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If you want to go boating and opt for a yacht charter in Ireland, the Emerald Island provides a wonderfully unforgettable experience. This beautiful island boasts 40 distinct shades of green and unique landscapes of raw beauty, from Galway to Dublin. Is it a coincidence that Ireland was chosen as a filming location by the creators of some of the most famous Hollywood blockbusters, such as Star Wars and Harry Potter?

Cruise through the rivers of Ireland

Ireland gives boating enthusiasts a wide variety of activities, with various options for discovering uncharted territories. For example, if you prefer a quiet cruise, you can explore Shannon and Shannon-Erne’s waterways to enjoy the country’s endless green landscapes. On the other hand, surfing fans can opt for a yacht charter in Ireland to ride the Atlantic Ocean waves, particularly on the island’s west coast. The suggested beaches for water sports and surfing include Bundoran, Lahinch, Strandhill, and Mullaghmore. Seasoned boatmen can also enjoy a trip to the tiny islets near Ireland, such as Clare Island (in Clew Baybay) and Cork Country’s Sherkin Island-magical places where time has stopped and where you can feel the magic all around you!

Yacht charter Ireland

Ireland is often mistakenly ignored as a great place in Europe to rent a boat. The Ireland bareboat yacht renter should indeed be more experienced, as some of the open sea passages can be complicated, even though the distances are often short. However, discovering Ireland on a luxury charter yacht will leave you with a rare and unforgettable experience, with memories to last a lifetime. There is not a more luxurious and relaxing way to travel along Ireland’s coast than aboard a stunning, fully-crewed ship, with deluxe amenities and impeccable service.

Look out for the Royal Cork Yacht Club, the world’s oldest yacht club, Bantry Bay and Oysterhaven Harbour. With its Georgian houses, Kinsale, Castle Haven, and their very steep streets, and the lovely harbor of Arigold are fascinating charter areas. Many marinas, ports, and local pubs are also all around, where you can sample some Guinness, share a laugh, and listen to a song. You can even sail out to Fastnet Rock, notorious for the 1979 Fastnet Storm.
At times, the Irish weather can be a little changeable, and even in the summer months, the water stays cold. From about May until about September is the primary yacht charter season.

Ireland highlights

You can find your favorite sailing destinations in Leinster, Leitrim, and Co. Oh. Cavan. You can currently rent a boat and start your trip from a couple of marinas, the most common being Carrick on Shannon Marina, Banagher Marina, and Belturbet Marina.

Do you need a license to charter a yacht in Ireland?

You do not need a license to sail on a skippered yacht charter. This is also the case where you rent a small motorboat without a cabin for a day trip around the nearby islands or beaches. If you are on a bareboat yacht charter, you need a license.

Sailing holidays in Ireland

The Celtic ruins’ cultural heritage, medieval castles, and stunning dramatic landscapes are a unique feature of Ireland. Ireland is perfect for a memorable sailing holiday because of the myths, beautiful music, cozy pubs, and the local people’s hospitality. From the rugged cliffs of Cork to the secluded peninsula in the northwest, the famed coastline of Ireland has excellent appeal.

From Neolithic sites in central Ireland, Norman castles in the north, and stately homes in the southeast, most regions include a wealth of heritage. The fantasy series Game of Thrones is partly filmed in Ireland precisely for this reason. Ireland’s well known and traditional musicians include Clannad, U2, Mumford & Sons, The Dubliners, Cristy Moore, and The Pogues.

Ireland is a particular country and is perfect for exploring through a sailing trip. A right mix of traveling, culture, and relaxation. Ireland is, as mentioned above, a wonderfully diverse island. These kinds of sailing trips are extra rare, with green hills, blue skies, and the coast often shrouded in fog. Of course, not only is Ireland green, the climate is more humid compared to our southern sailing area.

From busy seaside resorts to picturesque villages and rivers, Norman monasteries, and bird sanctuaries, Ireland has something for everyone. Sandy beaches are interspersed with busy towns with rugged headlands and quiet coastal villages.

Ireland’s southeast has the warmest climate, and even palm trees flourish here thanks to the warm Gulf Stream. Most of the sloping hills, impressive castles, and large mansions are in this area.

Waterford is one of Ireland’s oldest cities, founded by the Vikings in 914.

With colorful shops and a picturesque harbor at the Bandon’s mouth, Kinsale is one of Ireland’s most beautiful cities. In this place, there are a lot of pubs.

A fortress was founded in 841 by the Vikings, where two rivers met in a black pool (Dubh Linn). This site is now a castle in Dublin, and the Celts occupied the area in prehistoric times. Dublin has a wealth of attractions, including cathedrals, Dublin Castle, museums, trendy stores, markets, parks, and pubs. The Temple Bar, with its old medieval streets in the southeast of Dublin, is known as an artistic and cultural entertainment venue.

The Mourne coast, one of the highlights of Northern Ireland with its stunning outliers of the Mourne Mountains in the Irish Sea, lies between Dublin and Belfast. Great to see from the water, so ideal for a sailing trip. Set in a stunning and sheltered estuary guarded by a castle in ruins, close to Carlingford’s picturesque fishing harbor.

If the weather cooperates, Strangford Lough is also a possibility. This fjord is a natural park, and although there is little current in this region of the Irish Sea, because of the strong current in the funnel (8 knots with spring tides), the approach can be a challenge. A power plant is built, which provides 1600 houses with electricity via the tidal current. It is possible to visit the “Mount Stewart Park” from here; this botanical garden is in the world’s top five and certainly recommended.

You can find historical sites and beautifully diverse landscapes of coasts and lakes when sailing in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland has been a province of the United Kingdom since 1921. The heavily populated area around Belfast has a lot of industry. The Giant’s Causeway on the rough shores of Antrim is unique, a rock formation composed of some 40,000 basalt columns that look like a man carved them. This rock formation is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was formed around 60 million years ago by a volcanic eruption.

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