower waters, you will discover turtles and eels.
For your boat rental, please contact us. We’ve got several boats ready for hire. We will build the itinerary you want together. You are no more waiting to hire a cruise and share an unforgettable voyage.

Rental of Yachts & Boats

With its crystal clear seas, white-sand beaches, and thousands of islands waiting to be explored, the Philippines’ beautiful archipelago is the ideal place for sailing and cruising.

The archipelago of the Philippines is the second-largest in the world. It is made up of more than seven thousand islands of various sizes and types. The tropical climate in most of the Philippines is changing to sub-equatorial in the southern region. Many islands have thick or jungle-covered vegetation, where you can find hidden ancient temples and traditional villages. This nation will hurt your heart with the locals’ hospitality and fascinating history. Endless white sand beaches and a sea full of colorful coral reefs and rich marine fauna can be found on the Philippine Islands. For your next sailing trip, this place is a perfect destination.
Two official languages exist, Filipino and English, respectively. Filipino is based on Tagalog, the country’s main dialect, which, like Spanish, consists of numerous dialects and even languages. For almost 350 years, this country has been a part of the Spanish empire, so Spanish names are prevalent in this region.
The best time to charter a yacht in the Philippines is from November until the end of April, with predictable winds and temperatures ranging from 28 to 30 C (80-86 F). The local “Tagin” summer runs from March until late May. This is the Philippines’ hottest time of the year. In May, the “habakat” of the southwest monsoon season arrives, bringing humid weather and heavy, gusty winds. This season lasts between June and November.

The Philippines can be divided into three major regions: the northern part-the capital of Manila is located in Luzon; the middle part-the Visayas, where the main tourist attractions are, and the southern part of the country, next to Borneo, is located in Boracay, Bohol, Palawan or Coron.

Sailing holidays can be very varied in the Philippines. For example, for those who are looking for fun and busy nightlife, Boracay is a great destination, Sibuyan offers fantastic nature, Sibale is an excellent place for peaceful, personified rest. You’ll find so much more to discover further south.

A luxury yacht charter from the Philippines blends stunning natural wonders, free beaches, safe marine parks, fun events on and off the water, and vibrant city life. The Philippines has many sights guaranteed to take your breath away and promises a whole, thrilling, and impressive charter holiday, emerging as part of the thriving South East Asia yachting scene.

Its powder-fine white sand beaches and sparkling azure waters are the highlights of island life in the Philippines. Hours of entertainment are provided by excellent surfing spots such as Siargao Island and world-renowned diving sites. At the same time, several on-land attractions give plenty to do away from the sea.

Itineraries in the Philippines for Luxury Yacht Charter

Thanks to the country’s vast scattering of islands, there is enough to suit everyone in the Philippines. Luzon, the archipelago’s largest island, sits in the north and is home to Manila, the world’s lively capital. The wonderful 2,000year-old rice terraces etched in Banaue along the plunging ravines.
Meanwhile, the central Visayas islands are suitable for island-hopping yacht charters. Discover Boracay’s party life and water sports, discover Spanish colonial architecture and Cebu’s idyllic coastline, and take in the natural wonders of the Chocolate Hills of Bohol.
Palawan’s island offers some of the best beaches globally and is also not to be missed on your charter holiday. The jewel in the crown is El Nido beach. However, you can also tick off your bucket list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Tubbathaha Reef National Park and the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River.
Known as Mindanao, the islands in the far south include Samal Island’s tropical beaches, the stunning waterfall of Aliwagwag, and incredible opportunities for hiking and trekking.
In the Philippines, we are hiring a luxury charter yacht.
Please contact your favorite charter broker to find out more detail about leasing a private luxury charter yacht in the Philippines. They will be able to help you prepare your perfect yachting holiday itinerary, putting together the needs of your group with area suggestions.

With the most famous islands opening up for yacht rentals, the country is part of the emerging South-east Asian yachting scene. You will be amazed by the abundance of incredible natural beauty, calm seas, and many safe anchorages to be found in the Philippines, a relatively undiscovered one among yachting enthusiasts.

Depending on your itinerary, yacht rental in the Philippines will take you to several different islands in one day or over many days. For short distances inside the islands, a 62-foot catamaran is suitable, costing about $24,000 for a week’s rent for ten people on board. For a week’s charter, a 214-foot sailing yacht, which is ideal for cruising along the Pacific coast or the South China Sea, can be rented for around $140,000. On the other hand, a 198-foot motor yacht is the best vessel on the islands for a lifeboat. Renting this yacht in the Philippines, which can hold 30 people on board, will cost you around $258,000 a week.

Whether you want a week on a crewed motoryacht, a catamaran, a sailboat, or even a day charter in the Philippines.

Getting to Philippines

With some direct flights to Manila from the West Coast of North America and Australia and some direct flights from Amsterdam, there are various routes to get to the Philippines. Otherwise, getting to the Philippines from outside Asia typically means you’ll have to stop at Dubai, Hong Kong, or Singapore’s major airports. Flying to Cebu is a decent choice for direct access to the islands, with several regional airlines flying to smaller airports. Chartering a yacht to sail to the islands outside the Philippines is also possible on some of our larger yachts.

The Climate

With the wet season running from May to October, the Philippines has a hot, humid, and tropical climate. The dry season is the time to visit and lasts from November to April, with cooler and excellent travel in January and February; March, April, and May may get very hot, hitting temperatures of up to 36 degrees Celsius! Typhoons can occur periodically in the Philippines, but they are far more likely in June or July at the beginning of the wet season.

Philippines Chartering

Tourism is rising steadily in the Philippines, with individuals seeing it as more of a sought-after destination because of its stunning landscapes and friendly people, as well as untouched islands that are ready for exploration. Boatbookings do not currently have any yachts available directly from the Philippines for charter. Still, we do have some larger yachts that can visit the area and hope to charter Philippine yachts in the future! In the Philippines, a charter experience will be sure to create an experience unlike any other. To see what we can arrange for you, contact us today!

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