Best Beaches with the Blue Flag in Europe

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Best Beaches with the Blue Flag in Europe

Hopping from the beach to the beach might be one of the best things to do for a sailing holiday.

And the best of the beaches? They’re flying the blue flag.
The Blue Flag is an international award given to beaches, boats, and marinas which are excellent in terms of protection, facilities, cleanliness, and environmental standards.

Below is our list of the best beaches with the Blue Flag in Europe.

There are 4154 Blue Flag beaches and marinas spread over 49 countries around the world, with Spain, France and Turkey leading the way.
Where is your next adventure going to take you?



148 of the Italian beaches have been given the Blue Flag.
We love Polignano and Mare (pictured below), situated on the Adriatic Sea in the south.


In 2015, there were 395 beaches, and 9 Blue Flag marinas in Greece.
The picture below shows the beach of Monastiraki, located in the town of Doritos.


102 Croatian beaches and 18 marinas have been given the Blue Flag in 2013.
Croatia, as a renowned sailing destination, boasts some of Europe’s most stunning seascapes.
Beach Zlatni rat, Bol is just one of them.

United Kingdom

With over 12,000 km of coastline, it’s no wonder that the UK is home to some of the best beaches in Europe.
Botany Bay on the coast of Kent is probably one of England ‘s favorite beaches.
The beach was awarded the Blue Flag in 2011.
It is absolutely breathtaking with its unusual rock formations and fine white sands.

The Blue Lagoon in Pembrokeshire, Wales, was given the status of Blue Flag in 2005.
Although it’s hard to pick a favorite from the Welsh beaches, the Blue Lagoon is certainly one to visit if you happen to be in the city.

Another absolutely beautiful beach is the Achmelvich Bay on the rural west coast of Scotland.
It draws tourists with its bright turquoise waters and spectacular surroundings.


Spain boasts the most Blue Flag beaches in Europe, with 577 of its beaches awarded the Blue Flag in 2015.
One out of every six blue flags on the beaches of the world is currently in Spain.
It’s one of them, Maspalomas. This 12 km beach is surrounded by white sand dunes, providing a dramatic scenery.

Another stunning Blue Flag beach is Es Trenc Beach in Mallorca, often voted one of the best in the world.
Located in an area renowned for its long sunshine hours, the beach is long but shallow, making it a popular dive spot in the summer months.



Surrounded by pine forests, Plage de Gateau is a charming and somewhat wild beach resort, perfect for those who love to venture off the beaten track.

Beau Rivage near Nice is another one worth a visit.




Which is your favorite?
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