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Sail the places onboard one of our boats like you’ve always dreamed of – no sailing experience needed!

How to hire your skipper

You saw people relaxing on a yacht, and you wanted it to be you? It can be good news with a skippered yacht charter! You don’t have to know how to sail if you want to hire a yacht, and it can also be cheap. If you can’t navigate, a professional skipper can be found sailing for you, leaving you and your guests to enjoy a relaxing, trouble-free holiday.

Whether you’re sailing in the Caribbean, the Bahamas, the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, Europe, or the Americas, we’ll help you discover some of the most exciting water destinations in the world. You’ll be free to shop on the islands and sail the BVIs, get away from the Greek Mass Cruise Trail, and enjoy Asia’s boat-only beaches.

Our skippered charters will help you make the most of your vacation time wherever you want to go

Get in touch with each other. We’re aiming to make sailing as inclusive as possible, and this is where your dream begins!

Our skippered charter

Choose from our fleet, which is the largest in the world, your catamaran or monohull yacht, and we’ll find you a professional skipper who’s been handpicked for his experience and personality.

Our skippered yacht charters offer the following:

  • Extensive local knowledge
  • Suggestions for destination
  • Focus on guest security
  • Collaborative approach on routes

Who are the skippered charters?

  • Adventure enthusiasts who want to discover destinations from all over the world but are unable to sail
  • New sailors who want to improve their capabilities
  • Sailors who want to explore a new destination and get to know the sailing ground
  • Sailors who want to relax with friends and family instead of sailing a yacht themselves

How is it working?

Any knowledge at all?

Would you like a skipper to be driven off the known routes?

So that’s the skipper for you!

This is a brilliant way, with no obligation to learn ropes. Our friendly skipper will inspire you to take an active part in your holiday, or you can relax and sail around!

Our skippered charter yacht

We have boats to match for all groups and budgets.

Whether there are only two of you, the whole family, or a larger group, we have boats and skippers that are ideally suited for couples as well as larger families and groups of friends.

How is the skippered charter working?

It’s effortless.

We’re chartering a sailing yacht, catamaran, or motoryacht with a skipper who’s driving a boat for you wherever you want to go. You can get as much or as little involved as you want. It’s a perfect holiday activity for your friends and family for the whole family.

Conversely, if you’re more interested in sipping a gin and tonic while you’re sunbathing, you should let the skipper do all the work. Sit back in there and enjoy yourself.

Take your time from port to port, stop for a relaxing lunch, and swim along the way in beautiful bays before enjoying the afternoon breeze and sailing at night to your destination.

It’s better than being scared. Or even worst, getting in trouble.

Skippers allow unqualified sailors or sailors to charter a yacht and experience what we sailors have been doing for years.

Our skippers are seasoned and can advise you on the best ports to visit, restaurants to eat, and places to swim.

Choosing a skippered charter route

If you take a skippered charter, it’s up to you where you’re going. Local knowledge of the skipper will go a long way, but you, your interests and preferences, from where you want to spend your vacation, should also guide you.

Usually, every day you will go to another village, harbor, or island, stop for a relaxing lunch, and swim along the way in beautiful bays if you’d like to stay somewhere for a longer time, of course. It’s up to you!

Skippered charter information

When you hire a skipper, you are responsible for their nutrition. This means that you need them on board for your breakfast, lunch, and drink plans. In the evening, if you want to dine on your own, you can choose to invite them out with you or cover their dinner-your choice.

Most people find the skipper to be one of the best aspects of their holiday, so it seems more fun to plan next day’s adventure while having a beer or two together.

Keep in mind that the skipper always needs his cabin, so please consider this when planning your trip. Many of our yachts have dedicated skipper cabins with a separate entrance-perfect for your privacy! Ask us how to book the best suitable skippered charter yachts.

What are the next steps?

It’s like a vacation in a mansion! You need to look at the different destinations and choose the one you like. Croatia and Greece are the perfect starting point for your sailing adventure since thay have a many boats at your disposal!

Choosing a yacht is the same as choosing a house (six people will need at least three bedrooms-called yacht cabins + one extra for a skipper = a four-cabin yacht!).

The easiest way could be to give us a call or an email, and we can advise you on the best area and length of the boat.

Yacht charter with skipper. Your time.

Highlights of having a charter skippered:

  • Relax and let the skipper take responsibility
  • Be as hands-on or relaxed as you like
  • Learn from a seasoned skipper
  • Gain local knowledge and guidance
  • Peace of mind and safety in the water
  • Discretion and privacy when necessary
  • Experience a skippered sailing holiday where a professional skipper takes the helm and lets you sit back and relax away from the helm
  • Whether you’re new to sailing or a professional looking for an opportunity to relax, skippered holidays help you decide how to spend your days sailing
  • You can choose to hire a skipper for your entire charter holiday or for a day or two. Our cool, highly qualified, and experienced skippers are available onboard one of our world-class yachts in any of our destinations, sharing local knowledge and sailing expertise.

Skippered charter: frequently asked questions

  1. Our skippers can be added to any of our charters for your entire trip, or just a day, whatever suits you.
  2. Skippers can perform several different roles and should be considered if you don’t have a sailing certificate or haven’t been at the helm for a couple of years.
  3. A skipper is also a good option if you want a part of your adventure to include a first mate or a captain.
  4. If you’ve been hoisting your sails for decades and want some help and support with some of the more physical aspects of keeping a yacht under sail, a skipper can also serve you.

Below are some commonly asked questions about the finer details that come up to help you decide what’s right for you when you choose a skipper.

Is the skipper responsible for the yacht at all times? Can I go anywhere to sail?

Officially, our skippers will be responsible for handling the yacht, even though you can do as much or as little as you like depending on your level of sailing experience, including taking the helm as long as the skipper feels safe to do so.

Where does the skipper go to sleep?

For the duration of your charter, skippers generally have to be assigned a stern cabin to themselves, although the bow may occasionally be agreed upon. If you book your flight, anything outside this regular agreement should be decided with discretion.

What/How are we going to provide for our skipper?

It’s entirely up to you. And remember to buy enough to satisfy your skipper if you’re going to pre-order all your food online.

If you are planning to do so once you arrive, we recommend that you talk to your skipper when you meet and find out what they like and do not like and any limitations on a diet.

The skipper may be invited to dinner and may agree to stay on board or choose to stay on board. If you don’t have food onboard and don’t want your skipper to come with you, you can give them ‘pocket money’ to stop at their local favorite spot. If you need them, they’re just going to be a phone call away.

What the hell is the skipper doing at night?

Again this is entirely up to you as each team is different and communicates with people in different ways. Rest assured that our skippers are experts who can meet new people and read different social situations comfortably.

If you invite your skipper to be part of the fun at night, they may agree or choose to stay on the yacht and wait for your return. You might consider your skipper to be an early riser who bunks early after a long day of sailing.

Do we have to tip our skipper?

We recommend it, and you usually give your skipper a tip. The guide amount would be EUR 100 per person in your group, but as it could cover quite a distance, we will leave it at your discretion and ask you to give the compliment that your skipper deserves.

Will the skipper speak English?

Our skippers are of mixed nationalities, but they will all speak English to a degree that will in no way hinder your holiday.

What are the characteristics of a skipper?

Our skippers will allow you to take advantage of the best spots to moor, eat, and visit other areas at the best of times. They are fully qualified, commercially approved, and have extensive local knowledge to share with you as seasoned sailors. They’re going to show you how to sail, help you rediscover the faith in the helm, give you an extra pair of hands, and manage the heavy lift.

Can we have a skipper on a flotilla holiday?

Sure – if you’re new to sailing, want someone else to take care of your yacht’s maneuvering, or want a helping hand or a regional expert on board, you can hire a skipper to accompany you on a flotilla. You can even charter a cabin to join a fleet with a skipper and a crew of up to 8 others if you’re traveling alone or as a couple and don’t need the entire yacht for yourself.

Charters of skippered yachts

A catamaran, sailboat, or motor yacht charter with the Yachtco skipper option is a great choice if you’ve never chartered before, if you want to book a yacht larger than your comfortable handling, or if you want more time to relax.

Enjoy the peace of mind of ensuring that your skipper is a highly trained and licensed specialist.

Options for the Yachtco Skipper

Yachtco is offering “Friendly Skipper” to join you. Enjoy one-on-one coaching to get acquainted with your yacht or brush up on your sailing skills.

Experience all the excitement of a skippered catamaran, sailboat, or motor yacht charter without the challenge of sailing a new destination. Available to help you get to know your yacht and cruising grounds for the length of your charter.

Would you like an all-inclusive sailing experience at your disposal with Captain & Chef? Enjoy our yacht holidays with the Yachtco crew.

Helpful hints

  • The skipper may be as discreet or engaging as it needs to be. If you want to have a more private cruising experience, tell your skipper when you’re on board.
  • Communicate with your dining habits – do not hesitate to invite your skipper to dine or let them know that arrangements have been made on board.
  • The skipper is an excellent source of local knowledge and secrets kept private!
  • Our skippers are very friendly and professional. Many of our guests become great friends with their skipper, and they often do the same when they come back.
  • For excellent service, a complimentary of EUR 100 per person in your group is welcome-your skipper can take you almost anywhere in your cruising area. In addition to actually sailing a yacht, all associated duties will be performed by your skipper, including charting your route, tracking weather conditions, and ensuring the safety of all guests during the trip.
  • Dinghy Transport – Your skipper can operate this small vessel at times when your yacht’s dinghy is needed to travel ashore to ensure a safe journey to land.
  • Health & Maintenance – Skippers are responsible for maintaining a clean and tidy board at all times. It means keeping the lines straight and out of the way to damage and maintaining equipment that is not in operation. The skipper will also fill the gas and water tanks, but the guests will have to pay any fees.
  • Accommodations – Your skipper will need private accommodation for the duration of your time onboard.
  • Provisioning – Provisioning for your hired crew is required. You can easily add this when you book your charter boat.
  • Security – We’re concerned about your safety. Our skippers are only allowed inside their cabin and the common areas of the yacht.

Charter of skippered yachts

Dreaming about sailing holidays in Croatia, Caribbean, Greece, or elsewhere and having no license or sailing skills or wanting a guide? Thinking about exploring the Croatian coast, swimming in a salty and crystal clear sea, and a calming environment. Choosing a skippered yacht or a skippered catamaran is the best way to enjoy your holiday.

Who’s going to choose a yacht charter with a skipper?

A skippered boat can be picked up by a family or friends who want to leave the skipper with all responsibility. Your sailing license for your skipper is not required.

Sailing skills are not mandatory, but skippers can learn from those who want to engage in regular sailing. We even have advanced skipper requests for regattas occasionally, so even seasoned crews sometimes choose someone who will be master of the boat to have more fun in charter language.

The skippers’ responsibility is to carry out technical checks on the vessel and advise the crew on the route, moorings, and weather conditions. Sometimes, the skipper cannot give the direction you expected because of the weather but in favor of your boat and yourself’ safety. We’re going to make every effort to fit the right skipper into the right group.

You choose a sailing route.

When you’re chartering a skipper, you’re welcome to get your idea of the route and discuss it with the skipper. If the children are on the deck, the skipper will change direction, possibly shortening the routes.

Fee for skipper

Skipper costs around € 150-250 per day (including VAT), and it is customary for the skipper to have a meal with the crew. Payment for skipper will be made on your charter invoice or at our base office during your check-in.

Skippered Yacht Charter Benefits

  • The skipper is responsible for practical boat parts, moorings, and crew protection.
  • Skippers usually know all the best mooring locations, the best restaurants, and the local people’s information sources.
  • Skipper’s expertise can be a gift that can encourage and calm your productive vacation.

If you choose a skippered yacht charter, it’s best to book a boat with a skipper’s cabin so that everyone can have privacy.

How can I make a booking?

If you have already chosen your destination and already know what kind of boat you are looking for (sailboat, catamaran, or motorboat), start searching for a boat on our website ask us about it.

Please contact us via Email or use our online form if you need advice on selecting the appropriate boat. The booking office will be open from 8:00 a.m. 8:00 p.m. (Mon-Fri), and you will receive a reply to all your inquiries within 24 hours at the latest.

Necessary documents: skippered boat and safety deposit; the skipper will have a valid sailing license and a VHF license, and the crew will only need passports or identification.

Security Deposit: All ships are protected, and even with a skipper on the deck, the security deposit must be left in case of damage caused by crew fault (for example, a broken window).

Deposit refundable: paid by (preferred) credit card or cash. The balance of the deposit will be unblocked (returned to the client) after returning the boat and the technical check-out with the skipper.

For a reason, the security deposit is not covered by insurance, such as missing dinghy or broken windows. If the loss is less than the security deposit (e.g., a missing fender of approx. 80 EUR), we will unblock the card and charge the actual cost (e.g., 80 EUR) if the skipper’s fault is that the skipper’s insurance covers the damage.

All damages should be reported to help the number of boat owners immediately.

Charter skippered yacht

If you don’t have enough yachting experience, don’t have the required licenses or want to relax on your holiday and don’t care about anything, you’re going to hire a skipper, and maybe even a hostess or a cook (depending on your needs, preferences and how much space you have on board).

It can make your sailing experience much more enjoyable and enjoyable to have a professional skipper on board. Don’t hesitate to rely on a professional if you don’t have enough sailing experience or doubt your skills.

He’s going to drive the boat and take care of it, but he’s also going to give you some tips on sailing, recommend routes, answer most of your questions, show you some great restaurants and help you find your way in an unknown area (probably).

Due to their size, power and cost, larger yachts can only be chartered with a skipper or crew, and a separate crew cabin is usually available. But if you don’t have one on board, please note that you can save the skipper’s berth. Besides the skipper’s sleeping arrangements, you’re also responsible for the crew’s food, so don’t forget that you buy food or go to the restaurant.

All these things apply to the hostess as well.

She’s going to cook and keep the boat clean, but she can give you some helpful tips and suggestions.

The skipper and hostess will take care of the boat while relaxing and enjoying your holidays. Sometimes some guests forget what their duties are and see them as personal servants, which is not valid. You can read more about the skipper, hostess, and other crew members’ jobs in the Crew section.

If you want to hire a skipper or a hostess, don’t forget why they’re here and treat them with respect so that you can have a fun and enjoyable week for everyone.

Skippers allow unqualified sailors or sailors to charter a yacht and experience what we sailors have been doing for years. Skippers can also advise you on ports to visit, restaurants to eat, and places to swim, always local.

When a skipper is present, the protection deposits do not change, but you are no longer responsible for any damage that may occur during navigation. Your deposit must cover the potential damage caused by you alone: broken plates, glasses, windows, damaged appliances, etc.

The marinas and ports are overcrowded in the high season, and the skipper needs to know when to be in the marina to secure one if you need a berth. The skipper should know alternate ports with commercial berths, even if you don’t have a berth in the marina.

It is also essential to know the local winds and where the anchor is best suited to anchor for the night. The skipper will not only ensure the safety of the crew and the vessel using a skippered yacht charter, he or she will also advise on the choice of the best sailing route, places to visit, and restaurants best suited to your needs.

In an emergency, the skipper will know what to do and who to contact about your location to get the quickest response, much more efficient than using the usual channels.

Also, there are some facts to bear in mind; a skipper wants three meals a day and enough to drink (non-alcoholic). He or she needs a place to sleep and a time to rest. If there is no bed available for any reason, the skipper can sleep in the lounge if it can be transformed into a sleeping area by lowering the lounge table.

Make the lounge his/her private area when this is the case and allow enough time for the skipper to sleep.

Often the marina charges have to be paid right after the dock, or only the ship papers are issued to the master of the port, and the payment is made the next morning before departure. In both cases, take care that at the skipper or harbor master’s request, the skipper has enough money to cover the cost or do it himself.

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