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Yachts charter in Croatia

Croatia has more than 1000 islands, making it a perfect yachting destination – perhaps the world’s best. It is the ideal location for chartering yachts year-round with its typical Mediterranean cuisine, virgin forests, and sandy beaches. In the last decade, Croatia has been the hottest sailing destination in Europe.

You can charter any type of yacht on Yachtco and make the most of your sailing trip to Croatia. There are many sailboats, catamarans, luxury yachts, motorboats, motor yachts, and gulets to choose from.

Your travel will take you to the picturesque islands like Vis, Hvar, Krk, and Cres and the major cities of Dubrovnik, Split, and Pula. There’s something for everyone, from the magnificent Roman architecture of Split – don’t miss the chance to visit the Diocletian Palace – to the rich culture and cuisine of the countryside and the Dalmatian archipelago. Try the delicious wild cherries of Croatia, the Lovran asparagus, the popular Punat olives, the Kvarner scampi, and The šurlice, the local pasta. Enology buffs love Croatian wines, particularly Vrbnička žlahtina from Krk, Trojšćina Susak, and Kastavska Belica Kastav.

Yacht Charter Croatia is a destination for those who want to sail, explore, and enjoy the beautiful Croatian coast and islands. You can find and book all the yachts found in Croatia’s charter bid, covering all the regions: Istria, North Adriatic, Dalmatia, and South Adriatic at Yachtco – just let us know and get a quote.

Bareboat charter in Croatia-Active sailing holidays is very common with clients who have sailing experience and have a valid certificate of competence required to rent and sail a boat in Croatia without a skipper. Alternatively, the Crewed or Skippered Yacht Charter in Croatia will give you a lovely holiday onboard and a relaxing sailing holiday in the Adriatic. When you book a boat in Croatia, please make the most of our early booking and last minute discounts.

Yachtco provides some 7000 yacht charter vessels available for hire along the entire Croatian coast and islands. Here you can conveniently find, book, and rent all types of vessels available in Croatia.

Yacht charter in Croatia includes boats for regular trips, small ships with 1 to 3 cabins, larger ships with 4 to 6 cabins, and luxury yachts with more than 12 persons. An extensive range of yacht charter sailboats and catamarans makes Croatia an excellent location for sailing and boating holidays.

If you plan to rent a catamaran in Croatia, you will enjoy a mix of sailing and luxury. Those who choose pace or cruise will be delighted with the unexpectedly large offer of motorboats available for charter in Croatia. Renting powerboats helps you to see as much of the Croatian coast and islands as possible. Finally, the charter of gullets and motorsailers in Croatia completes this nautical bid, which gives you a relaxing holiday on our coast. You can find all the exclusive deals and extra discounts at Yachtco.

Split, the second-largest city in Croatia, is a real gem worth exploring by sea. Its old town will surely take your breath away with its ancient monuments and narrow cobbled streets. Several nearby destinations can be discovered: Brač, Hvar, Lastovo, Trogir, and Vis, all outstanding beauty islands.

You can also sail to Zadar and walk around the picturesque center of the island.

When chartering a yacht in Croatia, one should visit the Kornati National Park to explore its 147 islands. This part of Croatia is a world paradise, home to unique flora and fauna. A perfect destination for nature lovers is offering a range of outdoor activities, such as hiking, snorkeling, and swimming in the sea.

And then there’s Dubrovnik, “the pearl of the Mediterranean,” as this magnificent city is also called. You’re going to marvel at the city’s gracious walls and the old port where you can dock if you hire a boat in Croatia.

The old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which will take you back to a different era. Sailing enthusiasts fall in love with Croatia for its modern boating facilities and marinas in most sailing destinations, including Pula ACI Marina, Brač, Split, Dubrovnik ACI Marina, Rijeka, and Trogir.

There are also many isolated coves and bays to explore to enjoy a boat ride with your family or friends. With the best deals, Yachtco helps you find the ideal yacht charter for a dream holiday.

You can choose between sailboats, motorboats, and catamarans in Croatia that allow you to sail with or without a skipper. A Croatia charter is sure to top your list of the best sailing holidays you’ll get anywhere.

Being a top-rated destination, you’re going to be able to pick from best types of boats available for hire anywhere in the world. From latest motor yacht models to smaller vessels, choose your boat to explore a thousand islands that make up Croatia.

It is not mandatory to own a luxury yacht to enjoy what the pearl of the Adriatic Sea has to bring. Many of Croatia’s sailing charters are inexpensive, and that’s more than enough to enjoy fantastic sailing holidays.

Speaking of exploring the Adriatic Sea and its itineraries, Croatia offers a large number of exciting routes. Considering the country’s scale, national parks cover a large part of it, and it is beautiful to set sail to at least one of them.

It doesn’t matter whether you intend to stay for a day or a week on your sailing holidays; there are routes for everyone: family sailing, day boat hire, yacht charter for a week or more. Be ready for some mouth-dropping scenic views, as those areas are completely breathtaking. The crystal clear water, along with the green islands and the summer of 30°C will make you leap straight from your boat to the water and have the time of your life.

Croatia is the largest sailing holiday destination in the world. The weather conditions in the Adriatic Sea are ideal for sailing 7 months a year. The water in the anchor bay is crystal clear. The distances between the islands are moderate, and the safe waters are suitable for holidays with family or friends.

Owing to rivalry, Croatia’s boat rental rates are the lowest in the whole of the Mediterranean. Authentic local cuisine lets vacationers enjoy the full taste of the Mediterranean diet. World heritage, such as the Venetian cities of Zadar, Split, Korcula, and Dubrovnik, is beautiful to visit on a boat ride. Lovely Dalmatia blends a stunning coastal landscape, an extraordinary past, and excellent infrastructure.

Also, some of the most modern ports can be found there. The yacht charter fleets are well managed. For very little money, you can expect a high level of service quality. There is always a safe harbor within reach, and the atmosphere is mild. The winds are favorable and thus suitable for family sailing holidays. And when chartering a yacht in Croatia, you’ll also enjoy the light and safe local food, the view of the lush green vegetation on the coast, or any of the nature’s attractions like the massive waterfalls.

Once you choose to go to Croatia for your yachting holiday, contact us at Yachtco to get a quote. Your personal booking agent will contact you, and help you guide through a process of choosing a boat and suggesting you with what to do and what to see. They have unrivaled knowledge of the Croatian coast, from providing hundreds of crewed yacht charters on either catamarans or bareboat visiting destinations firsthand to ensure you have the best experience. Don’t leave your holidays to chance; leave it to the pros!

Your Yachtco Brokers will lead you on a tailor-made itinerary, highlighting the must-do activities and the best restaurants in Split and Hvar Beach Clubs. Suppose you pick a luxury motor yacht, a crewed catamaran, a catamaran with a skipper and a hostess, or a bareboat sailboat. In that case, you’ll experience a holiday like no other, and you’ll be desperate to try a new Croatia yacht charter destination for the next summer.

Chartering options in Croatia

Bareboat yacht charter and boat rental

The bareboat charter is the most common and engaging of all our charter choices. It’s an excellent choice for people with certain sailing experiences who choose to design their itineraries suited to their interests. Suppose you decide to select a bareboat charter option. In that case, you will enjoy complete privacy on board, individual passenger cost management, as well as a free choice of sailing destinations. This is the most economical type of charter boat. If you have a skipper license and an appropriate knowledge of bareboating, you will enjoy an active sailing holiday in Croatia.

Skippered yacht charter and boat rental

Skippered charter in Croatia is also widely demanded the charter of sailing yachts, catamarans, and motorboats. You can pick any boat in our yacht charter offer and employ a skipper responsible for running the yacht. The skipper/captain you wish to recruit has all the requisite licenses and nautical experience, communication skills, and most of all, a friendly attitude towards guests or passengers. Per your wishes and weather conditions, you will make the best decisions on itineraries, roads, anchorages, etc. So renting a skippered boat in Croatia can be a perfect option for a casual, relaxing, and carefree sailing holiday.

Crewed yacht charter

Crewed charter in Croatia is the most customized type of yacht charter that applies to gullet charter and luxury motor yacht charter. It is one of the most relaxed and pleasant types of holidays you can spend in the Adriatic, completely arranged according to the client’s wishes and desires. Because the crew (captain, steward, cook) is with you 24 hours a day, visitors are provided with full service at any time. You may choose between half-board, full-board, or all-inclusive service, depending on your food type preferences, as well as any other unique request you might have.

Charter of the Croatian Gulet

The gulets are huge wooden sailing yachts. They usually have 4-6 cabins, complete with en-suite bathrooms, large dining rooms, socializing areas, large sunbathing decks, and a large crew, complete with captain, cook, hostesses deckhands. Gulets are a beautiful sight, with all their sails up in the full wind, and a unique way to experience the wonders of a crewed sailing charter. If you have a few couples or families who would like to charter on the same cruise, the gulets are an excellent choice for their value and their classic and timeless style.

FAQs for renting a boat in Croatia

When is the high season of yachting in Croatia?

As in most Mediterranean countries, the high season covers most of July and August. June and early September are also busy months in common yachting destinations such as Split, Dubrovnik, and Hvar. We suggest that you book a yacht charter in Croatia in mid/late spring or early autumn so that you will find favorable weather conditions for sailing, as well as boats available at reasonable rates.

How many days do I need for a sailing trip in Croatia?

It depends on your budget and your taste. Many tourists chose to explore Dalmatia to visit the picturesque cities of recent Game of Thrones, such as Split and Dubrovnik. Then they head to the numerous small islands of the Dalmatian archipelago – the area lends itself to a one-week island-hopping journey, with common stopovers like Brač, Hvar, Korčula, Vis, and Pag. If you want to visit Istria’s up-and-coming area in the north and Pula’s scenic town, you will need up to 20 days.

Do I need a boat rental license in Croatia?

In most cases, you can easily book a bareboat charter in Croatia if you hold a license recognized in another EU country, such as the ICC (International Certificate of Competence) or the Pleasure Craft Operator International Certificate. You would not need a license for sailboats smaller than 2.5 m. If you do not hold the required license, you still can book a skippered yacht charter in Croatia through Yachtco.

Will I have insurance coverage if I charter a yacht in Croatia?

Yes, all boats available for rent in Croatia through Yachtco are insured.

Where am I supposed to embark on my boat?

Most boat renters launch their journey from one of the biggest ports in the south: Split, Dubrovnik, or Zadar. In particular, the first two are home to large airports where flights from major European counties arrive.

What are the most common winds you can encounter while you’re sailing in Croatia?

The key winds you need to take into account while planning your boat rental in Croatia are Tramontana, a strong north / north-west wind; Bura, a dry, strong, and relatively unpredictable north wind; and Jugo (Sirocco), a dry, warm south-easterly wind coming from the Sahara, frequently followed by heavy rain and storms.

Do I require a visa to visit Croatia?

If you are a resident of an EU country, you do not need a visa, as Croatia is a member of the EU, although it has not yet entered the border-free Schengen region. American nationals may not need a visa either. If you hold a U.S. passport, you’ll get a stamp when you arrive at the airport. It is similar to a visa, which allows you to remain in the country for three months.

What currency will I use in Croatia?

The official currency is the Croatian kuna. It is expected that Croatia will accept the euro by 2025. Some of the shops and hotels also welcome euros.

What kind of Croatian specialties should I try?

Croatia boasts fine cuisine mixing the staples of Balkan cuisine with the culinary rigor of Central Europe. Take, for example, the world-famous Black Risotto, due to its unique color of squid ink. Bruder is a delicious fish food stew containing onions, tomatoes, or vegetables, often marinated in wine or prosecco.

To wash it down, you should try a glass of Rakija, a potent (40% alcohol!) fruit brandy. Honey or plum rakija is a treat!

Why is Croatia so popular sailing holiday?

First of all, there is the beautiful clear water of the Adriatic Sea. The shoreline is mainly rugged and consists of pebble beaches, so the sea is not typically clouded by swirled sand.

Added to this is the magnificent Venetian architecture that dates back to when Dalmatia and its ports had been under the direct control of the Italian capital for a long time-mainly between the 16th and 18th centuries. The mixture of unspoiled nature and Renaissance architecture makes this part of Croatia so undeniably appealing.

The Croatian Adriatic coast is 1,777 km long. From the southernmost to the northernmost point, it is only 526 km as the Crow flies, but it is one of Europe’s most indented coastlines. This means that the total number of kilometers on the coast of the islands, as well as Croatia, is 5.835 km. It, therefore, constitutes three-quarters of the entire Adriatic coastline.

There is a myriad of small bays and archipelagos with numerous small islands. There are 718 islands and islets, 289 smaller rocks, and 78 reefs along the coast, to be precise. 48 of them are permanently populated and host charming medieval cities. That is why Croatia is also very well known as the ‘land of a thousand islands.’

What ports and marinas are the most visited in Croatia?

You should go to the following major port cities for your boating experience: Pula, Zadar, Šibenik, Sukošan, Biograd, Šibenik, Trogir, or Dubrovnik. You can navigate the coast of Dalmatia or hop around the islands. The distance between Dubrovnik in the south and Zadar in the Dalmatian town center is 155 nautical miles.

The Marina Sukošan south of Zadar has an impressive 1,400 moorings and provides a wide range of facilities, including many dry docks. There are approx. 750 berths in Biograd’s Marina Kornati in North Dalmatia, and Marina Mandalina in Šibenik, for example, has to space for 350 yachts up to 100 meters in length.

The ACI Marina Split, southwest of the historic center, has 364 yacht moorings of up to 80 meters. Mariana Lav is located in a luxury hotel complex 8 km southeast of the city center and has 74 boats up to 40 m in length. The Marina Kastela, 7 km from the airport, has 400 yacht moorings up to 100 meters.

With the multitude of islands at your disposal, you have many options to choose where to go. There’s Hvar, which is perfect for a group and has a lovely old town and a great fortress to visit. Korcula also features a beautiful old town, and the surrounding Mljet has a paradisiacal national park with lush greenery and crystal clear lakes. Skradin is at the entrance to the Krka National Park with its many waterfalls. Then you can travel up north to Krk and stop by Brač, Lošinj, Korčula, and many more exciting islands.

Another popular destination is the Kornati National Park, with around 140 islands in northern Dalmatia. It is the densest archipelago of the whole Mediterranean Sea. Mooring is permitted only in specified bays, some of which are fitted with mooring buoys and some with restaurants. The other possibility of mooring among the islands in the park is the ACI-operated Marina Piskera on the SW side of Otok Piskera.

What’s the best time to sail in Croatia?

The sailing season is from April / May to September. In the south, between Split and Dubrovnik, the weather is good and dry until October.

The Bora wind and the Sirocco are the dominant winds in the Adriatic during the winter season (October-May). The Maestral prevails in the summer months. In general, however, summer brings only mild winds. Several elongated islands extend parallel to the shore and are separated by channels. The cruising grounds are also well secured and completely safe for family charter holidays. The sunniest portion of the land consists of the outer islands, e.g., It’s Hvar and Korcula. Here, a total of 2,700 hours of sunshine per year is registered.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Croatia?

Croatia’s boat rental prices are the lowest in the Mediterranean. A smaller sailboat with 2 cabins for 4 persons can be found in the low season from €800 per week. Of course, this is not going to be a brand-new boat. The average weekly charter price for a 3 cabin sailboat is around €2,000.

You have to pay between €4,000-€6,000 a week for a new 40-foot catamaran. You can hold 8-10 people on such a spacious and comfortable vessel. If you do not own a skipper license or cannot navigate yourself, you can calculate a fee of EUR 150 per day for the captain.

Yacht charter rates through Croatia vary by 40% during high and low seasons. If you’re lucky, you could find a highly discounted last-minute charter deal two to four weeks before the date of travel. The safest choice is to book at least 8 months in advance. This will mean that you can count on an excellent Early-Booking Discount when you still have a great range of the newest and best-fitted yachts to choose from.

What kind of boats are available for rent in Croatia?

Along with the Adriatic Coats, you will find the largest number of rental boats in the world. Various choices include the charter of monohull sailboats or catamarans. You may also hire a motor yacht or book a full-board cruise on a typical Gulet. Sailboats and powerboats up to 17 meters long can also be leased without a captain if you possess a skipper license.

Also, there are day charters or fishing boat rentals, often with smaller powerboats between 5 and 10 meters in length. These boats are typically rented out every day.

If you’re new to sailing and enjoying a group vacation, you could opt for a flotilla sailing holiday or a cabin charter trip. And last but not least, a crewed luxury yacht charter will make the dream of your perfect charter vacation come true.

What are the cultural and natural highlights worth visiting in Croatia?

If you’re looking to go sightseeing, you might start with the historic centers of Šibenik, Zadar, and Trogir. Or go straight to Dubrovnik with its famous fortifications and take the cable car up the hill to enjoy some stunning views.

Split is impressive and has much more to see than only the famous Diocletian Palace. And if you like ancient places, the Pula amphitheater founded by Emperor Augustus is for you. The building started in AD 2nd year, and could fit around 23,000 people.

The Krka is the most beautiful national park due to its hundreds of waterfalls. Seeing the 200-400 m wide wall of water flowing down 17 steps is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling experiences in the whole world.

The prospects for water sports in the Adriatic are infinite. Choose from kayaking, water skiing or wakeboarding, surfing, snorkeling, paddling, fishing, and much more.

The nightlife of the old town of Hvar is legendary. There are a lot of celebrities out there to go dancing and clubbing: Pag-esp, guy. Zrče Beach-has gained its reputation as the Ibiza of Croatia. There are a lot of fantastic clubs with swimming pools, roller coasters and a lot more.

Do I need a boat license to rent a sailboat in Croatia?

You need a valid skipper’s license or evidence to have ample sailing experience to sail your bareboat charter yacht in Croatia. The alternative is to hire a skipper with a yacht. Also, a radio license is required, which you might do in a crash course if you don’t have one.

Where is the best spot to sail in Croatia-Island Hopping and Coast Skiing?

Croatia has several good, secure ports from the north to the south. The exact number of all active marinas in Croatia is challenging to determine since they are almost overwhelming in abundance. The ADAC insurance company has over 1000 ports and marinas in Croatia. Most marinas are situated on Istria’s western coast, between Novigrad and Rovinj and Pula and Opatija. On the islands Krk, Cres, and Rab in the Bay of Kvarner, there are marinas in Punat, Cres and Supertaska Draga, and Veli Lošinj on the island Lošinj.

There is a popular and trendy marina in northern Dalmatia in Šimuni. Still, the many options in Zadar, the Kornati Archipelago, Ugljan, Rava, and Dugi-Otok, a little further upstream, also attract interest in these islands. Further south, several marinas are accessible on the islands of Lavasa, Murter, Sukošan, and Biograd. Enjoy the facilities of a well-known marina worldwide by docking at Tribunj, Vodice, Šibenik, or Skradin, which lie along the picturesque Krka River.

The ports of Primošten and Rogoznica in central Dalmatia offer marinas and anchoring possibilities scattered around the city’s bays. The ports of Trogir and Kaštela, as well as Brela and Baška Voda and the islands of Bra, are situated on the coasts east and west of the island of Split, Hvar, Vis. There are also places to anchor off smaller, often entirely uninhabited and otherwise inaccessible islands, such as Šolta, Ciovo, Drvenik Veli, Š? Edro, Biševo, Svetac, Brusnik, Palagruža, Jabuka. However, these islands are often protected areas or natural landmarks, so you must explicitly inquire about the possibility of anchoring near them in advance.

Finally, on the southern Dalmatian islands of Korčula, Mljet, and Lastovo, all loved and well-deserved, day and night accommodation for seafarers. You can find accommodation, particularly in fishing villages and small port towns on the nearby Pelješac Peninsula, where there are many moorings and marinas. These villages and islands offer accommodation at a range of comfort and price ranges, and a variety of dining choices, restaurants, tourist shops, and many other areas also speak English.

If you feel overwhelmed with all the information, let us know and we will gladly help you out!

Where to go when chartering a yacht on the Croatian coast

These are the main areaa where you can charter available boats:

  • Area of Pula:
    • Umag, Novigrad, Porec, Funtana, Vrsar, Rovinj, Pula, etc.
  • Area of Rijeka:
    • Opatija, Rijeka, Cres, Punat, Krk, Rab, Mali Losinj
  • Area of Zadar:
    • Ugljan, Sutomiscica, Zadar, Preko, Sukošan, Biograd
  • Area of Šibenik:
    • Murter, Tribunj, Vodice, Zaton, Sibenik, Primošten, Rogoznica
  • Area of Split:
    • Marina, Vinišce, Seget, Trogir, Kaštela, Break, Baska Voda, Makarska, Tučepi
  • Area of Dubrovnik:
    • Lumbarda, Korčula, Dubrovnik and Cavtat.

The following regions are most popular to charter a boat from north to south:

  • Istria
  • The Bay of Kvarner
  • Zadar
  • Šibenik
  • Split
  • Hvar
  • Baška Voda
  • Dubrovnik

Croatia popular sailing routes

We have a range of ideal routes available to sample many of the best charter areas in Croatia, which we will send you before you come to Croatia. These are some of the most popular ones:

  • Dubrovnik to Split-7 Day yacht charter
  • Dubrovnik to Dubrovnik-7 day yacht charter
  • Montenegro-Croatia 7 Day yacht charter
  • Kornati National Park (Zadar)-7 Day yacht charter
  • Split to Split-7 Day yacht charter
  • Trogir to Trogir-7 Day yacht charter

Popular destinations in Croatia

Croatia has an impressive variety of attractions, from natural havens to ancient cultural destinations and everything in between. If you’re a historian, hiking, or want to immerse yourself in Croatia’s Mediterranean culture, we’ve selected some of the favorite destinations to share with you. Most of the yachts will be situated in the largest cities of Split, Dubrovnik, or Trogir.


It is also known under the nickname the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” Dubrovnik has long been a popular seaside town famous worldwide for its beauty and fascinating history. There are winding alleys, terraced restaurants, flowered stairs, and magnificent churches beautifully preserved within the ancient walls, behind an impressive gateway.


Located between Mljet and Hvar, Korčula is a unique island with narrow streets that lead to ancient churches and squares. Expect to find hidden paths and tiny coves when you reach its shores. Apart from its breathtaking natural beauty, the island of Korcula is also renowned for being the birthplace of Marco Polo!

National Park of Kornati

The Kornati National Park, also known as the “Nautical Paradise,” is a popular destination with more than 100 islands in the Dalmatian Sea. Located under pine trees and covered with fields and olive groves, Kornati National Park is a diverse cluster of islands bound to give something for all. The biggest island is Kornat, from which the archipelago takes its name. Other larger islands include Piskara, Kurba, Vela, Zut, Sit, and Levrnaka.


Trogir is another walled fortress town and a must-see for the delights of Dubrovnik and Split. Get lost in the labyrinth of alleys opening into quaint and timeless courtyard restaurants and take a walk along the illuminated waterfront with market stalls, street performers, and live music.


Despite numerous invasions from century to century, Hvar is thought to be one of the world’s ten most beautiful islands. Move back in time in the oldest town in Croatia, Stari Grad, on the north side of the island and experience an ornate Gothic style in the vibrant party capital, Hvar Town. It has crystal clear waters and luscious pine forests to discover; Hvar will make your charter a delightful stop.


Split is not only an excellent port to launch your charter, but it is also an ideal destination to visit. As the main town in Dalmatia, Split is a beautifully preserved Roman city, rich in history and culture.

Ideas of the itinerary for Croatia

If you choose to visit a particular archipelago or explore a specific area, Croatia offers you many choices to choose from.

The northern area of Istria has a host of historical gems, such as Pula. The Temple of Augustus and the 2000-year-old amphitheater. Over the summer, Pula also hosts several activities, including two major music festivals.

The Kvarner Bay is also referred to as the Kvarner. The gulf is one of the best-kept secrets in Croatia. The bays here are just amazing with local cuisine in the small seaside villages. You’ve got a fair chance to spot dolphins here as well!

Zadar is full of Venetian ruins and historic old town atmosphere, but it also has a decent share of modern advances. You’ll find a giant sea organ played by the sea on the seafront and a solar-powered dance floor.

Šibenik leaves you within a short sailing distance from the Kornati Islands and is also close to two mainland national parks. This coastal town has a medieval fortress, and St. James’s Cathedral-the largest church in Europe made entirely of stone without any wood or brick construction.

Basic information for sailing in Croatia

  • Location: North-East Mediterranean Sea, East Adriatic Coast.
  • Capital: Zagreb
  • Coastal length: 1,777 km
  • Coastline and islands: 5.835 km
  • The largest islands: Cres, Krk, Brač, Hvar, Pag, Korčula, Dugi Otok, Mljet, Rab, Vis, Lošinj
  • Population: c. 4,225,316
  • Climate: Mild, Mediterranean Sea
  • Country code +385
  • Main charter bases: Pula, Zadar, Sucošan, Biograd, Šibenik, Trogir, Split, Dubrovnik
  • Average wind speed: 2-4 Beaufort
  • Primary season: from May to October
  • The month with the highest average temperature: 29.8°C in August
  • The month with the lowest average temperature: January, 15.4°C
  • The month with the highest average rainfall: December, 113 mm
  • The month with the lowest average rainfall: July, 28 mm
  • Months with most sunshine: July, August 13 a day
  • Months with the least sunshine: December, January 5 a day
  • Croatia has been a European Union member since 1 July 2013. The remaining period of validity of the passport applied for shall be ninety (90) days from the stay’s scheduled end date
  • The following documents must be given before you leave for your yacht rental in Croatia:
    • Navigation certificate;
    • List of passengers/crews;
    • Certificate proving the capacity of the vessel’s driver to perform duties on board, in compliance with the rules in place in the country of registry of the ship or the corresponding provisions in force in the Republic of Croatia;
    • Insurance against losses incurred by third parties;
    • Certificate of ownership or permission to use a vessel provided by the owner;
    • License disk / adhesive sticker, obtainable from the port master’s office at the port of call.
  • International vessels are required to report to the port master’s office at the first port location to carry out the formalities for entry into the country, including the payment of tourist and shipping taxes. In exchange for this charge, the port authorities shall issue a one-year license for the disk / adhesive sticker, the expense of which shall be calculated in proportion to the type of vessel and the power of the engine. Any rowing boat of any kind, less than 2.5 meters in length and ships with a propulsion capacity of less than 5 kW, shall be excluded from the charge of the license disk / adhesive sticker. The possession of a nautical license is mandatory for motorboats, including inflatable boats, regardless of engine capacity.

Apart from the above factors, it is reasonably easy to reach the Croatian coast by car or coach from Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, and Serbia.

Prices and details on the boat charter in Croatia

If you’re looking to rent a boat in Croatia, it’s essential to know that the season will determine the price. The sailing season usually begins in May and ends in October. The highest rates fall during the busiest season, generally in July and August.

You should expect an average of 500 €a day for a charter of catamarans in Croatia and an average of 350 €for sailboats. Outside these months, the prices are going to be a little lower.

It is essential to know that when you book a bareboat charter in Croatia, you need to be sure that you have your license as well as your VHF certificate. The port authorities expect this, so be sure to prepare ahead of time.

In March, 53% of the boats are already booked usually. In mid-July and August, this figure is up to 90%. November tests the lowest number of vessels booked. If you want to book a motorboat for the day, it would be possible to make a request a few weeks before, but a yacht charter needs to be booked months in advance.

Croatia Weather and Wind, Tides and Currents: Scirocco, Mistral, / Jugo, and Bora

Those fluent in the local language can visit the Croatian Sailor’s Association website, updated daily. The website lists the climatic conditions currently existing in the different regions of Croatia. While the Croatian site offers a comprehensive account of what is happening in the city, general information can be found on several English sites. The Croatian Adriatic Sea generally enjoys windless weather, particularly during the summer high season, making the waters very calm and perfect for sailing, even for beginner sailors.

Although the air is still in the night and early morning, particularly in the areas around the coast, there is a lovely Mistral wind blowing mainly from the north-west in the summer months of the high season. The Mistral is a beautiful breeze that you can enjoy in the hot summer days that Croatia will experience.

As the cool sea breeze hits its high point from the north and south, reaching from 4 to 7 on the Beaufort scale, usually vertical white clouds form and seldom form the so-called Maelstrom storm. The cloud formation appears to occur between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Other common winds in the Adriatic Sea are the Scirocco and Jugo winds between 2 and 4 on the Beaufort scale. The winds of Scirocco and Jugo are softer, they appear to blow uniformly, and in spring, summer, and early autumn, they generally carry dust, heat, and moisture from across the sea.

Another unpleasant wind is the katabatic Bora, with wind speeds of up to 200 km / h and 75 KN and 110 KN forces. The dreaded Bora winds may form from low pressures in Upper Italy or high winds in Ukraine and are called black or white Bora winds. Sudden and large gusts of the Bora will occur from northeast to east all year round. They are longer in the winter, but in most cases, they typically hit a height between 7 and 11 in the morning and 6 and 10 in the evening. The Croatian radio stations’ alerts will remind you about the winds so that you are always alert. For people who are unfamiliar with the surroundings and those who do not have a Croatian-speaking skipper, there are more signs of this non-dangerous wind: if you see rolls of clouds in towers on the hilltops and then vanish, and if you see crests of clouds coming from the east, you can anchor at the next possible opportunity.

Far fewer problems occur to the Adriatic tides; water level changes usually vary only within a meter, and the current may just change slightly to the north-west.

A Short Presentation of Croatia

With sparkling waters, medieval towns, and more than 1,400 islands to discover, Croatia continues to attract sailors and yacht enthusiasts year after year with its 350 km of pristine coastline. An old, vibrant history, sometimes dating back to the Middle Ages, lies inside the coastal cities, complementing the breathtaking Adriatic Sea, full of undiscovered coves and islands. Chartering a yacht in Croatia means seeing the Mediterranean as it once was.

For centuries, Croatia has passed between the Illyrian, Roman, Christian, Venetian, and Austrian empires, leaving behind its cultural impression and creating a unique mix. Although Croatia is growing in popularity as a tourist destination, it remains one of Europe’s best-preserved destinations, particularly when viewed from a charter yacht.

From vibrant towns like Hvar and Dubrovnik to tiny islands full of quaint streets like Mljet and Trogir, there’s something for everyone during their holidays in Croatia.

Croatia is famous for its natural beauty, which blends seamlessly with the towns to provide you with a relaxing cruise, alternating nature’s peace and beauty with the medieval towns along the way. There are many picturesque bays, bays, and sandy beaches to enjoy during your cruise along the coast.

Activities that go along with the ocean at your back door are not only enjoyable for Croatians but also a vital part of Croatia’s growth and self-awareness-one of the most beautiful sailing holiday destinations for people both culturally and emotionally. Logically, the ocean plays a crucial role in Croatia’s people’s traditions, so it is a central part of the country’s self-image. Not only does the coast provide perfect areas for a yacht charter in Croatia, commercial fishing, port trade, and maritime transport – all of which are significant aspects of Croatia’s character and economy – there are also a variety of water sports available on the Adriatic. Go swimming, fish with your children, play water polo, go jet skiing, canoeing, wakeboarding, kayaking, surfing, water skiing, or sailing around the Adriatic Sea. Croatia’s long coastline makes all these enjoyable activities possible, and all of them are sports that Croatians engage in and are passionate about. The state-of-the-art, good-quality infrastructure for water sports in Croatia makes engaging in either of them an enjoyable activity that the whole family will enjoy.

Seven of the twenty counties of Croatia lie on the Adriatic Sea: Istria, Primorje-Gorski Kotar, Lika-Senj, Zadar, Šibenik-Knin, Split-Dalmatia Sailing District, and Dubrovnik-Neretva. These counties have a wide range of yacht charter providers, including the rental of sailboats, catamarans, motorboats, and locations for the reservation of space in the marina or mooring area. There are also shops, diving areas, surfing spots, regatta courses, and saltwater pools, all of which are very popular. As one of the most water-rich countries globally,

Croatia also has many inland waterways waiting to be explored. One of the largest inland water bodies is the Plitvice Lakes in Karlovac, not far from the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Other well-known sites are Lake Vrana, between Zadar and Šibenik, Lake Dubrava, in the northern part of the town, and Varaždin, Lake Peruča, in Dalmatia, and Lake Prokljan, where there are ample fishing grounds, in the vicinity of Šibenik and Skradin.

Travel Hints to Croatia

The three main airports are Croatia’s inland capital, Zagreb (ZAG), Split (SPU) and Dubrovnik (DVB), while smaller airports operate regional flights during high season.

Smaller airports such as Rijeka Airport (RJK) and Pula Airport (PUY) also exist and are worth checking out, as they often have direct European flights.

Train services are primarily networked inland, rather than along the coast, so if you take public transport, we suggest taking a bus.

Conditions for the environment and sailing in Croatia

The sailing season and the high season coincide perfectly, which means that you will enjoy endless sunshine and swim at pleasant sea temperatures while cruising through the Adriatic Sea. Before or after the peak months, July and August is also a great time to set sail, as the temperatures are cooler and more relaxing, and the crowds are less crowded.

Temperatures in the summer season are averaged between 25 ° C and 30 ° C, and the wind blows in the north-west direction roughly. 3-4 of them.

Croatia yachting summary

Croatia is the pearl of the Adriatic, offering many beautiful landscapes. Halfway between Central Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, it provides thousands of islands and more than 6000 kilometers of coastline. You’re bound to find the beach of your dreams when you’re sailing. When you charter your boat in Croatia, you will be able to explore it endlessly while sailing in a fun environment.

You can launch your holiday in Croatia by renting a beautiful sailing yacht from Pula, on the coast of Cape Istria, which is one of the safest ports in Croatia. Don’t miss the chance to visit ancient sites such as the Roman amphitheater. Biograd, on the other hand, is situated in central Croatia and allows you to sail to the islands of Kornati.

The islands are limestone and sparsely populated, perfect for a peaceful and fun exploration on a RIB or a catamaran. Another famous starting point for renting a boat is Hvar, an island ideally situated on the Adriatic Sea, which is considered to be a top holiday destination.

Croatia is a playground for sailing and boating with more than 1,000 islands and thousands of kilometers of coastline. It began to be a popular boating destination in the 1980s and has only increased in popularity.

If you plan to start your cruise by boat from the center of Croatia, there are several options for your departure port: Zadar, Sukošan, Biograd, Murter, and Šibenik. From here, sail to the fascinating Kornati Archipelago, which includes 147 islands and islets in an area of just 15 kilometers. Many islands are scattered within such a small area, making a perfect spot for sailors searching for hidden bays.

Be sure to see the cliffs overlooking the sea in Donji Kornati and those on Klobučar Island (the highest is 80 meters). The islands are mostly uninhabited, so there are no hotels, but the fishermen provide hospitality in their own homes. Sailing from the Bay of Hiljada to Zut is a flat-water paradise landing at Kornat, the archipelago’s largest island. By putting the buoys on the turquoise water, you’ll also know where the taverns are for a special seafood dish over the water!

You will enter the islands of southern Dalmatia from the south. Rent a boat from the historic port of Dubrovnik or the northernmost ports, such as Trogir. Charter a boat from Split, and you’ll be sailing around the island of Korčula, known for its beautiful beaches.

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