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Brazil yacht charter

Brazil provides a wide range of cultures, evergreen national parks, refreshing caipirinhas, paradise bays, and sailing areas for beginners and advanced sailors. Thanks to these tropical climates and the steady trade winds, this area provides a year-round yacht charter opportunity.

Some reasons, why Brasil is a good sailing destination:

  • Strong infrastructure
  • Optimum Wind Conditions
  • Advanced Navigation
  • A broad range of wildlife
  • Variety of conditions of weather

Brazil is broad both in terms of area and population. It is the fifth-largest country globally and has a population of around 200 million; Brazil is the most populous country in South America, is adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, and shares its borders with every South American country other than Chile Ecuador. The country’s name derives from the Portuguese word ‘Brasa,’ which means ‘gloss,’ referring to Brazil’s woods and color. During the Colonial era, this wood was commonly found in the wilderness along the Atlantic coast, providing an essential commercial commodity for the area used for dyeing fabrics. Brazil has an area of 8.5 million kilometers, the currency is called Real, and the official language is Portuguese. Owing to the high immigration rate, there are also a variety of minority languages spoken in Brazil. Some Brazilians speak English, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. Brazil’s southern coastal regions are the most heavily populated areas where the coffee plantation landscape dominates the metropolitan regions of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Brazil, with its 62 national parks, is the most species-rich country in the world. However, due to the Brazilian Rainforest’s deforestation, these animals and plant species are increasingly at risk.

Brazil’s Environment & Weather

In the summer, the climate in the charter region of the east coast of Brazil is characterized by moderate winds and high temperatures. Average temperatures in the months between April and October are around 25 ° Celsius (77 ° Fahrenheit); however, temperatures are frequently above 30 ° Celsius (86 ° Fahrenheit) between November and March. The best time to sail in Brazil is April – May, and September through to the beginning of November. The water temperatures increase to a tropical climate of 28 ° Celsius (82 ° Fahrenheit). Sailing records carry evidence of a persistent sea-breeze, where the winds blow at around 19 knots, causing swelling infrequently. However, rain showers are expected in Brazil, and weather changes are likely all the time. Heavy rain is expected from time to time during the summer.

Navigating Conditions

It is possible to navigate Brazil all year round. However, Brazil’s navigation conditions are best in the summer, although some boaters prefer to sail in the spring and autumn. The sea temperature is around 28 degrees Celsius on average during the summer, but in the south of the country, temperatures will fall below 16 degrees during the winter.

During the summer in Brazil, winds from the north blow daily at a speed of 12 knots. The wind is always low between Rio de Janeiro and Florianópolis. In winter, look out for the “pampeiros,” a violent wind with speeds of up to 60 knots.

Boat rental is starting to grow more in Brazil. Still, motor boating is the main activity (apart from fishing). 80 percent of the Brazilian fleet is made up of motorboats.

Getting around

The local language is Brazilian Portuguese (not Spanish, not European Portuguese).

Timekeeping in Brazil is very versatile. It is typical and socially acceptable to arrive 30 minutes later than expected.

Buses operate daily between the city of Rio de Janeiro and Angra dos Reis. The bus arrives at the main entrance of Marina Verolme, and from there, it’s about 500m to the docks. The bus company from Rio de Janeiro to Angra dos Reis and Paraty is Costa Verde Transport. To get off at the marina bus stop, tell the driver in advance. It is not recommended to rent a car in Brazil.

Between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

The new Marina Verolme is the ideal starting point for a more extended charter cruise. By car, it’s just thirty minutes away from Rio de Janeiro and roughly two hours away from Rio de Janeiro airport. With either a catamaran or a sailboat, going alone or sailing with an accomplished captain and crew, Brazil’s east coast is flexibly sculpted. The town of Paraty is the favorite stop among many sailors. Partay has 37,000 residents and is situated on the stunning Costa Verde. This small town has a charming old colonial atmosphere that has become a national monument. Besides, regular traffic in the city is blocked, so a calming walk through the old town with its music festivals and art exhibitions is strongly recommended.

On the other side, the multicultural São Paulo is waiting with its 11 million inhabitants. São Paulo has a lot of excitement and nightlife, so it is also compared to New York City. The best view of the skyline of São Paulo is definitely at the top of the 168-meter-high “Edificio Italia” hotel, which also contains an excellent Italian restaurant with panoramic views of the city. Boredom does not occur here, mainly when the annual Rios City Carnival occurs. During the carnival, the town is transformed into a single, vast, colorful group.

There are many fascinating stopovers and sights in Brazil: Salvador de Bahia, Fortaleza, Ocean Island, Rio de Janeiro, Ilha Grande, Vitória, the Amazon, Rio Grande do Sul, Santiago do Iguape … Tropical plants, sparkling waters, and sandy dune-lined beaches guarantee a memorable trip to Brazil.

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