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Yacht Charter in Norway

Discover the fjords of Norway by sailing. Rent a yacht and see from the water the spectacular Norwegian fjords. For your boating holiday in Norway, we have bareboat charters and crew charters. Book your cruise and enjoy your boating holiday online.

Highlights in Norway

Norway offers 6 major sailing areas, with many boats available for your sailing holiday to choose from. In Troms, Oslo, and Lofoten, you can find your favorite sailing destinations.

You can currently rent a boat and start your journey from 8 marinas, with Eidkjosen, City Hall Harbour, and Kabelvåg Marina being the most common.

People most frequently hire sailboats, motorboats, and gulets when they wish to sail in Norway.

Yacht Charter of Norway

A perfect way to explore this beautiful country and its stunning natural beauty is the Norway Yacht Charter. On this Northern Europe Yacht Charter, nature lovers will feel like they’re sailing in paradise, cruising the fascinating fjords, taking in the spectacular glaciers and the midnight sun of the summer. You can tailor your charter itinerary according to your wishes and expectations and see the places you have always dreamed of in the comfort of your motor yacht, sailing yacht, or luxury superyacht.

Norway’s fjords are the most recognizable natural features and, along with the wide variety of activities on offer, provide an excellent basis for creating exciting charter itineraries for unspoiled cruising in protected waters. Fishing, cycling, horse-riding, sledding, canoeing and kayaking, hunting, hiking, or nature safari tours are the countless leisure and sports activities to do during a Norwegian yacht holiday. Norway also provides excellent facilities and programs to its tourists, museums, galleries, cultural heritage, and insight into the fascinating Sami culture.

The coastline of Norway is vast compared to its comparatively modest land area; if you include the mainland, the approximately 50,000 islands, the various fjords, and all indentations, it measures 21,925. This offers yacht charters a great deal of potential in safe waters for immense sailing and cruising pleasure.

You will share your yacht charter experience with few other than the local fishermen and many wildlife species in the land of the midnight sun. Lofoten, where rugged pinnacles protrude from the sea, is Norway’s most pristine cruising area. Vestlandet, which is, in some cases, a long stretch of the Norwegian coast, is the most visited fjord. The landscape here is going to inspire Norway’s stereotypical pictures. Imagine yourself here on your yacht charter, cruising through the spectacular peaks.

The best time to cruise the Scandinavian coasts is from April to August. Norway’s off-season Western coast cruise can be an equally unforgettable experience, with the right clothing and a heated charter boat.

Northern lights

When dreaming of ‘ The Northern Lights,’ bright colors and mystic tales come to mind. Northern Norway is a destination to include in your itinerary and a must-see on a Norwegian yacht charter. Theoretically, all over Norway, you can see the northern lights. In Northern Norway, however, the best areas are above the Arctic Circle.

Sailing in Norway – Scandinavia

Discover the delights of sailing! Norway provides many scenic spots. Sailing is in many ways better in the fjords than in the archipelago.

On the Scandinavian Peninsula, Norway is situated in the North Atlantic. It borders Sweden to the east, and Finland and Russia to the north-east. The nation is very striking geographically and includes stunning mountain ranges, forests, and fjords. At 2,469 meters, Galdhøpiggen is the highest peak, and there are 25 other peaks above 2,300 meters. Around 150,000 islands surround Norway, including Jan Mayen in Greenland and the Svalbard Archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. With many islands, islets, inlets, and fjords that cut into the mainland, the coast is awe-inspiring. The coastline measures over 80,000 km in total, along with the Norwegian Atlantic coast’s fjords, bays, and islands.

Southern Norway, especially the Oslo Fjord and the area around Bergen, is a trendy sailing area. In this area, the landscape is very diverse. There are many fascinating islands across the Oslo Fjord and peaceful bays in which to drop anchor. It stretches 100 km inland and links Oslo, the capital, to Stavanger. The mountainous coast is very rugged, and an incredible sailing landscape is created by high forested mountains, deep fjords, and numerous small islands. There are plenty of moorings between the islands. The picturesque old town by the port is worth a ride to the Hanseatic city of Bergen. A fantastic experience is sailing between these remote islands. You can hire a Norwegian yacht and enjoy the wild beauty of the northern countryside. The region is very demanding in terms of navigation and requires strong sailing skills. You can’t, however, demand high-tech marinas. There are only tiny fishing towns and natural ports in Lofoten to anchor in.

Norway has a long history of seafaring. A well-established sailing region is the Oslo Fjord and Asker’s ports, Drøbak and Hoarding, are convenient. There are ports in Bodø and Tromsø on the north coast. Infrastructure is declining considerably in the north, and suitable harbors can only be found off the islands outside the fjords. Sailing in Norway can be difficult in places, and depending on the coastal area, navigation varies. There are many rocks above and under the water in the archipelago, and the passages are often very close. It takes an elevated level of concentration and focuses on navigating here. Nighttime sailing can be very frustrating and is not recommended. Navigation is much more straightforward within the fjords-shoals are scarce, and the individual rocks in the fairway are heavily buoyed.

How to get where Norway’s airports

  • Oslo-Gardermoen airport to Oslo: 53,6 km, 37 minutes
  • Bergen Airport to Bergen: 15.8 km, 21 minutes
  • Moss-Rygge to Son airport: 21,8 km, 22 minutes

Norwegian Climate & Weather

The charter season for yachts in Norway is abridged and is limited to the few warmer months of June, July, and August. There is plenty of sunshine during these months, and the weather is always better than one would expect. In the west, the long, narrow coastal strip is isolated by mountains from the mainland of Scandinavia and is affected by the eastern climate. Hot, humid weather is created by the North Atlantic Current on the western coast. Relatively warm water flows north from lower latitudes, and the beach is mostly ice-free in winter.

Nevertheless, temperatures rarely reach 15 ° C in summer. The onshore wind is coming from the west at 3-4 Bft. Mountains have sheltered areas; however, jets, wind storms, and distractions can occur. As strong winds and showers are not unusual, it is essential to listen to the wind and weather forecasts regularly.

Norway’s Kingdom (Norwegian Kongeriket Norge)

This country occupies the western portion of Northern Europe’s Scandinavian Peninsula. Is its name derived from the Old Norse word Nor? Norway has a territory with woods, many rivers, and lakes covering 30%. Forests, many rivers, and lakes cover more than half of the part of the country.

A rare mix of stunning scenery, diverse wildlife, and spectacular watching of Nothern Lights can only be provided by Norway yacht charter holidays. Experience dramatic northern nature and breathtaking landscapes from the comfort of your yacht.

The Kingdom of Norway, one of Europe’s largest nations, stretches its borders along the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea, and the Arctic Ocean. Norway’s yacht charter is a perfect way to explore the majestic fjords’ most impressive features, which are unusual geological formations that reach deep into the surrounding mountains, indenting its rugged coastline.

Oslo, the capital, is a lively city based around a harbor and guarded by the castle of the 14th century. The Royal Palace, the Viking Ship Museum, several parks and galleries, and other public institutions are in Oslo’s center. Rent a boat in Norway and explore the well-built area near Oslo, with busy harbors, guarded by fortresses as early as 1643.

Yacht charter from Western Norway

The North Sea borders the long lacy western coastline. This country’s area is a real land of fjords, waterfalls, glaciers, and secluded beaches. Bergen is Norway’s second-largest city and provides a variety of charter yachts. Bergen was the country’s largest city back in 10170 and the capital of a region that included Iceland, Greenland, and Scotland even after Oslo became its capital.
The North of Norway

Northern Norway (Tromso and Lofoten) has been referred to as “the land of excitement” or “the land of high flames.” These phrases capture the essence of it-the shimmering winter Northern Lights and the midnight sun that shines in summer day and night. You will be able to explore its coast, consisting of a multitude of islands, fjords, snow-clad peaks, with a bareboat charter.

It’s just 19 miles (30 km) from the path between Tonsberg and Tjome, known as World’s End, but it takes a lot of time to explore this incredible archipelago. There are exciting coves, narrow sounds, old skipper’s houses and boathouses, and a series of welcoming holiday resorts. For a relaxing swim, the bridges linking the larger islands and the sea are never far away. Mountains, valleys, and lakes surround this beautiful landscape. It appeals to rock climbers and hikers: from simple alpine pastures in Alvdal to rugged peaks in the national parks.

Holidays. “In Norway, there are four established seasons, and” every season has its charm. And by creating various festivals, Norway finds its fun in each of them: snow and ice sculpture tournament, ski kite event, white water canoe racing, dog-sledding, boat festivals-fairs, and games coast.

Although sometimes wind or cold, rain or snow, those indoor pleasures can bring (jazz, folklore and dance festivals, film premieres and art exhibitions), nothing can ruin the high spirit, because festivals are a significant part of the cultural life of the country.


The vibrant cuisine rich in fresh seafood (smoked, pickled, or dried fish like whale meat and seal) and wild game (reindeer, elk, pheasant, etc.) is not to be missed yacht charter in Norway. While local restaurants have become increasingly diverse over the years, with exotic foreign meals on the menu, it is impossible to skip Norwegian specialties, such as lamb and cabbage stew or reindeer medallions or rabbit marinade. Curated smoked sausage and pheasant breast was eaten with mushroom sauce are other familiar favorites. One should not forget the most famous Norwegian cheeses, best eaten on the crisps of Ryvita. And try fruits, and particularly berries (gooseberries or black and red currants), for the desert.

Norwegian Climate

Owing to the warming influence of the Gulf Stream, much of the country is habitable. On the West Coast, it comfortably produces warm winters and cool summers. The highest average temperature of 72F (22C) in Oslo in July is in the south and west of the world. Norway is a large nation with wide variations in its climate and geographical conditions. The wind and weather will change rapidly both at sea and in the mountains, so it is advisable to contact local people with sea experience before setting out into unknown waters.

Magnificent scenery combined with the wide variety of outdoor activities (whale and seal safaris; cave walking; dog-sledding, mountain climbing, etc.) is what makes Norway so enticing to adventurous travelers. Norway has an enormously long coastline interspersed with islands and fjords, turning boating into a pure sanctuary. And the most enjoyable way to discover this unique country’s remote and tempting sections is probably by sailing. The western coastline provides boats with the most comfortable and safe mooring. Though anchorage is free of charge in Norway, there are some details regarding mooring and berths (often complicated). That is why it is easier to let it be dealt with by experts. No matter how well-organized your sailing event looks, consulting and presenting your vacation dream to professionals and letting “12 Knots” do what they are good at is always wise and secure.

Despite popular opinion, Norway is a perfect yacht charter destination with plenty of sunshine and decent weather. Some of the most beautiful fjords in the world can be found, especially on the eastern and northern coasts. You can find a very robust marine infrastructure and several sailor-friendly ports all along its coastline when you arrive on a sailing holiday in Norway.

General Data

Norway is undeniably a wonderful country and an excellent yacht charter destination, taking up the western half of the Scandinavian peninsula and boasting some of the most spectacular fjords and coastline in Northern Europe. Typically the relief is mountainous and rising well above sea level. It is lush and heavily wooded on top of that, giving it that wild beauty tourists find so appealing.

The key attraction is a group of islands that reaches as far as the North Cape along the western coast of the peninsula, offering a large sailing territory and waters safe from the swells and winds at open sea and many excellent anchorages on your sailing holiday. On this section of the coast, one of the main ports in Bergen.

Boasts are much more frequented on the east and south coasts and have several harbors. There are small numbers of commercial marinas, private marinas, and ports all over the beach where it is possible to anchor and supply a boat. The added benefit is that docking is usually free, which will save a lot on your yacht charter budget.

In ports such as Oslo, Stavager, Haugesund, Alesund, Stord, and Bergen in the South, Harstad, Bodo, and Tromso in the North, there are also extensive repair facilities due to a long maritime history. While the south of the country is more open and draws more tourists each year because of the proximity to the Arctic Circle, the north is also very suitable for a boat rental with dryer summers, less noise, and the added advantage of more extended daylight.

Sailing from Norway’s coast

There’s a lot to see when cruising along the coast of Norway. With yacht charters in Norway, there are several potential destinations and itineraries that you can enjoy. We suggest that you visit the Oslo fjord (Oslofjorden in Norwegian), more than 100 kilometers long, situated between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, as a boat charter specialist. There, anyone of its lovely and beautiful inland islands can be visited. From the northern end of the fjord, via Oslo, and to the far south, in the lighthouse of Faerder, lies 100 kilometers full of harbors, canals, islands, and bays that amaze all sailors and enchant nature lovers. Dare to enjoy a boat ride to Norway at your convenience!

In northern Norway, the Lofoten Islands, outside the Arctic Circle, are another exciting destination for sailors. The sun never sets between mid-May and mid-July in Svolvaer and Leknes, Lofoten’s two most important towns. By comparison, in winter, from the beginning of December until the beginning of January, the sun does not appear.

Natural parks like Rondane, Jotunheimen, and Hardangerviddam can be found in Norway; you can also visit its spectacular waterfalls, such as Mardalsfossen, Steinsdalsfossen, or Friaren. Apart from enjoying sailing in Norway, many activities such as skiing, hiking, cycling, climbing, glacier trekking, rafting, and much more can be practiced here, obviously not forgetting to fish. Sailing the Norwegian coast and exploring the country’s interior will make your trip a very full one, as you can see.

You can charter a boat in Norway and comfortably enjoy the midnight sunlight. Or do you prefer to enjoy the breathtaking views of the fjords or the region’s mountains from your boat’s deck? If you dream of all these experiences, do not hesitate. Without a doubt, this destination will amaze you.

Sailing in northern seas

The inexhaustible northern sun does not set from May to the end of July in the land of the midnight sun, where most of the land lies north of the Arctic Circle, and brightens your nights with stunning colors: your sailing will never be the same again! In winter, rent your boat from November to January for a long night trip and be guided by the majestic green lights that float in the sky. The inland weather conditions may be harsher, and there is a subarctic climate in the north of the country. The archipelago of Svalbard, however, has an Arctic tundra climate. It is essential to beware of the Baltic Sea waters, which can freeze over when it is freezing. Surprisingly, except for a few fjords where there is freshwater, the north-west waters are not freezing. There are many small ports and marinas where you can drop anchor, with the sea being an integral part of Norwegian life. They will make your journey easier, scattered around the country. Still, this country’s attraction also lies in its magnificent landscapes and its wild natural environment, which is why mooring places between the sheer rocks or in the fjords help preserve this unparalleled bewitching beauty. However, when dropping anchor downwind of cliffs or mountains, do not underestimate katabatic waves. Before taking to the sea, seek information because the gusts can be hazardous! In all cases, Nordic temperatures are often much colder than what we are used to, so it is essential to be adequately equipped and prepared. Although on-board a bikini may not necessarily be required, the foehn wind sometimes generates intense heat combined with south-west winds, which often leads to rain in areas around Bergen. Motorboats or sailboats equipped with a motor are recommended to be favored because there are sometimes no winds in the northern seas. Adlard Coles Nautical lays out most of these mooring and sailing tips in the “Norwegian Cruising Guide,” which we recommend you acquire for the best experience of Norwegian sailing.

Locations of Interest

Make your way to Tromsø, a modern Arctic town north of the Arctic Circle, which is the starting point for polar expeditions; it is also the gateway to Svalbard, a place where there is complete harmony between Scandinavian culture and the beauty of untamed nature. Here, from September to March, you will see the most beautiful Aurora Borealis in the country. Things are hectic in the summer season, with days that never end! This town is in contrast to its lunar environment, lying a short distance from an ice desert. Also, as you watch the whales’ frenzied dance, be sure to visit the Arctic cathedral and be amazed by nature. Set sail for the Great North next! Make your way to Spitzberg in the archipelago of Svalbard, the perfect place to cruise in May, where you can follow in the footsteps of Arctic explorers and whale hunters: what a thrill to sail in a breathtaking setting amongst the ice! Here, you can see polar bears and seals with your own eyes when you pay a visit to Cross Bay. No more animal documentaries in front of the screen. Further south, rent your boat in Bergen, the country’s primary cultural center and departure point for the region’s most beautiful fjords.

Sailing conditions offer plenty of opportunities for sheltered anchorages on the southwestern coast of Norway. You can stay most of the time in a relatively calm sea within the islands. There are only a few passages that take you out into the open ocean. Winds of up to 20 to 25 knots, especially in the afternoon, can be substantial. The wind is usually between 10 to 20 knots most of the time, perfect for sailing.

Even though most of the hazards are well marked, you need to be aware of underwater rocks and shallow areas. Norway uses the international standard of IALA Region A to aid navigation at sea. There are many iron poles (stakes, perches) in Norway that mark shallow waters or rocks. On the top, many have a pointer pointing to the correct track and deeper waters. Before crossing an iron pole, check your map or plotter for data.

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