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Yacht charter in Slovenia

The area of whole country of Slovenia can be compared to that of Massachusetts in the United States, but it provides various landscapes. The country borders the neighboring countries of Croatia, Austria, Italy, and Hungary.

You can sail along the Adriatic Sea coast or explore the country’s inland waters by chartering a yacht in Slovenia. Although high mountain ranges in the northwest mark the landscape, there is a Mediterranean landscape in the southwest. While the coastline is not incredibly long, it is only 46 km long, it is sure to give water lovers a unique experience.

Located in central Europe, the Adriatic coast of Slovenia enables entry to the Mediterranean from the heart of Europe. Slovenia is at the crossroads of cultures, making the country’s history and customs varied and fascinating. Take a trip to the north of the country and the Alps, or travel to the short yet lively coastline for your yacht charter experience.

Slovenia is a great starting point for exploring the Mediterranean, with Italy offering Venice and Trieste to the west and Istria’s area and the Kvarner islands of Croatia to the south.

There are various lovely ports and marinas in Slovenia, such as Portorož, Izola, Koper, and Piran‘s Bay. The ancient towns of Piran and Koper are lively and stunning, showing their historical roots. Izola and Portorose are more modern, but both cities are popular destinations for tourists.

Slovenia’s coastal area is renowned for producing fine wine, so you must explore the local wineries and take some time on land to visit the capital city of Ljubljana or walk in the eastern Alps if you hire a car to drive.

Sailing in Slovenia

Typical of the Slovenian Istrian Peninsula, rugged beaches, intimate bays, and clear, azure waters of the Adriatic Sea provide a postcard view at every turn. Izola is the largest fishing port in Slovenia. A significant part of Slovene tourism is also centered here. The city is worth visiting to walk through the old town’s quaint streets and admire the Venetian-style houses. The city of Koper is another significant point on the Slovenian coast. Here you can also see the Venetian influence that overcame the region. The Bay of Fiesa is a perfect spot for boating enthusiasts. It is picturesquely situated between the hills and near Piran and two lakes and a national park. Cruising along the coast, you can enter Piran, which is very spectacular in its Venetian-style architecture.

This is a popular holiday destination due to the weather. It is one of Slovenia’s warmest regions, with an average of 2,346 hours of sunshine a year. The monastery complex of St. Bernard is further from Piran, towards Portorož. Portorož itself is an elegant holiday spot where, in addition to the many sailboats and powerboats offered, you’ll find many bars and restaurants, buzzing with life and attracting tourists from all over the world. It would help if you visited the salt mine nearby in Sečovlje. The Slovenian coast is also a fair starting point for a trip to the Italian beach, Trieste or Venice, or a trip to the Croatian Gulf of Kvarner.

Slovenia is the only nation in Europe to mix the world of the Alps and the Mediterranean, the Pannonian plains and the world of the Karts. The variability of the landscape never fails to astound you. So you may enjoy the sea as your eyes embrace the mountains on the other side. Every mile from the Slovenian coast, there’s a surprise waiting for you. Here is a natural reserve, with dense layers of marl and sandstone, with a single Strunjan cliff that rises to 80 meters above sea level. The cliff is the enormous flysch wall on the entire Adriatic coast. Here are the salt flats of Secovlje, which have already been listed in sec. It’s XIII. More than 150 species of birds nest on the salt flat. The town of Piran (Piran), Isola (Izola), and Koper (Koper) welcome you to their sights of medieval villages, Portoroz, fitted with a marina and airport for sports aircraft, spa and casino, and in the summer with a wide range of activities.

Although its coastline is 46.6 km long, there are many exciting attractions and natural beauties that can be explored while chartering a yacht in Slovenia. Here you can find four seaside towns: Piran, Portorož, Koper, and Izola. The picturesque Piran is the perfect starting point for sailing along the Adriatic coast and exploring Slovenia’s interior. Koper is a quaint old town with a small marina and lovely narrow streets. In Izola, you can moor your yacht or catamaran in the largest marina in the world.

If you want to charter a yacht in Slovenia, Portorož is the most exciting place to stay. Besides visiting bars and pubs, there are also casinos where you can try your luck.

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The tiny coast of Slovenia is charmingly varied: the seaside resort of Portoroz, the lively village of Piran, and the cliffs of Strunjan are just some of the places to sail and rest on boat hire, whether you’re a crewed yacht or a bareboat charter.

The major departure bases for charter yacht holidays in Slovenia are Izola’s bases, Portoroz, which can be reached from Ljubljana, Pula, and Trieste with a transfer service.

Slovenian weather conditions

July is the hottest month in Slovenia with an average temperature of 23 ° C (73 ° F), and the coldest month is January with a temperature of 5 ° C (41 ° F). The month with the warmest sea in July. The sea’s average temperature is 25 ° C (45 ° F).

FAQ about Sailing in Slovenia

What qualifications are required for the bareboat charter in Slovenia?

The Bareboat charter means that you rent a yacht and go out on your own, take all decisions, and take care of all sailing matters. In most countries, yacht charter requires internationally recognized boat licenses, such as ICC, Radio License, or CEVNI. These licenses show that the individual has been trained informal training and has all the requisite boating skills to operate a boat in international waters. If you have a permit from your home country, you can typically complete an ICC application and submit it with proof of your current license to obtain an official ICC certificate.

What documents and licenses do I need on a charter yacht in Slovenia?

Only ports in Koper and Piran (and Izola from May to October) are required to reach Slovenia. The vessel, crew, and passengers must be handed over to the border authorities after anchoring. For this reason, the following documents are necessary:

  • Charter document / rental arrangement
  • A report indicating that the skipper is eligible to manage the vessel
  • Personal identification papers for the passengers on the cruise.

What kind of currency is accepted in Slovenia?

Euros are the currency approved in Slovenia. ATMs are readily available—credit and debit cards are accepted by most companies around the world.

What kind of things should we do on chartered boats?

Sun Bathing, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Tubing, Diving, Cooking, Relaxing, the options are endless.

When sailing, am I allowed to leave the territorial waters of Slovenia?

Slovenia is in the Schengen region, meaning no controls at the border crossings with Austria, Hungary, and Italy. A passport or ID is necessary to enter Slovenia from Croatia if your stay does not exceed three months.

Where can I buy food and supplies for my trip?

Slovenia’s Adriatic coast has three modern marinas – Portorož, Koper, and Izola. Water tourism facilities provide yacht centers where you can buy supplies and grocery stores.

What’s the weather like in Slovenia?

The weather in Slovenia varies from season to season. The coast has a sub-mediterranean climate, and the north-eastern lowlands have a continental climate. Standard temperatures are around 20 ° C in July and about 0 ° C in January. It’s worth finding out the latest weather so you can dress up and equip yourself properly.

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