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Charter of yachts in Sweden

Sailers searching for new sailing destinations to discover may want to visit Sweden, the undisputed Queen of the North when it comes to sailing thrills. Especially for those who love adventure or love Nordic themed vacations, we recommend a boat rental in Sweden. The Swedish capital Stockholm is home to an archipelago of some 30,000 islands and islets, some 1,000 populated, and it has a rare experience of boating if you want to charter a yacht in Stockholm.

Charter holidays in Sweden

Sweden is a Scandinavian nation with a vast coastline. It’s a favorite location for people chartering yachts in Scandinavia because of its beautiful sights and cooler temperatures, and it’s the perfect location to start chartering a boat.

With various sailboats, motorboats, and catamarans accessible via Yachtco, there’s something for everyone in the beautiful Swedish waters. Sweden is a large country full of exciting history and incredible landscapes, along with an extensive coastline, which means that there will be something to quench any traveler’s interests. Sweden is also bordering the Baltic Sea, where you can again sail around and visit destinations along the German coast.

You can’t get bored in Sweden. Thanks to its unique geographical location, one of the best things to do are set sail and explore the archipelago. Stockholm has breathtaking unspoiled coastlines, spectacular natural scenery, and plenty of islands to explore, no wonder why this is a great sailing destination.

Cost and availability for renting a boat in Sweden

The cost of chartering a boat in Stockholm varies depending on the type of boat and the season. The best sailing season in the area is from July to September, when you’ll find the highest rates. Generally, if you want to rent a boat in Stockholm, expect to pay about €150 per day for a sailboat and €300 per day for a catamaran.

Do I need a charter license to charter a yacht in Sweden?

No permit is required if the boat you hire is less than 12 meters long and 4 meters wide. However, if you don’t feel comfortable renting a bareboat or lacking experience, you can hire a boat with a skipper. In that case, the skipper will drive the ship, and you can sit back and relax.

Yachting destinations in Sweden

There are mainly two sailors groups: sailing in the north and those who enjoy floating in the south. If you’re of the latter kind, you’ll love to charter a boat and cruise along the Swedish coast! The wind whipping up the water is a beautiful sight, but even more spectacular is the opportunity to travel through these waters by boat or yacht. Sweden is an exciting sailing destination for those who are looking for excitement on a sailing expedition.

The coast of Sweden draws millions of tourists all over the world with its remarkable sights. The deep inlets between the cliffs, the fishing villages, and the many islands make it an unforgettable experience. You’ll find a lot of different marinas on your way when you’re sailing. You’ve got to make sure that all of them are well fitted with all the requisite amenities.

If you’re looking for an adventurous trip or prefer a relaxing holiday onboard, Yachtco charter company is offering you the opportunity. You can choose to sail either bareboat or choose a crewed yacht and relax while sailing – ask us for a quote.

Weather in Sweden

The summer season in Sweden, from July to September, is the perfect time to sail there. It is chilly and gloomy with 20 degrees Celsius and daylight of about 20 hours a day. On the other hand, the winter season is cold, and the temperature is at most 1-degree celsius.
The warmer it gets, the fewer visitors can sail around Sweden. If you want to stop mass tourism, you can rent a yacht outside the high season! Sailing right before the summer or a little after that can be a significant period of rest for you.

You’re probably going to experience a sailing adventure on a non-stop daylight holiday on board! The sunlight is around 20 hours a day, particularly in the northern part of Sweden. This helps you to sail and explore at any time of the day you like. In central and southern Sweden, daylight lasts from 18 hours a day to the most typical in other countries-12 to 15 hours a day.

What do you have to pack for a sailing holiday in Sweden?

Don’t forget warm clothes while you’re planning for your sailing trip! Scarfs, woolen jumpers, warm coats, jackets, and shoes are the must-haves. In case you’re wondering what else you may need, make sure you check out Tubber’s ultimate sailing checklist blog!

Where to go sailing in Sweden?

The capital of Sweden, Stockholm, is spread over 14 islands, close to each other, and allows sailing. Not only is it one of the fastest-growing metropolitan cities in Europe, but it also has its Nordic culture. Also, Stockholm retains the old architecture that you can search on your yacht.
Stockholm’s island district is one of the first things you’re going to do with your motor yacht or cruise! Connected through bridges and ferries, you can sail smoothly and fall in love with the magnificent palaces and quayside vessels. These views are just lovely and unforgettable.
30,000 islands to rent a yacht to the archipelago
In Sweden, you have the opportunity to rent a yacht and sail around 30,000 islands near Stockholm. Enjoying Swedish nature outside the vibrant city and looking around at the beautiful landscape-you’ll be amazed! The furthest islands are about 3 hours sailing by boat or yacht from Stockholm, but the rest are close enough to check out within 45 minutes of sailing. The views are both unique and well suited for a comfortable sailing experience. Also, there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and exciting, adventurous activities open to all visitors.

The city Umeå, One of the most common places to hire a boat is the city of Umeå, an hour by plane from Stockholm. With its flowering rivers and incredible wilderness, boating in this city is a beautiful experience that allows you to enjoy the generous nature and, also, to see the northern lights.

Nacka Östra is another perfect place to hire a yacht. While you’re on your motor yacht, you will admire the architectural elegance of the 18th-century estate and the 20th-century historic holms on the inner and outer side of the city of Nacka.

Vanernen, the largest lake in Sweden and the third-largest in Europe is your next sailing destination-Vänern. With or without a crew and a skipper, you have the opportunity with Tubber to discover 22,000,000 islands and islets in the Vänern lake by boat or yacht. Along with the archipelagos, the coast is almost 5000 km long-a a paradise for sail-lovers to sail through.

Top 4 facts on yacht charter Sweden

Sweden is well known for its well-protected nature, which is 2/3 of the country’s land and attracts millions of sailors worldwide. It is true that large parts of nature are owned or privately owned by corporations, but there is Swedish law that allows you to go almost everywhere you want. The only duty is to keep nature and animals safe.
Another interesting fact for yacht charter fans is the numerous lakes in Sweden-a total of 95,700 lakes spread throughout the world. This provides plenty of space for you to rent a yacht and explore the beauty of Sweden.
There’s an excellent opportunity for yacht lovers in the Vasa Museum, Stockholm. There is a large ship from the 1600s, which draws the attention of millions of people. It stands out not only because of its monumental scale but also because of its royal history and remarkable architecture, which has remained the same.
It’s a fact that Sweden stands out in every place in nature with its new and clean water. It’s drinkable and super soothing water that flows from the north.
Being on your yacht or cruise is a perfect way to discover the infinite landscape. Also, fresh-and-clean-water lakes and the historical Swedish culture will create a great memory.

Highlights from Sweden

Sweden offers four major sailing areas, with 83 boats available to choose from for your sailing holidays. Favorite sailing destinations are to be found in Stockholm, Göteborg, and Västergötland.
At the moment, you can rent a boat and launch your journey from 8 marinas, the most famous of which are the Gashaga Marina, Morningside Marina, and Gothenburg City Marina.
When looking for a cruise, you can choose from the fleets of 9 charter companies in Sweden. Yachtcharter Göteborg and 12 Knots Yachting Club have won the highest ratings from our customers.

Sweden is a unique yacht charter destination suitable for people who want to leave their civilization entirely. Explore various islands and rough coastlines with charter yachts from Göteborg, Stockholm Liding, or Malm. Experience rugged Scandinavian beauty sailing in a kingdom of calm nature and unforgettable scenery. With its rugged coastline and a fascinating past, and excellent weather conditions, the Yacht charter in Sweden has a lot to offer even the most challenging sailors.
A large area of the country is under government security. Sail around to see places with old windmills, secluded beaches brightened by the cool sun, or rare medieval towns with many attractions. All this is going to make a memorable sailing holiday in Sweden.
Stockholm, Sweden, is located on the largest archipelago globally, and we are proud to have a share in this vast Scandinavian paradise finally. We know that you’re going to enjoy it as much as we do. To start planning your Scandinavian sailing adventure, please ask us for a free quote.

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