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Indonesia‘s magical nation offers a plethora of islands extending 5000 km from the Asian to Australasian mainlands, variety beyond imagination in land and sea, and a world of new experiences. World-class sailing, diving, and surfing can be found wherever you look, from Bali‘s volcanoes and the Komodo National Park to the pristine Banda Sea and Raja Ampat Islands. The area has one of the greatest diversities of marine life globally and some of the most stunning sailing scenery anywhere to be found.

The endless variety of both culture and landscape is jaw-dropping, and you will not cease to be fascinated by the artwork, markets, plants, and animals. A yacht is an unbeatable way to soak up and enjoy Indonesia; in unrivaled style, you can hit the secluded beaches and relax on your yacht. This is the right destination area ‘off the beaten track’ that will provide adventure, elegance, and unrivaled experiences.

Indonesia Yacht Charter

Welcome to Indonesia: Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, and animists, a land where many cultures collide. Everyone lives his or her life at his or her own unique pace. It’s enjoyable to navigate: many islands are ready for exploration, even if you just rent a boat for a week. A boat rental for several weeks; on the other hand, will give you a more extended trip, you can take your time, explore this magnificent area at your leisure. Here in the Indian Ocean, you can experience spectacular landscapes and many beautiful sights. You will explore an excellent ocean area onboard your sailing boat, surrounded by luscious and varied vegetation. You will surely be captivated and enchanted by the wonders of Indonesia at every turn, nestled between the impenetrable jungle of Sumatra, the volcanic mountains of Java, and the islands of Nusa Tenggara and Sulawesi.

Rent a boat with or without a captain, or charter it. Indonesia is the ideal boat rental destination, whether you’re celebrating a special event or planning a family holiday.

Islands of Indonesia

Indonesia is blessed with some stunning remote cruising grounds, containing over 17,000 islands scattered around the largest archipelago on earth. Idyllic islands are home to this land of legends, some shrouded in thick forest and populated by the legendary paradise bird, others born from fire-breathing volcanoes and roamed by living dragons. Just a sample of what this beautiful area has to offer on a private yacht charter are towering mountain peaks, untouched beaches, lush rainforest, authentic village tradition, endemic wildlife, and show-stopping underwater vistas.

Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago, which is straddling the equator. Many of the islands are very remote and uninhabited. They have an unparalleled selection of volcanic landscapes, marine life, vibrant cultures, and experiences of sailing and diving to be experienced, making this one of the most exclusive destinations for chartering luxury yacht getaways.

Compared to other well-known destinations in Asia and worldwide, this area is very underdeveloped from a sailing perspective. However, yachts operating in these waters are spacious and well-equipped. They can deliver an unprecedented variety of experiences, from Bali’s nightlife to the unique volcanic landscape and the most abundant marine life found anywhere on the planet.

Indonesia Weather

There is no hot and cold season when you’re lying right on the equator. It is mild and tropical throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from 27 to 32°C (80-90°F). In the tropics, the primary variable is rainfall, which can vary a lot at various times of the year. The excellent sailing weather seasons, i.e., low average rainfall, are from May to October, Komodo, Bali, Lombok, and Raja Ampat from October to April, very generally speaking. In Indonesian seas, typhoons and large-scale storms pose little danger to mariners.

Big swells will form between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, so small charter yachts are few and far between — this is the land of the great Phinisi! Most of the charter yachts in Indonesia will be based here most of the year, following the good weather. This means that, because of the opposite seasons in various parts of the world, yachts can truly offer sailing charters all year round. Winds are mild and generally predictable, with monsoons usually blowing in June through September from the south and east and December through March from the northwest.

Indonesian Gastronomy

There is no single “Indonesian” cuisine mirroring its islands’ richness. Indonesia has been involved with India, the Middle East, China, and Europe in trade, all of which influence their cuisine. Similarly, across most of Asia, Indonesian dishes are now trendy. Rice, peanut sauce, and coconut milk are the main components of Indonesian food. These give rise to favorite Indonesian dishes such as satay, beef rendang, and Gado-Gado (spiced chicken grilled on a long stick). Soy-based words are also ubiquitous, such as variations of tofu (tahu) and tempe. Tempe is known to be a Javanese invention. Of course, you can also find excellent and exotic fruits in Indonesia, including rambutan, mangosteen, jackfruit, durian, and bananas.

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